Chen Xiaoxu Channeled by Karl Mollison 07Feb2021

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Chen Xiaoxu Channeled by Karl Mollison 07Feb2021


Chen Xiaoxu October 29, 1965-May 13, 2007, was born in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, a film and television actress and business woman in Mainland China.

In 1982, she starred in her first TV series “Family Style”, thus formally entered the entertainment circle.

In 1984, she participated in the actor training class offered by the crew of “A Dream of Red Mansions” and obtained the qualification to play the leading actress Lin Daiyu.

In 1987, she played the heroine cousin Mei in the emotional drama “Family Spring and Autumn” in the Republic of China.

In 1989, Chen Xiaoxu formally joined the army on the recommendation of Ma Guoguang, and became an ordinary actor in the Beijing Military Region Comrade Art Troupe.

In 1990, she played Ximei in the period drama “Black Grapes.”

In 1991, she left the comrades-in-arms art troupe of the Beijing Military Region to start a business; in the same year, she joined Great Wall International Advertising Co., Ltd. and served as the production headquarters manager.

In 1996, she founded Beijing Shibang United Advertising Co., Ltd. and served as chairman. In 1998, she founded Beijing Shibang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and served as chairman and general manager.

In 2001, she invested and filmed 4 episodes of Buddhist TV series ” The Four Trainings of the Fan.” In 2004, in the “China Advertising Billboard” appraisal, was named “China’s 30 Outstanding Female Advertisers.” In 2005, she was awarded the title of “Woman of the Year in China’s Economy” by “World Managers” Weekly. In 2006, she served as the producer of the period drama “Red Clothes Square”.

On February 23, 2007, Chen Xiaoxu held an ordination ceremony at Xinglong Temple in Hundred Kingdoms. She left his home with the name Miaozhen; on May 13 of the same year, Chen Xiaoxu died of breast cancer in Shenzhen at the age of 41.

“Chen Xiaoxu brought sister Lin from the text into the image, and from the image into the life. In her whole life, she was born for Sister Lin, existed for Sister Lin, and perishes like Sister Lin.”

Does Chen Xiaoxu see the people of China contributing to the spiritual enlightenment and salvation of humanity from her place in the light?