Do Benevolent Extraterrestrials also Exist?

Do Benevolent Extraterrestrials also Exist?

Thanks to Hollywood, the concept of the “alien” is mostly a confused one in our minds. As a result, we often think of them in naive or negative terms. And why wouldn’t we? Especially if after seeing movies like Aliens and Predators and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Writers haven’t been too insightful or thoughtful to idea or reality of extraterrestrials, so most people grow up thinking that they were either bad, benevolent or irrelevant, but rarely complex or with an overriding agenda towards humans.

But what is fact and what is fiction? If you’re new to the extraterrestrial debate, and maybe even if you aren’t, you might be hungry for the hidden truth.

And you’ve come to the right place to find it.

Aliens:  Good or Bad?

… but thinking makes it so? For William Shakespeare, sure. But the truth is, as a study of any species on Earth will show, that good and bad exist everywhere. The world runs on opposites. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Day and night, light and dark, joy and sorrow—and good and bad. This is true for humans and for extraterrestrials.

How Many Benevolent and Negative ET’s Exist?How Many Benevolent and Negative ET’s Exist?

This is a question that most would say we cannot answer.  Is it even relevant to what currently faces humanity? All we can do is conjecture and surmise. In order to get to the bottom of this question, we’d have to seek the help of divine wisdom: because the more useful question is what are ET’s doing or not doing in relation to Earth and humanity and why?

While it is reasonable to assume that benevolent extraterrestrials exist, is it also reasonable to think that they have also allied with humans?  When it comes to the question of beings within close proximity to the Earth and the moon, and due to the non-interference and free will principles in place, when it comes to contact with humans on the Earth plane; there aren’t any benevolent ET’s—in fact, according to Creator, there are none.

There is, however, a dark alien alliance that interferes with and manipulates humans. We might not see them, but the evidence is actually overwhelming and a lot that’s wrong with this world is due to these beings.


So What of Benevolent Aliens?

There is an imbalance of energies in the world at the moment and into the reaches of history. Darkness is casting its shadow steadily—as is evident in the many disasters and calamities that are taking place on Earth. Perhaps benevolent extraterrestrials are out there, like the Pleiadians or the Sirians . We do know that they are rooting for us from afar by leaving signs in the forms of crop circles .

In the meantime, we are in fact pitted against negative extraterrestrials where they do not respect free will or non-intervention principles.  We cannot expect any help from benevolent ET’s as some of the new age and Hollywood stories would have us believe.  However, we can expect help from the Divine Realm, but we need to ask for it.

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