DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsCreator, at this time, how many physical benevolent beings and/or races are living on or in close proximity to the Earth and the Moon?
Nicola Staff asked 6 years ago
The answer here numerically is very easy to convey. It is zero. There are no physical extraterrestrial beings within your proximity who are benevolent aside from some slaves of other cultures who happen to be here but are sequestered as prisoners essentially. So our view is these truly do not count because the intent of the question is to see "Are there benevolent extraterrestrials who have our interests at heart and who may be of help to humanity in some way, through growth, providing knowledge, insight, various technologies for our advancement and the improvement of humanity and institutions—things like free energy and better health care and so on?" These are propaganda tools of the darkness to dangle that possibility in front of you as a would-be answer to all of humanity's ills. It is a lure and a trap in fact, because they are wanting people to essentially surrender without a fight. But we would tell you that the barbarian is at the gates. They are promising you a feast and may well show it to you on a platter to entice you to lower the drawbridge and allow them to come in and join in a feast with you. If you do so, you will in effect be surrendering to your demise. Again we do not filter our message, nor make it indirect and mild for the tender palate. We want to stir you up, we want you to take this seriously and to be alarmed about what we say to you. All about you are messages of great encouragement about all the divine realm is doing and all the benevolent extraterrestrials are doing to repair the energies, to have things change within Gaia, the blessings of the Sun beginning to start an ascension process that raises everything up, cleanses and brings everyone into a glorious new existence, free of worry, a place of limitless powers, leaving behind all of the negativities of karma and on, and on, and on. Would that it were true. At the current point in time you are experiencing, this is a goal but not yet a reality. This you can see for yourselves. So we are saying, be cautious before accepting a hand-out. This is what the con artist does. They give you something in return for something and then you find out what they gave you is hollow and empty and what you gave them may be your last dollar. So be cautious here and heed our warning that all such promises are false. There will not be a rescue from benevolent extraterrestrials. There needs to be a rescue from the divine level, that is the only thing that can help humanity at this point. You have four extraterrestrial physical beings and their civilizations behind them who have already infiltrated the planet and have Earth within its control. This has gone on for thousands of years already. It is too late to fend off the interlopers, they are already here, they walk among you, they control your media, they manipulate your own thoughts to varying degrees. The manipulations and their grave effects go on, and on, and on, but we know this is not what you are asking. We are only providing that information as a counterpoint to the desire in your question for assistance from a high level that can stand in opposition to such an influence. So if this does not happen, where will you turn? Your technology, your level of understanding and intelligence is not great enough to counteract the power of four extraterrestrial civilizations with millions of years of knowledge and sophisticated development of their technologies, and their understanding of you from A to Z, already in place. You are far behind them in your knowledge and experience. You cannot do this on your own. You need a divine agent who can change this in a way that will not be destructive and painful to go through. The only thing physical extraterrestrials could do would be go to war because they will be repulsed physically by acts of war if they were to show up here. This you do not want, we can assure you. That is why it will not happen. It is too late for that. When the world is already occupied you, in effect, have a prison and the prison is heavily fortified and heavily defended and jealously guarded. And if you think this through, an invasion force of extraterrestrial beings, even with superior firepower or capability would not want to proceed if the interlopers were to start slaughtering humans as a disincentive. This they would do readily to help themselves survive. The higher-level extraterrestrials would never embark on such an enterprise because this is completely non-divine, so that is also in keeping with the very definition of high-level extraterrestrial beings. They do not war. And so this is why humans are the key. Humans have to decide to embrace the only answer left to them, and that is us. We cannot assist you unless you invite us to come in. So all the people championing the physical extraterrestrial friends, the outer star systems interested in our welfare, the Pleiadian, the Sirians, and so on, are disempowering you from taking the only step that will truly help you. The other beings are out there and are sympathetic but they are not Creator, they cannot solve this problem. It is up to you to solve it. We have given you the answer and the tool. Will you use it, that is the question? So the choice is yours.