The Link Between Metaphysics and Spiritual Healing

The Link Between Metaphysics and Spiritual HealingMetaphysics isn’t alien to us. In the new age and alternative religious circles we have perhaps have herd this word used often.

Some would tell us that metaphysics as a concept is pretty hard to understand. So what is it and why are people so intent on using it so often?

What is Metaphysics?

In order to understand metaphysics, we’ll have to go back to early history and see how the ancients viewed the phenomenon. Before various branches of knowledge emerged—such as science, math and history—everything fell under the same domain: philosophy.

It’s for this reason that metaphysics is closer to philosophy—and why physicists hate it so much. A thinker from ancient Greece might have told you that metaphysics is the study of things as they exist—of things when they haven’t undergone change. A study, then, of things in their rawest, unchanged state.

To put it simply: metaphysics is the study of things as they exist independently from other things—it is a discipline that goes beyond physics.

But What is the Link with Spiritual Healing?

But What is the Link with Spiritual Healing?

It’s important to understand that objects, when they exist on their own, divorced from their immediate reality and surroundings, don’t exist in any one place or at any one time.

We exist in multiple places at multiple times—and theoretical science backs this up. Parallel dimensions, the multiverse, the space-time conundrum—these are all phenomena that scientists are discovering and for that, we are finally getting a better understanding.

Time, then, is not a straight line—it is not linear. Metaphysically, time exists on its own in a loop. It’s like clockwork (pun intended).

We are able, in a sense, to return to where we are today. And in terms of consciousness, we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is also why when we select the best method spiritually—in this time and on this planet—we are opting for comprehensive healing across all time and space.

This is also how the negative effects of karma are washed away.  Spiritual healing that uses the understanding of time as it is and not how us humans normally perceive it, can mitigate the ills from another time in another life, leading to an existence that is more positive across time and space.

Find Out More

If you’re a hidden truth enthusiast and want to find out more about spiritual healing, you can head on to the Get Wisdom forum. You can also check out the spiritual healing methods of channeler Karl Mollison.


Can Divine Healing Help with High Level Psychic Attacks and Curses?

Can Divine Healing Help with High Level Psychic Attacks and Curses?When a layperson thinks of curses, they usually think of witches in tall conical hats—with perhaps the addition of a beard or a mole. Others might think of black magic and hex bags. This is all imagery that emerges from medieval representations of witches.

But more than that, most of us see the victim of a curse as an individual. But what about families? And towns and schools and entire nations? What about, let’s say, NFL teams? Can someone curse groups of people or organizations and businesses?

The Answer: Most Definitely

According to Creator, a curse can target anyone, even groups of people, organizations and businesses. The only qualifier is that the intent, being a curse, is always negative. For the perpetrator of the curse, the curse will take them away from the divine path.

The perpetrator often thinks they’re cursing the target and sending negative energies their way, which is true—but due to karma, the negative energy will be served back to the perpetrator. If the perpetrators of curses only knew that the rebound could hurt not just them, but their friends and families as well, they might reconsider their dark path.

Extraterrestrial Curses and Psychic Attacks

Extraterrestrial Curses and Psychic Attacks

It’s important to understand that extraterrestrials are unlike humans.

They’re not a superstitious lot, and when it comes to them, curses aren’t about mixing fingers of birth-strangled babes with the eye of a newt and the toe of a frog.

Theirs is a logical world. They make decisions based on predictable results. And yes, if the probable result of casting a spell or a curse seems advantageous to them, they will engage.

But these aren’t really curses—at least not how we understand them.

Quantum Curses

For extraterrestrials, what humans call curses are electromagnetic fields and quantum forces. When manipulated right, these forces can create an effect very much like magic. So yes, something wicked this way comes—but it has a different name.

Why Divine Healing Helps

As we have already discussed, both the target and the perpetrator of curses, both high level psychic attacks and otherwise, experience the same fate: a movement away from the divine path, and a dive into darkness.

The effect of a curse or a psychic attack is not just physical. In most cases, it isn’t physical at all. It’s spiritual. And for a disease of the spirit, the healing will have to be spiritual as well.

Divine guidance is the way ahead. If you feel that you have been the target of such a curse, get in touch with spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison today—and he’ll be able to help. You can take his spiritual healing courses online known as the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well.