Stephen Hawking, who once threw a time travelers party

Among the many mysteries that scientists yearn to solve, time travel is at the forefront. The possibility of traveling back into the past or far into the future has fascinated humans since time immemorial. The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project were explorations in this very direction. Leading scientist Stephen Hawking even hosted a “Time Travelers Party” in 2009. No one came, though—he sent out the invitations in 2013.

Does that mean time travel isn’t possible—or does that mean we are just not thinking about it right?

Déjà vu, Clairvoyance, and Time Travel

When we think of time travel, we tend to think of time machines and space shuttles, black holes and worm holes. But more often than not, time travel occurs in a different sense entirely—such as when you feel “clairvoyant” about something or feel a pressing sense of “déjà vu.”

Clairvoyants can predict future events, and people experiencing déjà vu feel as if something has already happened before. To us, on the surface, all of this sounds like a miracle.

an image depicting time machines and crazy scientists

But what if there’s another explanation? What if we can tell what’s going to happen because we’ve experienced it and have retained some of its memory?

Alien Time Travel

When the extraterrestrial mercenary army spends too much time among humans, they sometimes experience a bleed-through. This causes some of their memories and experiences to transmit to us, and we end up retaining some memory of events in the future.

In the case of déjà vu—when you see something happening and feel like you have experienced it before, but can’t quite put a finger on it—it’s a little different. The bleed-through might be a memory or a traumatic experience as a victim of the extraterrestrials. Nevertheless, when it transmits, you retain it as your own—even if the experience is someone else’s.

Intuitive Time Travel: How is Non-Physical Time Travel Possible?

The actual question here would be: how is it not? We know, thanks to our scientists and researchers, that the biggest obstacle to time travel is our physical being. Nothing limits us like this mortal coil. We are restricted by our time on Earth (which is measly to begin with), by the problem of speed (even when traveling with the speed of light, time travel isn’t easy, hypothetically speaking), and the space-time conundrum.

On the other hand, what limits our consciousness? Nothing but our own willful ignorance. Once we shed that, all is open to us for exploration.

People with intuitive insight and high cognition have been able to train their consciousness to fly out. They have explored and experienced different planes of existence and parallel dimensions.

Based on this divine wisdom that they accumulate; they have been able to make near-accurate predictions. People of great intellect have been able to do this because they have sharp minds—why do you think so many artists and poets made accurate predictions about the future?

It has little to do with prophecy and more to do with a well-trained mind.

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