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GetWisdom.com Webinar: Are Pleiadian Channelings Aligned with Get Wisdom? 13Sep2020

About The Webinar

Are the recent Pleiadian channelings about religion accurate? Comments by the Pleiadians and a series of negative descriptions of religious notions relayed through another channeler has triggered a number of questions from viewers wondering why they seem in conflict with our work. So, we probed each concern with Creator and share the explanations in this webinar:
Were all religions developed by the Anunnaki?
Will applying the sign of the cross on the chest during the last rites cause harm?
Will there be a false second coming of Jesus Christ?
Are the Pleiadians really us from the future coming back to fix things?
Why don’t the Pleiadians mention the Fallen Angelics?
Why don’t the Pleiadians mention Anunnaki, Reptilians, and Arcturians?
Why don’t the Pleiadians mention Creator’s plan?
Did the Anunnaki invent heaven, the angels, even Jesus?
Were religious prophets put there by Anunnaki to prevent reaching God?
Are heaven and Anu, the Anunnaki leader, synonymous?
Was Anu from a Reptilian ancestor named Allalu, reflected in the name Allah?

These troubling assertions have simple explanations provided by Creator in defining the rules of engagement constraining what the Pleiadians are allowed to tell us about the true history of extraterrestrial corruption and its consequences. We stand by our own work, with Creator’s clarifications and explanations for why the channeled information is coming forward as a warning for good reasons and not intended to contradict divine truth.

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