DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Does time travel of people take place spontaneously, causing people to think certain future events have taken place because they’ve actually seen them, and have returned from a visit to the future with some memory of what they witnessed?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This phenomenon is exhibited by those doing actual time travel at the behest of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. This is almost entirely members of the Mercenary Army Program who spend time in civilian life in between tours of duty and may have a bleed‑through of some memory traces of various missions they have been a part of and may have violent dreams and unpleasant images of traumatic circumstances and events that they experience as a kind of flashforward, analogous to the flashbacks of trauma victims, for these programs are highly traumatic to all who become involved. People do not do actual time travel in a physical sense outside of this alien technology to create the opportunity through a manipulation. The mind at the level of the non-local consciousness via the deep subconscious gateway, can indeed travel to other time zones in parallel realities and gain knowledge and awareness of things taking place. This is engaged with by many involved with creative endeavors, where they have trained their minds and developed the proficiency to send their awareness out into the ether and connect with many kinds of information in existence, but may be from other realms and dimensions. This is the way many prophetic writings are developed into literary works that proved to be foretelling major events in history. It is a pre-cognitive awareness through the intuitive reach that is happening. So this is a more typical explanation for the phenomenon experienced through déjà vu. It is an awareness within the person they have visited this experience before, and so when it happens in the current reality, it appears to be a memory and it is simply misinterpreted as such because of the prior experiencing in a future setting.