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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 09Jan2018

1) Mike P – Do humans receive bad karma for eating animals?

2) Karen G – Does time spent in the lower astral plane diminish karmic debt in any way?

3) Denny – In previous channeling sessions it was stated that we have it backwards, we should celebrate death and be mournful about birth, so with that in mind how can we prepare ourselves upon death to recognize and meet the light callers to avoid becoming an earthbound spirit?

4) Jenn – If a woman cannot conceive what are the likely causes? Are the causes typically a Karmic condition or is it also sometimes due to outside interference from dark spirits and /or malevolent extraterrestrials?

5) Multiple Questioners – When we make an intuitive connection with a being, how can we be sure we are connecting to one that is indeed from the Divine Realm or in alignment with the Divine Realm?

 6) Normand Dionne – Is our reality an artificial construct, or a holographic projection, or what is known as a matrix?

7) Kevin W – What are the different types of control mechanisms used to control human beings physically and/or mentally, and which beings (human, Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, Anunnaki, A.I or Other) have a part in each one?

8) Tamara – What is the nature, mass and angle of obliquity relative to our solar orbit, of the binary star, dark star companion to our sun (Sol)? Are there any reliable records for ancient pole star positions that we can use to establish scientific credibility for the presence and location of our binary companion?

9) Hayley S – What should we know about Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism? How does this relate to the activities of the Anunnaki here on earth?

10) Karl and Denny – Some say that making money as a Lightworker is wrong. Is it moral and wise to accept payment for healing and/or channeling work? What are the recommended guidelines for doing so?

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