Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 02Oct2019

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 02Oct2019

1) Are stars truly powered by internal nuclear fusion, or is the energy coming externally from the Galaxy in the form of electromagnetic energy and plasma? 

2) Can you give us some clarity on the Fatima Prophecies? What did the girls see? Was that a celestial ship that the crowds observed? Was it Mother Mary?

3) Who or what was The Buddha, his mission on earth, and how can Buddhism be reconciled with these channeled messages of the very existence of a Creator, let alone the encouragement of human partnership with Creator, when the Pali scriptures say the Buddha was only concerned about one primary matter, which was/is the complete cessation of/freedom from suffering (dukkha) or the unshakeable freedom of mind, and that ultimately the Buddha rejected both theism and the soul theory because they are delusions and objects of attachment?

4) Why is it that some humans in powerful positions are replaced with a Reptilian interloper (i.e. George Bush, Pol Pot), and yet others are killed off (i.e. Jack Kennedy, Eva Peron). Would not the ET Alliance have total control of humanity if they just replaced all of our leaders with a Reptilian, especially those leaders who are well liked and trusted? 

5) Is language used against us as a magic spell because words do not only have an everyday meaning but also another meaning that influences us on a subliminal level?

6) What are the mysterious 2.8-billion-year-old Klerksdorp spheres? What is or was their purpose? Who made them and why? Do they still function today?

7) When we do Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions, is this one way Creator has devised to give “Grace” for healing? Does this reduce the severity and duration of the Karmic repayment?

8) The Greek philosopher Plato, who narrated to us the Atlantean history and its fall, also described the existence of an astronomical cycle of approximately 26000 years, which he called “the Great Year”, in reference to the complete cycle of precession of the equinoxes. You marked for us the fall of Atlantis approximately 26000 years ago. Does karma distribute its energies to the rhythm of astronomical cycles and are we at the dawn of the great anniversary of the fall of the Atlantis, and maybe the project GetWisdom existed long ago, with the same actors, and the same mission, trying to warn and save Humanity, one “Great Year” before, at the dawning of the fall?

9) What is the significance of the number 144,000, if any, as it relates to Biblical prophecy and is there any relation between that number and the quorum allegedly needed as the number of people praying in partnership with the Divine Realm and Creator to turn the tide of the Dark Alien Agenda for Human?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 11June2019

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 11June2019

1) If people never realize the whole truth about the world we live in, how can they be expected to try and help us make it better?

2) Where do people actually go when the have a near death experience? Do they actually go to the divine realm or do they go somewhere in the astral plane and are being deceived by spirit meddlers?

3) Bartolomé de Las Casas,(born 1474) early Spanish historian and Dominican missionary who was the first to expose the oppression of indigenous peoples by Europeans in the Americas and to call for the abolition of slavery there, He narrated in his chronicles to witness the indigenous women giving birth painlessly and with pleasure. The body of the woman, so beautifully designed, presents a great difficulty in the physiological act of childbirth, being the cause of so many deaths through History. Was this another side effect from the downgrading of Humanity? What is the origin of the biblical curse “you will give birth to your children with pain”?

4) How was female menstruation before the arrival of the Moon, so strongly connected today?

5) The oracles in ancient Greece used to inhale psychedelic gases that came out of the earth in order to communicate with the divine. However, through the years, these gases stopped being emitted. (Plutarch describes this) Why did this happen?

6)Generally, how important were psychedelic plants in human history?

7) What is the true function of our chakras? Some energy healers claim chakras are an energetic yoke, and that their removal will release our central energy core and open our energetic conduit to our higher selves and Source Creator. What is the truth?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Feb2019

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Feb2019

We actually only used 6 questions in this channeling video interview because one of the questions was answered in the previous question. So here are the questions we used: 

Revised list of Viewer Questions for Creator 26Feb2019 

1) Is the story of Ezekiel’s wheel true and who were the beings that emerged from it? 

2) Who were the beings that interacted with the Dogons in Africa? 

3) Would people who were/are in an MK Ultra project such as Monarch be considered to be MAPS also? Even though they might never have been off-planet, they could have been used for violent & dark purposes here. Are those used for the Gray-Human hybrid program likely to have also been in Monarch, meaning the Earth-based program of sexual use, drug transport, assassination, & secure info transfer to politicians? If a person “washed out” from the violence by refusing to do it, would they be dropped completely or still used for sex, drug transport, & info transfer? 

4) Does this Human Freewill project encompass many other worlds? 

5) Did the Annunaki, Arcturian and/or Reptilian ET races start out as a free will project like us? 

6) If we are the only human free will project, please describe the other worlds the dark ETs have conquered? 

Once again we’d like to thank everyone for joining us and thinking about what you’ve learned. 

Maybe as a result you might be ready to act upon it. 

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 06Nov2018

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 06Nov2018

1) How can karma exist in a free will universe? Several shamanic teachers have said that karma is only a teaching, and that we can break bonds of association using intentional revocations. 

 2) “In a previous channeling session you said that we may become Creators of our own universe someday. So, does this mean that you were in our place in the past? And if so, as what creature(s) were you incarnating?” 

3) If we are immortal souls just living for a short while in these human bodies, and then going back to source, potentially to re incarnate anywhere else we choose ‑ why is it so important to prevail in this fight down here? If the bad ETs win, and humans are decimated, or destroyed, would that not just mean that our souls no longer have the choice to come here, but would go elsewhere? In other words, why does it matter? 

4) How does multiple personality disorder occur? Is it caused by the soul leaving the body many times due to trauma and why do these new personalities appear or why are these personalities created? 

5) What is the importance of forgiveness and how can we achieve it when we resent someone who has wronged us? 

6) We have learned that along with the Dark Alien Agenda for humans, the ET’s have also shortened the lifespan of the Sun. How can the healing needed, once performed, change this situation for the Sun?

7) According to Jim Marrs, we have all been living under the limits of ET dominated institutions. What are the capabilities of a human being that is not separated from the deep subconscious or from a full connection with their higher self? 

8) What is truly possible with an openly conversant walk with the divine, and have many other galactic civilizations experienced this?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 29May2018

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 29May2018

1) Was the Christ story constructed to resemble the ancient myth of Mithra by the Anunnaki or through their influence? Did they do it in order to make us believe he never existed and lose interest in his teachings? Was it a clever maneuver to promote atheism?

2) Is it true that the current Queen of England is a descendant of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed?

3) It is scientifically known that only 15% of humans carry what is known as ’Rh negative’ factor in their blood. Where does this ’Rh negative’ factor come from?

4) One of our viewers recently learned that there could be a mechanism of mind control in music, is this true? How safe is it to listen to today’s music and even music that comes to us from the past?

5) Can you explain what is known as micro-chips and/or smart dust and how it is used with other technologies as a tool to perform mind control on the masses? How does this differ from mind control that is used on targeted individuals and/or those who are considered MAP (aka SSP) abductees?

6) Is the use of MAP (aka SSP) abductees increasing in what we would consider geopolitical warfare as opposed to what many would consider exopolitical warfare?

7) What is the best method to use to prevent the activities of the soul-less alien Greys against humans, in particular their experimentation with human DNA and their infiltration using clones and hybrids into the human societies?

8) What about the impossibility of the size of the dinosaurs with 1G gravity? Is the expanding Earth a good explanation?

9) Is there a language embedded in the crop circles and do they contain warnings or predictions?

10) Is it true that the current Dark Alien Alliance plan for humanity currently favors complete annihilation as opposed to a reduced and heavily controlled human population?

11) What is Love?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 01March2018

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 01March2018

1)  How are souls created from God, and does each soul group have a specific purpose/desire when created?

 2)  What is the purpose of human incarnation?

 3)  It was stated in a previous Viewer Questions with Creator that the way malevolent ETs get us to obey or to be mind controlled is through our subconscious. Are there any practical tools for humans to prevent this from happening and does it have to be done subconsciously such as in meditation, using hypnotherapy—being in a theta wave brain state or by the use of subliminal messaging?

4)  How can we tell that we have connected with Creator in different states of consciousness and not an imposter? Is there a feeling that we get? Is there a sign that we must look out for? How can we really know?

5)  Among the race of the Anunnaki, do they all have this dark agenda? Who are, and where do, Anu, Enlil and Enki fit into this?

 6)  I have read about several accounts where nuclear weapon tipped ICBMs have been disabled by UFOs. How does this fit in with either the non-intervention by positive ETs or negative ETs wanting us all dead? Is this a rare occasion of Creator intervening in the negative ET’s desire for the total annihilation of humanity?

 7)  Do we live in a holographic universe, or is it more a matrix reality created by artificial intelligence? What is the best way to describe the reality humans experience?

 8)  Do any positive ET races, such as the Pleiadians, have genetic and/or DNA experiments on Earth where they abduct and impregnate women? If there are no such positive ETs doing this, are these beings the Arcturians, masquerading as Pleiadians?

 9)  What changes will ascension or the great Shift bring to humans? What will this change entail for the day today existence in the fourth density, spiritually, mentally and physically?

Viewer Questions for Creator by Karl Mollison 09Jan2018

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 09Jan2018

1) Mike P – Do humans receive bad karma for eating animals?

2) Karen G – Does time spent in the lower astral plane diminish karmic debt in any way?

3) Denny – In previous channeling sessions it was stated that we have it backwards, we should celebrate death and be mournful about birth, so with that in mind how can we prepare ourselves upon death to recognize and meet the light callers to avoid becoming an earthbound spirit?

4) Jenn – If a woman cannot conceive what are the likely causes? Are the causes typically a Karmic condition or is it also sometimes due to outside interference from dark spirits and /or malevolent extraterrestrials?

5) Multiple Questioners – When we make an intuitive connection with a being, how can we be sure we are connecting to one that is indeed from the Divine Realm or in alignment with the Divine Realm?

 6) Normand Dionne – Is our reality an artificial construct, or a holographic projection, or what is known as a matrix?

7) Kevin W – What are the different types of control mechanisms used to control human beings physically and/or mentally, and which beings (human, Reptilians, Greys, Nordics, Anunnaki, A.I or Other) have a part in each one?

8) Tamara – What is the nature, mass and angle of obliquity relative to our solar orbit, of the binary star, dark star companion to our sun (Sol)? Are there any reliable records for ancient pole star positions that we can use to establish scientific credibility for the presence and location of our binary companion?

9) Hayley S – What should we know about Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism? How does this relate to the activities of the Anunnaki here on earth?

10) Karl and Denny – Some say that making money as a Lightworker is wrong. Is it moral and wise to accept payment for healing and/or channeling work? What are the recommended guidelines for doing so?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 21Nov2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 21Nov2017

1. [00:15:45]:What is the real truth about gold and why is it valuable?

2. [00:19:00]: When does the soul enter the fetus and is there a heavy karmic debt attached to abortion, as a very negative choice? 

3. [00:35:45]: Is it safe to give vaccines to our children these days, in the United States? 

4. [00:48:50]: David Paulides writes a books and produced a documentary called the missing 411 on people going missing from national parks. Is the missing people issue connected to slave colony talked about by Ann Robards? 

5. [00:57:23]: Is orgon or orgonite truly an effective remedy to counteract the negative influences of all the electromagnetic frequencies in our lives today? 

6. [01:01:21]: Is it true that every human being has a guardian angel and if so, how can we communicate with them? What do we look for if they are trying to communicate with us? 

7. [01:15:18]: Creator at this time how many physical benevolent beings and/or races are living on or in close proximity to the Earth and the moon? 

8. [01:26:50]: This is regarding the Annunaki. Where do they come from, what do they look like, are they humanoid, do they perceive spiritual consciousness in the way that Earth humans do, and what are their gifts and proclivities? 

9. [01:36:08]: Is there a being that created you? Are there other Source Creators besides yourself?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Oct2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Oct2017

revised  – Questions for Creator 17 Oct 2017

1) Gifford  – Why does the ET Alliance (Annunaki, Nordics and Reptilians) want our planet for themselves so badly, and/or to eliminate humanity?

2) Karen G. Can you expound on the idea of freedom and the fear of death?

3) Karen G. When a message is given that does not align with the Light what is it that we being asked to accept?

4) Karen G. – Have some practices that could be beneficial, such as meditation, been deliberately made difficult  through DNA or mind control manipulation to cause humanity to feel that they cannot be successful in applying these methods?

5) Be content  –  Is our higher self the highest evolved aspect of our soul (assuming other aspects exist in higher dimensions) ?

6) Be content  –  When people die on earth and return to the light, do they become aware of their other lifetimes on other worlds?  If so, are they trapped into reincarnation on earth, or are they consciously free to either return to Source or to go on to existence in other worlds or dimensions as their soul’s evolution permits, making this last lifetime their final earth lifetime?

7) Douglas Quaid –  Was reptilian being that replaced Dönitz an actual physical reptilian?  Or one who either literally shapeshifted or was using psyonic field projection to make all the humans think he was Dönitz?  Or if it was just the reptilian’s soul that was implanted into a cloned body of Dönitz? How does this literally work given that the testimony from the Light Being (Dönitz) was that he was killed?

8)  Denny – How do you resolve the fact that the state claims a monopoly of violence and yet human government is generally accepted as needed?

9) Denny  – What can you tell us about giants that once lived on the American continent?

10) Denny – Why was Santa Rosa, California chosen as the location for the firestorm attack?

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Sept2017

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Sept2017

From Karl –

“So the idea of even talking to Creator is somewhat new for me. It took me years to get here. And I was influenced by the same notions that have been conveyed by the spiritual folk themselves “Oh you can’t really talk to Creator there’s too much energy there, it would be overwhelming, probably even fatal, if you tried to do that. Creator doesn’t deal with us, that’s what the angels are for blah, blah, blah” and so on.

And I always assumed that was so.”

1)  Is there such a thing as a resistance movement as described by Cobra, and if so, what can you describe about that their members and their activities?

2)  Can you tell us if there are such things as the Yaldaboath entity, with toplet plasma bombs, and plasma primary anomaly?

3)  Are entity attachments the result of an individual agreeing to hold a certain perspective of victimhood?

4)  Since everything is an expression of creation is there any point to resisting anything within All That Is?

5)  Did Jim Marrs successfully transition to the Light?

6)  Did William Tompkins successfully transition to the Light?

7)  Will benevolent ETs contact humans telepathically at this time for the purpose of peaceful contact, and for the purpose of scientific and intercultural exchange?

8)  Is there any truth to the idea that part of the abduction phenomenon is that part of human souls are being removed, and if so by whom, and for what purpose?

9)  Are there other spiritual practices besides prayer that are recommended?

10)  What was the significance of the total solar eclipse across the United Stated on August 21st, 2017, and what effect if any did the mass meditation at 11:11 AM Pacific time have on humanity and the probable timelines?

11)  There are vast bodies of research with hundreds of subjects doing life between life regression where subjects report  not encountering any problems getting to the Light after dying. Why is this the case when we have heard from you that fully 1/3rd of those dying do not successfully transition to the Light?

12)   Who or what is making crop circles, and why?

13)  What is going on with these recent Earth changes: back-to-back hurricanes, huge earthquakes in Mexico, forest fires in the west? And are any of them intentionally human engineered, and/or alien engineered, and if so, why?

14)  Are many types of ET’s working together in the human abduction phenomenon?

15)  Dr. Karla Turner mentioned a case where an abductee met a female extraterrestrial who apologized for what others in her race were doing to humanity, and that she and her associates were removing the implants put in by her fellow bad extraterrestrials. What was her real purpose? Was she really a benevolent ET or was this yet another level of deception? You said no extraterrestrials interacting with humans in the physical dimension are benevolent.