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Can cellular consciousness be channeled?
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A practitioner writes: “Since last August(!) when I first received the manual, I have gone from someone who was always up to date on all the webinars and would cross reference outside information against the database etc., to almost overnight having no interest in anything having to do with GetWisdom. I feel like I’m in a block of cement. Initially, my plan was to give my brain a rest from all the podcast info I stuff into my brain, then dig into the manual and be on my way. But I found myself increasingly putting it off. I became so wrapped up with going down one rabbit hole after another (a distraction by my subconscious?) that by the end of it, I was convinced you were channeling the demiurge and (in a nutshell) by using the Protocol I’d be trapped in its reincarnation recycling trap. I felt like I was turning my back on all the help you gave me. Very disconcerting to say the least. You literally changed my life! How could I ever doubt it?? I spent a lot of time debunking all this new information because I was worried it would affect my belief quotient thereby affecting the effectiveness of the LHP, but I kept hitting a wall. I could not pick up the manual. That is what finally prompted me to call [name withheld] for help because I know I cannot be helped unless I ask. When I finally did about a month ago, he ended up doing a clearing on me that enabled me to finish the manual and do my first clearing on myself. That one went well but the next one not so much. I felt like I was coming out of my skin. Couldn’t sit still to save my life. One deterrent after another kept presenting itself. [Name withheld] suggested deep subconscious channeling with trauma resolution to see if the issue can be resolved that way. As I have alluded to, this has been so anti-climactic, discouraging, depressing, I could go on. Learning the LHP was a top priority and now I feel like it’s on the other side of a huge wall. So, this brings me back to the question of how to phrase the requests to be the most productive.” What is going on, and what can we tell her?
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