DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingYou have confirmed that while you are unable to lead, and so cannot manipulate inner thoughts and beliefs of beings unilaterally, as humans in the physical we can request that you do so for us during our protocol sessions. Is there a powerful request we could use that would combine using Creator’s detective ability to identify delusions within clients’ minds, and change them to valid beliefs in alignment with reality? Would this better fulfill your prediction that the DSMR would revolutionize psychotherapy, and even cure psychotic disorders?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago
This, indeed, would be helpful to move things forward with greater effectiveness. It is one thing to set up a process that is capable of changing beliefs and restructuring inner soul attributes to better reflect the soul's true alignment and potential, and another to cherry-pick individual beliefs and weaknesses and misalignments and change them unilaterally, even though we can see them for what they are. With respect to you as an initiator of the healing work and the recipient client, we would be leading both of you to make a change not anticipated or requested specifically to happen. This is why what you propose is an essential workaround. You can indeed request us to survey and categorize beliefs and soul attribute capabilities, to rank them in order of importance in order to transform a person's life, and return them to a state of normal healthy balance by replacing beliefs and soul attribute expressions which are working against the person and not in their favor. So the intention in your question is basically all that is needed because you want this to be done in a broad-based fashion, not being privy to narrow categorizations of the kinds of delusions that might be present within a given individual. So a general request for a return to alignment, through the steps needing to happen, will provide the intention for putting you in the lead and giving us a series of instructions to carry out, just as with the other steps of your protocols, and that will do nicely to make the transformation you want to see happen with a return to a well-balanced mental health status.