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“Karl, I’ve never heard anyone comment on or even say “the spiral staircase” with regards to spiritual matters, yet you mentioned it in the webinar today. I remember a dream I had when I was a child, 5 years old, or so. I was walking up a spiral staircase with other beings ahead of me as well as behind me. This staircase was very strong and stable. It had no handles on either side to hold on to and each step was floating on its own. The staircase was in space. We were all in space. Just space. I remember seeing stars. We were following someone we loved. I intuitively knew I would not fall because my faith would not allow me to entertain such a thought. At the time I had felt the knowing that I could not fall, a suggestion or thought entered my mind: “Look down, look at the stairs, so you don’t fall – you could fall; you might fall.” My heart jumped. I knew not to look. Just entertaining the thought would be a disappointment to God, I thought. Actually looking would have consequences, it felt wrong. I heard the suggestion again “You might fall; you could fall.” The moment fear entered my mind, I fell off the staircase. I fell for what felt a long while and I woke up feeling nervous and disappointed. Was this a portent of things to come? When I grew up and was a young adult, I was lost among some very dark influences, even trying suicide several times. I’ve been through the worst of the worst for sure. I’ve recovered since those dark times and have come back stronger than ever. I know I’ve been noticed. I work very hard at staying in divine alignment. What is the significance of people climbing a spiral staircase somewhere beyond the Earth?” Was this a prophetic dream?
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