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Is there a difference between premonition and prophecy?
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A practitioner writes: “Last Sunday, I stood in my kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew. I thought “this is a good time to launch a prayer”, so I said the virus prayer. Afterwards I was compelled to look within my mind’s eye and I saw a spiral of energy in perpetual motion moving up and away from me at a 45 degree angle. As I looked at it I wondered “where is this stream of energy headed, where does it go?” Then I heard the following (I am typing it exactly as I heard it) “infinite prayer request – you CAN follow the spiral, it goes on forever. No point in following to view – it will remain the same indefinitely – a prayer has been launched”. Wow, something just happened. I’d never seen that before. Okay, let’s see if I can take this further, while I’m riding this wave of clarity. I stood there and said my code word out loud to see if the spiral would happen again. Nada. Nothing. Then I heard “no point – little point in launching with one word alone unless you know the prayer to which you are attaching the code word. The word alone must have intention attached. Hanging by itself cannot – is not effective. There must be a conscious connection to the prayer.” (Again exactly as I heard it or interpreted it). It’s true – I was so enamored with what I had just witnessed, I said the code word without intention. I was focused on the spiral I had just seen and I wanted to see it again.” Is that a correct interpretation of what happened?
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