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Seth Farber Channeled by Karl Mollison 03July2022


Seth Farber, Ph.D. is an author, spiritual visionary and renegade psychologist. Farber trained with some of the giants in the helping professions (Salvador Minuchin, Jay Haley) and hoped to change the profession.

However, he soon discovered the system was resistant to reform. Dr Farber was one of the first in his field to realize that the mental health professions have become part of a psychiatric-pharmaceutical industrial complex–PPIC–whose primary goal is to make profits. He sees this as a social trend: “the cannibalization of the population by the corporations, assisted by the government.”

In the late 1980s Dr Farber became a supporter of the psychiatric survivors’ movement, now called the Mad Pride movement. Farber’s most unusual theory is fully developed in his latest book: The mad are spiritual pioneers who have the potential to become catalysts of messianic transformation.

Dr Farber says, “The testimony of our greatest seers from Jesus to Sri Aurobindo is that we can realize the Kingdom of heaven on earth–this means the union of heaven and earth, paradise on earth. But we must choose: Either love and God, or money and war. We were right about that in the 1960s.”

Seth passed away as a result of a brain tumor, Saturday, October 16, 2021 in a New York hospital.