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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 06Nov2018

1) How can karma exist in a free will universe? Several shamanic teachers have said that karma is only a teaching, and that we can break bonds of association using intentional revocations. 

 2) “In a previous channeling session you said that we may become Creators of our own universe someday. So, does this mean that you were in our place in the past? And if so, as what creature(s) were you incarnating?” 

3) If we are immortal souls just living for a short while in these human bodies, and then going back to source, potentially to re incarnate anywhere else we choose ‑ why is it so important to prevail in this fight down here? If the bad ETs win, and humans are decimated, or destroyed, would that not just mean that our souls no longer have the choice to come here, but would go elsewhere? In other words, why does it matter? 

4) How does multiple personality disorder occur? Is it caused by the soul leaving the body many times due to trauma and why do these new personalities appear or why are these personalities created? 

5) What is the importance of forgiveness and how can we achieve it when we resent someone who has wronged us? 

6) We have learned that along with the Dark Alien Agenda for humans, the ET’s have also shortened the lifespan of the Sun. How can the healing needed, once performed, change this situation for the Sun?

7) According to Jim Marrs, we have all been living under the limits of ET dominated institutions. What are the capabilities of a human being that is not separated from the deep subconscious or from a full connection with their higher self? 

8) What is truly possible with an openly conversant walk with the divine, and have many other galactic civilizations experienced this?

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Q#1 – 25:00, Q#2 – 33:00, Q#3 – 42:00, Q#4 – 57:30, Q#5 – 1:07:45, Q#6 – 1:16:45, Q#7 – 1;27:45, Q#8 – 1:37:45, ending comments- 1:53:15.

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