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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 26Feb2019

We actually only used 6 questions in this channeling video interview because one of the questions was answered in the previous question. So here are the questions we used: 

Revised list of Viewer Questions for Creator 26Feb2019 

1) Is the story of Ezekiel’s wheel true and who were the beings that emerged from it? 

2) Who were the beings that interacted with the Dogons in Africa? 

3) Would people who were/are in an MK Ultra project such as Monarch be considered to be MAPS also? Even though they might never have been off-planet, they could have been used for violent & dark purposes here. Are those used for the Gray-Human hybrid program likely to have also been in Monarch, meaning the Earth-based program of sexual use, drug transport, assassination, & secure info transfer to politicians? If a person “washed out” from the violence by refusing to do it, would they be dropped completely or still used for sex, drug transport, & info transfer? 

4) Does this Human Freewill project encompass many other worlds? 

5) Did the Annunaki, Arcturian and/or Reptilian ET races start out as a free will project like us? 

6) If we are the only human free will project, please describe the other worlds the dark ETs have conquered? 

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