Human beings derive value and comfort from the relationships they share with those around them and having those in turmoil can impact our sense of self and our sense of reality. We need people, including romantic partners, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues–and without them, it’s hard to sustain a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Karmic trauma can impact your relationships in more ways than you realize. They have the most devastating effects on your life and run a lot deeper than you realize, affecting you in some of the following highly damaging ways:

Karmic trauma shows up as negative habits

Karmic trauma can manifest in the form of negative habits, including detachment, shyness, aggressiveness, and egotism because we don’t realize how deeply embedded they are in our personalities. Years and lifetimes of trauma and pain can show up in the form of personality traits that become exaggerated through our current life experiences and the reactions of those around us. Our relationships bring out the best and the worst in us; that’s why we need people around us to ground us, guide us, and support us.

Cellular level interventions impact our abilities

In addition to our negative traits, we have karmic trauma stored in us at the cellular level. This deep level of trauma impedes and impacts our ability to show up as our most authentic selves, whether at work, in school, or in relationships. It’s nearly impossible to nip these traumas in the bud because they’re at such an intrinsic level in our beings. Cellular consciousness becomes a major part of our personalities and relationships.

Karmic entanglements affect our connections

Another very interesting aspect is that karmic entanglements have a deep-running impact on our relationships. The purpose of our existence isn’t to meet our twin flames and live lives of passion and aggression but to heal from our combined traumas. Through spiritual and divine healing for people, we can create more impactful relationships that will work through multiple lifetimes and generations.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol can help individuals struggling in their relationships with the most damaging effects of their past trauma and hurt so they can form healthier and more lasting relationships.

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