No couple willingly wants to put an end to their marriage, especially if it’s one that has brought them joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and there are other parties such as kids involved.

It’s often hard to even acknowledge that your marriage is rocky and there is some trouble brewing there, but it’s almost impossible to fathom the possibility that your partner may be sabotaging and jeopardizing your marriage on purpose. If you suspect that is what’s happening, here’s how you can tell:

They’re always suspicious of you

A partner may be projecting their own guilt if they’re constantly suspicious of you, your intentions, and your actions. Refusing to take a gesture at face value, second-guessing you, when you do something nice for them, questioning your motives can lead to a lot of tension between you both, and if you find that it’s happening more frequently, it’s worth addressing.

It may be because their own sense of reality has been altered due to mind control or external influences such as interlopers and tormentors, and are projecting that sense of doom and fear on to you.

They’re talking about ending things

Divorce and separation are the last resort to marital problems, but it’s a clear sign of trouble if your partner threatens that at every chance they get. Threatening you with ending the relationship isn’t healthy or okay; it’s hurtful, harmful, and almost malicious. In fact, it’s considered emotionally abusive to do so.

They invalidate your emotional needs

Speaking of emotional abuse, if you find that you’re constantly being invalidated, your needs are not being met, and your partner is dismissing your emotional state continually, it’s time for an intervention. They may be doing so because of their own pent-up trauma and hurt, but it’s not right by you. You need to consider whether your emotional needs are being met or whether you’re being gaslighted and second-guessing yourself.

They’re acting way out of character

Last but not least, it may be beyond their control and result from extraterrestrial mind control or other tormentors hurting your relationship, especially when your partner is acting out of character. If you feel like they’re saying and doing things that are unusual for them, you may want to cut them some slack and find them help instead.

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