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Disclosure Analysis with Karl Mollison and Denny Hunt 12Nov2022

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a Disclosure Analysis 12 Nov 2022

Is there something sinister about disclosure? Or is this just a sincere call for transparency from the world’s governments about their involvement with ET races?  Can it be both? 

What happens when you ask about disclosure using intuitive means?  Are there corrupted sources?

Who can we trust? Is there a danger lurking for the Human Family?

Karl and Denny delve into these questions and more.

For a primer on the topic from the perspective see What Price Disclosure?

Here are two questions where we will be sharing the answers in this special channeling series video:

1) This one was addressed to Dwight D, Eisenhower in the light – “Were you close to James Forrestal and did you agree with his opinions regarding public disclosure of the UFO and extraterrestrial information?”

2) And this one is addressed to Source Creator from one of our Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioners:

“In regard to the disclosure agenda the Extraterrestrial Alliance are potentially planning, how do we reject their assistance? Seeing as how the major political leaders and organizations have been corrupted and may have either hybrids or Reptilians at the top, how do we tell them to leave us and not interfere without causing a backlash from them that would cause mass chaos and death? If the majority of people don’t accept them as potential leaders, will that be enough to start an ascension process of some kind? I can’t see that they would just accept our lack of support for them and leave us alone. I feel like they would continue subjugating us in some way. What can the average person do? Is this information sharing, such as the teachings at GetWisdom, what will potentially open our minds and help us save ourselves at that time?”

Join us as we investigate the topic of Disclosure from a decidedly different and more coherent perspective.

Victory to the Divine Human!