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“Karl, I’ve never heard anyone comment on or even say “the spiral staircase” with regards to spiritual matters, yet you mentioned it in the webinar today. I remember a dream I had when I was a child, 5 years old, or so. I was walking up a spiral staircase with other beings ahead of me as well as behind me. This staircase was very strong and stable. It had no handles on either side to hold on to and each step was floating on its own. The staircase was in space. We were all in space. Just space. I remember seeing stars. We were following someone we loved. I intuitively knew I would not fall because my faith would not allow me to entertain such a thought. At the time I had felt the knowing that I could not fall, a suggestion or thought entered my mind: “Look down, look at the stairs, so you don’t fall – you could fall; you might fall.” My heart jumped. I knew not to look. Just entertaining the thought would be a disappointment to God, I thought. Actually looking would have consequences, it felt wrong. I heard the suggestion again “You might fall; you could fall.” The moment fear entered my mind, I fell off the staircase. I fell for what felt a long while and I woke up feeling nervous and disappointed. Was this a portent of things to come? When I grew up and was a young adult, I was lost among some very dark influences, even trying suicide several times. I’ve been through the worst of the worst for sure. I’ve recovered since those dark times and have come back stronger than ever. I know I’ve been noticed. I work very hard at staying in divine alignment. What is the significance of people climbing a spiral staircase somewhere beyond the Earth?” Was this a prophetic dream?
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A viewer recounts a dream: “Someone was teaching me about DNA and combining soul and fetus and the probabilities of life events and how they play out. How some souls are more “prone” to make a certain life event take place, they can be known as a “walk-in.” EXTREMELY detailed information was given to me – maybe in a download? I found myself in France, sometime in the 1700s is my guess. A Royal family’s fate was put in the proper direction by a “walk-in” soul – me. I merged with a soul group member. Before I entered and merged, I could feel that the person I was replacing was too docile to ensure this timeline. I was more suited for this; determined and resourceful. The moment I entered, I forgot who I was and everything that was important to the person I merged with became important to me. I became a male adult and stayed for as long as it took to solidify a relationship and make the needed alliances. Initially, there was some talk and whispers about how I had changed; what’s come over him? I left the “merge” when relationships and events were in place as requested. I don’t know how long I was gone; felt like several years maybe. Back with my teacher (somewhere else now), I watched a newly created DNA strand merge with a fetus, then later, merge with a soul for one purpose: to make sure some kind of situation/event occurred to keep a certain family in power. It was a political thing; it was very important to the timeline. I had not heard of a “walk-in” until this dream. After I quickly wrote the dream in my journal, I looked up the term and read everything I could find about it. I still don’t know if it’s a real thing.” Can you tell us if this was a real event, and help us understand what she witnessed about DNA merging with a fetus, and then a soul? Was this “DNA strand” representing the interdimensional DNA?
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