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A practitioner writes: “As I moved forward with a Lightworker Healing Protocol session, visuals of individuals I do not know flashed before me very fast. Faces and random locations, flashing by. One face stuck with me long enough to remember some specifics: a young boy, dark skin, straight dark hair, skinny – somewhere in South Asia maybe? I honestly don’t know. Then, on with more faces and locations – flash, flash, flash. Then, I saw something that surprised me, in between the flashes. My visual/energetic excursion stopped at two separate emotionally charged incidents that I experienced as a child. During an LHP session, this is not the first time I’ve been directed to look at an incident that needs healing – it happened one time before. I had a small list of people I was requesting healing for. When I said a particular person’s name as I focused on her issue, I was gently stopped and inspired or directed to look at a chain of energetic incidents she had experienced that ultimately led me to hear the following: “Request her higher self’s permission to allow this healing to take place.” So I did. And then I waited. I got the “green light” but only to a degree. More permissions were needed from many people in a long family lineage to proceed with further healing, so I stopped there. I didn’t have the time. I did feel a “freeing up” of her energy – nothing amazing – just more fluid. I moved forward with the rest of the LHP. This did not feel like a negative intrusion; it felt helpful; more like divine guidance but maybe it’s wasn’t. What was really happening?”
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