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A practitioner writes: “For the last month or so, maybe a little more I am so keenly aware that we’re all walking around in this beautiful-symphony-membrane of energy field that connects all of us to everything everywhere – I just can’t ignore it anymore. Maybe I’ll learn how to enhance my LHP practice by giving my perceptions acknowledgment. I said in an earlier email that I felt like the different realities were like photographic slides one behind the other, behind the other, but that is incorrect. Embedded within one another, interlinked, connected, and I don’t think we really “go” anywhere. It’s our shift in consciousness that changes “location,” but even the word location does not suffice. The irony: we are swimming in, drenched in, surrounded by, living and breathing, listening and responding to everything else – the very thing everyone is looking for – God – a consciousness field that’s alive and knows each one of us intimately, everything, every little secret, everything we’ve ever done, thought, said, felt, wanted. Empty air, space, outer space – is not possible. I’m seeing and feeling this “field” more and more and more every day. I pretend I don’t notice because people around me will think I’m crazy, so I don’t say anything. But perhaps I’m doing a disservice by remaining quiet?” What is she experiencing and sensing and what is its significance?
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