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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 01March2018

1)  How are souls created from God, and does each soul group have a specific purpose/desire when created?

 2)  What is the purpose of human incarnation?

 3)  It was stated in a previous Viewer Questions with Creator that the way malevolent ETs get us to obey or to be mind controlled is through our subconscious. Are there any practical tools for humans to prevent this from happening and does it have to be done subconsciously such as in meditation, using hypnotherapy—being in a theta wave brain state or by the use of subliminal messaging?

4)  How can we tell that we have connected with Creator in different states of consciousness and not an imposter? Is there a feeling that we get? Is there a sign that we must look out for? How can we really know?

5)  Among the race of the Anunnaki, do they all have this dark agenda? Who are, and where do, Anu, Enlil and Enki fit into this?

 6)  I have read about several accounts where nuclear weapon tipped ICBMs have been disabled by UFOs. How does this fit in with either the non-intervention by positive ETs or negative ETs wanting us all dead? Is this a rare occasion of Creator intervening in the negative ET’s desire for the total annihilation of humanity?

 7)  Do we live in a holographic universe, or is it more a matrix reality created by artificial intelligence? What is the best way to describe the reality humans experience?

 8)  Do any positive ET races, such as the Pleiadians, have genetic and/or DNA experiments on Earth where they abduct and impregnate women? If there are no such positive ETs doing this, are these beings the Arcturians, masquerading as Pleiadians?

 9)  What changes will ascension or the great Shift bring to humans? What will this change entail for the day today existence in the fourth density, spiritually, mentally and physically?

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Q#1 – 27:30, Q#2 – 39:00, Q#3 – 48:00, Q#4 – 56:45, Q#5 – 1:10:00, Q#6 – 1:28:00, Q#7 – 1:37:15, Q#8 – 1:43:45, Q#9 – 1:48:15, ending comments – 1:57:00.

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