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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 21Nov2017

1. [00:15:45]:What is the real truth about gold and why is it valuable?

2. [00:19:00]: When does the soul enter the fetus and is there a heavy karmic debt attached to abortion, as a very negative choice? 

3. [00:35:45]: Is it safe to give vaccines to our children these days, in the United States? 

4. [00:48:50]: David Paulides writes a books and produced a documentary called the missing 411 on people going missing from national parks. Is the missing people issue connected to slave colony talked about by Ann Robards? 

5. [00:57:23]: Is orgon or orgonite truly an effective remedy to counteract the negative influences of all the electromagnetic frequencies in our lives today? 

6. [01:01:21]: Is it true that every human being has a guardian angel and if so, how can we communicate with them? What do we look for if they are trying to communicate with us? 

7. [01:15:18]: Creator at this time how many physical benevolent beings and/or races are living on or in close proximity to the Earth and the moon? 

8. [01:26:50]: This is regarding the Annunaki. Where do they come from, what do they look like, are they humanoid, do they perceive spiritual consciousness in the way that Earth humans do, and what are their gifts and proclivities? 

9. [01:36:08]: Is there a being that created you? Are there other Source Creators besides yourself?

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