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A practitioner asks: “I’ve been suspecting a woman to be a Targeted Individual and I’ve done a couple of LHPs for her, and my mother, who is also an LHP practitioner, did many LHPs for her as well. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough apparently because tragedy has struck her now in a major way. Yesterday an oven in her house exploded. It was a rather old one that no one should have in their house but it was probably a juicy opportunity for the darkness. A subsequent fire made her house uninhabitable and killed 3 of her cats. One of the cats, among those dead, is the reason why we know this woman because this cat used to visit us on a daily basis. We are very sad now because this animal brought a lot of joy into our lives. It was an amazing cat and everyone’s darling in the neighborhood. I’ve only recently started to suspect that she could be a Targeted Individual because I’ve kept hearing stories about her that seemed a bit odd. For example, only a couple of weeks ago a canister of oil that she had standing around somewhere, mysteriously fell in a way that it landed on two cats of hers (other ones, not the one that was dear to our heart but she had 5 or 6 others) and almost killed them. She had to bring them to an animal hospital and they barely managed to save the cat’s lives after a 10-hour period of constant care. Afterwards, she was presented with a quite high medical bill as a further burden. Many of her cats and other animals were regularly attacked by some of her neighbors who I can only assume were manipulated by the darkness as well. That special cat had turned up injured many times on our doorstep as well and I’ve done many LHPs to keep him safe, but apparently this wasn’t enough. Now I’m, of course, blaming myself for not writing a topic such as this earlier and asking for your help. Perhaps all of this could have been prevented, but I thought that my and my mother’s LHPs would be enough to keep them all safe. Apparently not.” What is Creator’s perspective?
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