The project was started with a simple, yet bold ambition. Our aim is to recruit you, and inspire you into becoming a recruiter. Our task is to enlist as many people as possible in a collective effort to do nothing less than save and eventually transform the universe itself.

You read that correctly.

Look around you. Humanity, and by extension, the entirety of the universe, is in grave trouble. For as vast and unfathomable as the universe itself is, it is everywhere afflicted with the same malady that threatens us and our very existence as a species. There is little time left for long-winded and complex explanations, so we will get right to point. For just a moment, lay aside your schooled skepticism, and remember what it was like to be a child, full of wonder and boundless optimism. There are explanations for EVERYTHING, and this project will bring them forward to you, in response to your sincere questions and desire to know. But the hour is so late, we cannot take the time to start at the beginning. Instead, we have to go straight to the closing argument, and trust that you will listen with your heart, and respond accordingly.

There is a God. There is an infinite intelligence behind the entirety of existence, the totality of the universe and all that is. This infinite being, of whom everything is an inseparable part, including you and me and everything around us, we will call from this point forward, “Source Creator of All That Is”, or “Source Creator”, or for brevity, “Creator”.

Source Creator has come forward now, through one of the seekers of our group, and has an urgent, and quite unfortunately, “dire” message for all of humanity.

Love is on the cusp of total collapse throughout the entirety of the physical universe. This erosion of love isn’t confined to humanity and Earth alone. Love is under assault EVERYWHERE, and has been for time immemorial. But time is running out, and we are collectively facing one of the last few, if any more, chances to turn the tide, and begin transforming ourselves and by the extension of our success, the universe itself (quite literally!) into something Creator says has NEVER been achieved before – the DIVINE PARTNERSHIP WITH PHYSICAL BEINGS IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE PROJECT.

Let us be clear about one thing. Creator is LOVE itself; and Creator is infinite and eternal. So, by extension, love is also infinite and eternal.

What is not infinite and eternal, is not love, and where there is no love, there can eventually be NO EXISTENCE.

That is what we are facing in the physical universe – as vast as it is. The last vestiges of love are being routed out of the physical universe by depravity of gargantuan proportions. And when the last heartfelt and freely chosen act of unconditional love is expressed, the entirety of the physical universe will die with it. It won’t be tomorrow, but compared to how long ago the “big bang” was, it will be a tiny, tiny fraction of that time span.

This is not speculation – this the urgent message from Creator and the Divine Realm.

It is true, “Love makes the world go around.” Love underpins ALL of creation. We know that everything is ultimately energy. Our science and schools have taught us that. What they have not taught us, is that this very energy is alive, has consciousness, and is forever connected to Source Creator. This energy, which IS love, is quite literally, even in scientific terms, the GLUE that holds the physical universe together.

Source Creator has been pursuing an eternal desire that has NEVER before been fully achieved; EVER. Yes, Creator has so far failed every attempt to “concoct” (the word “create” was not used intentionally) the one thing desired most – eternal co-creative PARTNERS in the physical universe who have learned to LOVE unconditionally while experiencing TOTAL FREEDOM to do as they wish.

For unfortunately “freedom” is a necessary, indispensable condition for the growth of true WISDOM, but is also one of the greatest of all hazards. For with total freedom comes the threat of TOTAL depravity.

All things are possible with Creator, but that does not mean that all things are “realized”. The Divine Partnership with Physical Beings in the Physical Universe Project is the one thing that has never been successful—ever.

Let that sink in.

It has been attempted many, many times. And it has FAILED every single time.


Ask any “atheist.”

When they say they don’t believe in Creator, what they are really saying is they don’t believe in the power and primacy of LOVE.

The one question that nearly every atheist asks is, “How can a loving God allow all this evil?”

It’s a valid question, and one deserving of an answer.

Since Creator IS love, it is not merely “love” that Creator desires, but something much more profound. Creator desires PARTNERS who are equally as loving as Source Creator is, but who figure out how to be that … on their own.

Creator doesn’t want “clones,” that’s been tried and found to be unsatisfactory. What Creator desires is not hard-wired “love”, but freely chosen and reciprocated love.

That burden is on us, not on Creator. Creator is not failing us, we are failing Creator.

We’ve got it all backwards. It’s TRUE that Creator is “allowing” all this evil and depravity. There is no denying it. It is obvious and indisputable.

And Creator’s allowing for it is INTENTIONAL, and Creator has emphatically expressed this, and makes no apologies for it. But it is not without purpose, and not without a compelling reason.

For you see, for unconditional love to be freely chosen, implies that there is another compelling choice with which it competes. And indeed, that choice is selfish and self-centered pleasure. No being, human or otherwise, has ever chosen evil, the opposite of love, because they are attracted to pain and suffering. Rather, they pursue pleasure selfishly and recklessly and become evil as a consequence of this pursuit.

Not all pleasure-seeking is evil, that is absurd. Untainted and pure love can be exquisitely pleasurable, and logic suggests it is the most profound pleasure attainable (which is why we all seek it so tenaciously.)

But most fail to experience this emotion with any regularity, and some never even get to glimpse it at all – while in a physical body.


The answer is, because the physical universe itself is difficult. This is not an easy place to call “home,” no matter if you’re human, animal or plant. Life is hard. It takes energy, strength, health, intelligence and fortitude. And we have to compete with other beings who are not only after the same things we’re after, but in a truly frightening sense, are sometimes literally after “us”. A human being is a lovely meal for a hungry bear, crocodile, vulture or shark.

Unfortunately, we also make lovely meals for 12 foot tall red headed giants (“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that …”, Genesis 6:4), and tasty snacks for humanoid reptiles.

You heard that right. We are not alone, and never have been.

There is no time right now to go into the details about this. If you choose to join us in this endeavor, the knowledge gaps will be filled in for you over time. There is but one reality, and that reality is equally scientific and rational as it is metaphysical.

These beings I just described are in fact extraterrestrial, in that Earth is not their home. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an “outpost” – it IS, and has been for time immemorial.

And they see us as inferior. DRAMATICALLY inferior. And indeed, we are, in nearly every way but one. The differences begin with lifespan. We live at most a century – if we’re lucky (with a handful of exceptions). The reptilian humanoids can live for thousands of years, and the red-headed giants can live to be a million or more years old. Creator has told us their civilization is almost five billion years old. Not “million”, but BILLION, and that’s why they have had the time to figure out how to prevent aging and regenerate needed body parts. Ours, on the other hand, is a mere 150,000 years or so. To suggest that this puts us at a comparative disadvantage is a gigantic understatement!

Is this so hard to believe? Our own scientists are confident that we are close to solving the aging problem NOW, and we’ve only been at it for a few decades. Contrast that with beings who started trying to solve this problem BILLIONS of years ago.

Think they might have figured it out by now?

A third extraterrestrial interloper is the Arcturians, who are tall, blond, blue-eyed, attractive and very human-like. They also long ago mastered space travel, and bring with them limitless numbers of their cloned robotic alien Greys which are most commonly described by victims of alien abductions as short humanoids with large black eyes. The Arcturians have developed this product of Artificial Intelligence research to an advanced and dangerous degree—dangerous to us especially.

These four groups of extraterrestrials are more intelligent than us, and have mastered biology, time and space to a degree we are only beginning to appreciate. Just one of their individuals could quite literally possess the knowledge of a thousand PhDs (or more.)

Yet for all this attainment, these are FAILED projects as far as Creator’s primary goal is concerned.


Because these civilizations are depraved. They are debauched. They are quite frankly, EVIL, in every sense of the word.

What happened?

It’s the same old song. The great hazard of total freedom. The few figured out how to control the many, for their personal gain and pleasure, and at the expense of everyone else; not only in their own civilizations, but far beyond. Once they achieve a vise grip on power, they never voluntarily relinquish it. Some of these families and individuals have ruled uncontested for hundreds of thousands of years and more. All the technology, all the knowledge, all the longevity, all the attainment, is used to ensure the totalitarian rule of the few, over the many. It is not used in service to Creator, and it is not used to spread LOVE.

The red-headed giant (called the Anunnaki) civilization is a caste system. There is no individual cultural or social mobility. Whatever station of life an Anunnaki individual is born into, is the one she or he will occupy for eons of time. There is no meritocracy. There is no “more” freedom. Where there was once total freedom, now there is practically none. For the great hazard of freedom – is the very real and profound loss of freedom itself at the hands of the powerful who abused their freedom, to steal everyone else’s. And where there is no freedom, there cannot be LOVE in any but the most isolated and proscribed instances. Certainly, not enough to make any real difference in the quality of life for the subjects of this civilization. It is essentially no different with the reptilian humanoids and the Arcturians.

So, these are FAILED projects, as far a DIVINE PARTNERSHIP is concerned. And they are too far gone to save themselves.

Most unfortunately however, they are not too far gone to remain a SERIOUS problem for Earth-bound humanity.

And we haven’t even started talking about the negative influence of the fallen angels described as demons and other names in cultures around the world and in the holy writings of Judeo-Christian and Muslim traditions.

So, humanity has immensely powerful adversaries, which are the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF HUMAN DIFFICULTY. As described earlier, being physical is hard enough. Now compound that problem with unimaginably powerful adversaries who have NO LOVE even for their own kind, much less us, and you can begin to appreciate our common and rather grave dilemma.

We’ve come dangerously close to losing it all already. If the Nazis would have won World War II, they would have modeled their Third Reich after these extraterrestrial civilizations, and humanity would have joined the extraterrestrial civilizations described as yet another FAILED DIVINE PARTNERSHIP WITH PHYSICAL BEINGS IN THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE PROJECT.

But thankfully, and due in a very large measure to the intervention of Creator and the Divine Realm in that conflict, the Nazis did not prevail. And humanity got an extension on the DIVINE HUMAN PARTNERSHIP PROJECT.

But – it was said earlier that Creator allows evil, and even makes no apologies about it. So, if that is the case, why would Creator and the Divine Realm take sides in a human conflict and assist in bringing about an outcome that would have gone differently without that assistance?

For a couple reasons. One, World War II was not an entirely “human” conflict. There was intense interference and manipulation of the war by both extraterrestrials and dark spirits. When there is an unlevel playing field, Creator is much more apt to assist an underdog that is aligned with the objectives of the Divine Partnership Project. And that is indeed what happened in World War II.

But, there is something about this intervention that is of utmost importance to understand and grasp, and that is, that Creator and the Divine Realm will not intervene in ANY human affairs, even when the playing field is not level, without an EXPLICIT REQUEST via intentional PRAYER. Any true “partnership,” (and Divine Intervention is a form of partnership with humanity) has to be based on clear communication and free will choice.

This physical universe we share with other beings and civilizations is a FREE WILL ZONE. That is not to say that actions in this universe are inconsequential, for that is not the case at all. However, what it does mean, is that in the normal course of events, there are no Divine obstacles to thought and behavior. Anything goes. The greatest act of loving kindness, and the most deplorable act of debauched depravity and evil are both equally allowed full expression. This “anything goes” is allowed because without this level of freedom to act, LOVE cannot be the result of a truly FREE choice. And Creator wants Partners that CHOOSE LOVE FREELY, without coercion, and out of WISDOM. Not Divine wisdom, but rather, hard-earned HUMAN WISDOM. For wisdom is the one thing the Divine Realm will not give us. Wisdom is something we have to acquire on our own.

So, while the red-haired Anunnaki giants, Reptilians, Arcturians and their Grey minions have advanced technology, the one thing they don’t have is WISDOM. The Divine Realm is a mystery to them. In fact, in spite of their unbelievable mastery of time and space, they lack the understanding that underpinning time and space itself is Source Creator’s flow of constant energy. An energy we know as “love.” Without it, the physical universe ceases to exist altogether —quite literally. These beings know all about the “big bang” as our scientists do. What they don’t know is what came before it, or “who” was behind it. Nor do they know that the ultimate outcome of their eternal search for ever-higher amounts of selfish personal pleasure and satisfaction is the dissipation and ultimate dissolution of their being—true death.

We are caught up in this dilemma because we are being undermined by them to fall into the same trap, which can lead, eventually, to the literal death of the universe itself – for this round anyway. For previous universes have come and gone before. If the universe were to collapse yet again, it would be followed by yet another “big bang” and another Divine attempt to succeed with the “Divine Partnership with Physical Beings in the Physical Universe” agenda.

Collapse and reconstitution is not, and never has been “inevitable”, but rather is an inevitable outcome of one and only one development – the continued FAILURE of the “Divine Partnership with Physical Beings in the Physical Universe” agenda. For there is a point where the physical universe can become so devoid of love and compassion, and any opportunity for its comeback and expression, that the only truly compassionate thing a truly LOVING Creator can do, is clear the table and start over from scratch. And it can happen FAST. Creation takes a LONG time. Destruction does not. It took a decade to build the World Trade Center, and seconds to destroy it. The universe is no different. What took billions of years to establish, could be collapsed back into a singularity in a fraction of the time it took to build up. This is what our extraterrestrial adversaries fail to realize. If they were to ever succeed in their desire to gain ultimate control of the known universe, and every living thing in it, they themselves and everything they have conquered, will cease to exist.

But, in this dark cloud is a silver lining, and profound hope. For Source Creator has good news that should inspire us like never before. While it’s true that the hour is late, and that Creator’s project is the last hope for the universe avoiding yet another cosmic “reboot.” Creator has informed us that in spite of the difficult challenges in front of us, this is the closest Creator and all of creation past and present HAVE EVER COME to actually having the Divine Partnership of Physical Beings in the Physical Universe Project ACTUALLY SUCCEED!!! In fact, we are informed that it is well within our grasp. We are capable and on the very cusp of achieving Creator’s long-sought goal. For in spite of our problems, and they are many, and serious, we have a great many virtues that bolster our chances.

Our civilization was born with awareness of the Divine realm and its Wisdom. Through outside meddling and corruption, we have started to become disconnected and even talk ourselves out of using our one true lifeline.  PRAYER won World War II. Collective prayer for Divine Intervention did more to defeat Nazi Germany and the Axis Powers than any single weapon or battle. And prayer can save us from our current dilemmas. For you see, a partnership with Creator and the Divine Realm does not mean we have to solve all of our problems on our own. Creator prefers that we do so whenever possible, but in our current situation, it’s not possible. Our adversaries are too powerful, and our problems are too great to solve on our own. Divine Intervention, Divine Partnership is literally the only real “hope” we have left.

But it is not a “desperate” hope. Not at all! For Partnership with Creator and the Divine Realm has been the PRIMARY GOAL all along, all throughout time from the beginning. It’s just that where before we had the luxury of time to figure things out on our own, now Divine Partnership is an imperative. We MUST turn to Creator and ask fervently for Creator’s intervention if we wish to see Creator’s central plan for humanity unfold successfully. This is a FREE WILL ZONE, and we must exercise our remaining free will, while we still enjoy any, to ask for Creator’s intervention, because there is no other way it can happen.

To oppose the free will desires of our adversaries for humanity’s final subjugation or even annihilation, a proportional free will request for the intervention of Creator and the Divine Realm MUST BE MANIFESTED by as many human beings as possible. We need to manifest a collective VOICE. Creator hears our individual voices at all times. But Creator and the Divine Realm can effectively intervene only if we make our COLLECTIVE voice loud enough, or in actual terms, manifest our collective desire for Creator’s partnership with enough conscious and deliberate intensity to offset the diabolical plans of our adversaries. We must get everybody everywhere to join us in this endeavor.

Creator has even given us a simple and short prayer to accomplish this very intention. And here it is:

“Source Creator, be my partner in life each and every day, to keep me focused on love, receiving and giving, both to myself and to all those around me.”

Creator has assured us, that this simple prayer, said with deep sincerity, intent and focus, will bestow the broadest possible agency for Creator and the Divine Realm to intervene in human and extraterrestrial and dark spirit affairs, to protect and uplift humanity; and, as the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible implores, “deliver us from evil.”

If you say this prayer but once, it will help. If you say it daily, it will help even more. But the greatest thing you can do, is to recruit others to follow suit. The old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall,” has never had such a profound application. The more of humanity we can engage in this singular and simple effort, the more profound will be the result.

Together we can make LOVE’S LAST STAND a SUCCESSFUL one!

Won’t you join us in this most important endeavor? The most important thing we now can do for both ourselves, and our fellow humanity.