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Imagine you’ve been given the task of writing a bio page for “God”! We know how that sounds! (We’re human too!) But since Creator is a TRUE active, conversant “partner” of the project, with actual advice for humanity, that is indeed what this page is all about.

The word “advice” was used quite deliberately. Creator made the physical universe a “Free Will Zone”. Creator has told us that this is a DIY (Do-It-YOURSELF) universe. Therefore there is, and in fact NEVER has been a “mandate” or “commandment” from Source Creator of All That Is. However, Creator is quite willing to give “advice” when asked a sincere question from one whose belief in Creator, and whose belief in themselves and their worthiness to converse with Creator is strong enough to establish a direct communication connection.

We asked Creator (via Karl Mollison) to provide a “Mission Statement” for the project, and Creator obliged. (Because we asked. And Creator doesn’t grant every request of ours either, but this one was granted.) Here it is:

“The Get-Wisdom project is a divine manifestation to re-awaken in the minds and hearts of humans across the planet to the reality of a divine partner, ready and willing to help their lives in many ways at all times, and bring love to them and to all they wish to be reached by divine love, in service to human betterment. This mission requires human participation, and the goal of the enterprise is to cultivate and refine tools for those participants to maximize overall success and benefit to the outcome.”

Channeled by Karl Mollison, October 15, 2017.

Creator ultimately has no “name”, but since u humans have a hard time grasping anything beyond names, Creator indulges us. When introducing Creator into a discussion with others for the first time, we often use the phrase “Source Creator of All That Is”. But being “human”, we like short names for frequent reference. More often we’ll refer to “Source Creator”, but most of the time we’ll just use the single word “Creator”. We have elected to use “Creator” rather than “God” or numerous other perfectly valid and acceptable titles because we feel this name is the least divisive, while coming closer than any other name to describing Creator’s primary activity. Creator creates! However, there is no issue for YOU to use any name you please when referring to The Almighty. If you prefer Allah, for instance, that is perfectly fine.

As indicated, Creator is the “Source Creator of All That Is”. We can’t put it any more plainly than that. Creator of the known universe. Creator has pointed out, that Creator is not “alone”. The Creator we converse with is Creator of “this” universe we dwell in. Creator has told us that there are other universes with their “Creators” separate from our Creator. Creator has also said there are consciousness levels above Creator’s. But for our purposes, “Creator” speaking through Karl is the highest level of divine consciousness accessible to humanity.

Obviously a bio that would do Creator justice would fill a library the size of Jupiter. So we won’t attempt anything THAT ambitious. Rather, we will focus on Creator’s creation of humanity, and what Creator’s goal for humanity’s future is.

All things are possible with Creator. But that does not mean that all things are “realized’. We are all a part of Creator, as we all came from Creator; quite literally. To a very real extent we come to know Creator when we come to really know ourselves. When we “get wisdom“, literally. For our goals are also Creator’s goals, and our dreams are also Creator’s dreams. Creator is living through us, and we are experiencing the universe FOR Creator.

Creator is looking for partnership with intelligent physical beings in the physical universe. Creator has created many beings that have never been physical, and countless numbers of physical beings. When you consider there are multiple MILLIONS of plant and animal species just on Earth ALONE, we begin to get an idea of the scope of Creator’s “creativity”.

However, the physical universe is a very difficult environment. Ever changing, ever in motion, there are many hazards and dangers. Resources are not infinite and competition for them is fierce, from the microscopic level on up. It’s in “this” difficult environment that Creator wants us to really learn to be “unconditionally loving”, just like Creator is unconditionally loving. For Creator **IS** Love.

“… the creation of each individual soul is decided and shaped into being according to a desire for a very broad expression of possibilities. So within each soul there are many, many overlapping and shared features. This creates a unity of understanding, and a unity of involvement, and a sharing of an awareness of existence and the purpose for life itself; and many, many shared experiences and activities joined in unison to accomplish and expand the horizons further. This is because of the shared characteristics that people have an affinity to one another. The uniqueness allows their individuality, and each person is unique in the mix of influences and attributes. There are many differences among people with regard to their native abilities, their talents, their inclinations, their likes and dislikes, and on and on. That is in part culturally shaped and genetically shaped as well through the ancestral lineage; but also through the broader heritage of the soul creation events themselves. Individual souls were created as aspects of soul groupings. And this was for the purpose of  creating a very broad and quite varied array of intelligent life. … the broad purpose is variety, and the broadest possible expression of possibility for growth, for the spreading of love. To see what can be made of it, and from it, and with it in all respects. This is a much broader tapestry than you can appreciate from the human perspective, but pertains to you individually and collectively as well.”

Channeled by Karl Mollison, March 1, 2018.

So it appears that what Creator wants, is Creator wants to “spread love” in the most challenging environments imaginable. Consider these words carefully, “… the broad purpose is variety, and the broadest possible expression of possibility for growth …” However, Creator wants to “spread love” via Creator’s creation of intelligent life. In other words, Creator wants the created intelligent life to “spread love”. Creator wants *US* to “spread love”.

Sounds “reasonable”, but is it really? This Earth of ours is anything but an “easy” place to spread love. When you consider all the obstacles that hinder the spreading of love, all the selfishness, all the greed, all the FEAR, the endless competition for scarce resources, the spreading of love becomes quite a daunting challenge indeed! In fact, if most people were asked what one person in the last one hundred years they would consider the “most loving”, our guess is “Mother Theresa” would probably top the list. After that, it would be increasingly difficult to find consensus on literally anyone else. So the “spreading of love” consistently is actually not something that most of us witness very often. And if we’re not witnessing it, we’re probably not doing a lot “spreading” of it either. Oh sure, we do little things here and there, but are the little things “the broadest possible expression of possibility for growth?

So by tossing us all into such a difficult environment, it appears that Creator is looking for more than just “nice people.” Rather, Creator is looking for us to remain “nice people” under the most extreme of circumstances. Creator wants us “anchored in love” no matter how rough the seas. Creator wants us “spreading love” in the most dire and treacherous conditions. Creator is trying to “encourage” us to become “love titans”, “love superheros”, “love masters” – (no – not the “erotic” kind) but the unconditional love kind. Creator made us in Creator’s image, but wants us to grow up and ACT like Creator too!!! Creator wants us to FIND A WAY to spread love successfully, ON OUR OWN, with as little assistance as possible, and yet do it in a way that is UNIQUE for each of us, because each of us were created to be “unique”.

So this is what Creator wants from us. Something that Creator wants us to learn and develop on our own to the greatest extent possible. That means, Creator is going to give us the widest possible latitude, with few restrictions on our behavior. And we see that in this world, as we have witnessed through the ages, the most unbelievable depths of depravity imaginable. This is an inevitable side effect of the granting of unrestricted freedom in a difficult environment of scarcity and competition for resources.

Yet, Creator’s challenge to “spread love” has literally been laid at OUR feet. It is our choice to take up the challenge or not. If you’re reading these words, it is safe to assume that you both feel this “calling”, but are attempting to meet it as well.

The good news, is that while Creator wants us to do as much as we can on our own, Creator recognizes that the extreme difficulty of the environment means that there will be times when all of us need some “assistance”. Creator has assisted countless times from the very beginning, and continues to do so right up to the present moment. However, Creator is a “minimalist”, and in rare circumstances where our life is deemed important enough for continuation in the face of a danger, Creator and the Divine Realm will intervene to preserve life. Many people have experienced this when nodding off at the wheel of a car, and suddenly hearing a voice say “wake up!” – while they were alone in the car. However, most of the time, the Divine Realm is HANDS OFF, unless specifically asked.

This is what the outreach is all about. Creator has shared with us, that we face a collective threat greater than we can handle on our own, and so Creator sees the necessity of sending the entirety of humanity a “wake up!” message. But that is the extent of what Creator will do, the REST IS UP TO US. Will we respond to the “wake up!” call, or will go back to sleep behind the wheel of a moving vehicle? Creator is sharing with us the message that Creator and the Divine Realm can do so much more, IF WE ASK. But because we have been granted the maximum amount of FREE WILL and autonomy to work things out on our own, free from interference, we must overcome this by ASKING. Prayer, is the means by which we lift the restrictions that Creator observes, and invite Creator and Divine Realm to PARTNER with us, and intervene on our collective behalf to help us overcome and navigate the treacherous years just ahead of us. A short period of time between our escape from collective danger, or our collective demise. The former requires Creator’s active assistance, the latter does not.

Will you help us enlist Creator’s active partnership?