The physical universe is a difficult place to be. But it can also be a very rewarding place to be as well. All of life is in a constant quest to avoid difficulty, and increase contentment. This “competition” both within and among species, is paradoxical. For it is both the source of  pleasure and suffering.

In the modern era, the sport that most closely mirrors the current human condition is American


football.  It’s violent, it’s painful, it’s more heartbreaking for most players and coaches than it is uplifting. The season is long, the practices are boring, the constant workouts are monotonous. The toll it takes on the bodies of most players is horrific. Why do they do it?

Yes of course the “money” is an incentive, but the reality is, there is something deeply satisfying for the winner. There is something almost “ineffable” about winning. The prospect of being “the best”, can fuel an individual through the worst the physical universe has to offer. Suffering is greatest the closer one gets to the top. The disappointment of failure when one comes close to a coveted goal, can be almost unbearable.


One of the biggest gaps in sports is the difference between the winning and losing teams of the Super Bowl. They don’t invite the losing team to the White House. They don’t have parades for them. They don’t throw confetti on them.

John Madden (Head Coach of the Super Bowl winning Oakland Raiders)

Losing a Super Bowl destroys all the good things that happened to get you there.

Don Shula (Head Coach of the Super Bowl winning Miami Dolphins)

As a player, it says everything about you if you made the Hall of Fame. But, then again, boy… there’s something about winning a Super Bowl.

Terry Bradshaw (Quaterback of the Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers)

The greatest thing is to win your first Super Bowl. 

Tom Landry (Head Coach of the the Super Bowl winning Dallas Cowboys)

Winning is addictive. But like all addictions, the thirst for it can be insatiable. You may not be a fan of American football, and in fact may think it’s the dumbest thing imaginable. This is not a “celebration” of American football, but to illustrate just how incredibly addictive “winning” can be. Consider the mercurial owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones:

“I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to win the next Super Bowl,” Jones says, smiling. “You wouldn’t want to the see the size of the check that I would write if it would for sure get the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl.” (Don Van Natta Jr. “Jerry Football, ESPN The Magazine, 8/28/2014)

This from a man whose team already has THREE Super Bowl victories during his ownership! It’s very likely such a check would dwarf any check he’s ever written for any charity.

What is “winning” anyway? In simple terms “winning” is achieving any goal one has set for themselves. However, some “wins” produce greater satisfaction than others. Anyone can observe that the most satisfying victories are those that are the most difficult to achieve. The euphoria that one can feel after achieving a difficult goal can be intoxicating in the extreme. And the memory of that euphoria can increase the appetite to even greater intensity.

But there is a downside to the pursuit of difficult-to-achieve goals. Just as achieving a difficult goal can be euphoric almost beyond description, coming close to, and missing such a goal can be just as intensely devastating. So much so in fact, that the trauma of such a defeat can cripple the loser emotionally almost to the point of incapacity.


Because it is so easy to believe, given how difficult the goal is to achieve, that one will never ever get that close to achieving the goal, ever again. In the world of football, winning a Super Bowl is rare. Dan Marino is a Hall of Fame quarterback. One of the best ever to play the game of football. He went to the Super Bowl in his second season with the Miami Dolphins and lost. At the time he thought he had a long career ahead of him, and that there would be many more opportunities.

He never came close again.

Again, you may think American football is the dumbest thing ever. Many would agree. But it illustrates a very important point about the human condition. Our propensity to pursue difficult goals in spite of the costs and the hazards.

All of us are in pursuit of difficult to achieve goals. The difficulty is of course relative. Most of us are not pursuing Super Bowl rings – of course. Our “difficult” goals are much more personal. And of course what is difficult for one person, is easy for another, and impossible for others. A five foot tall slim woman who weighs less than 100 pounds will never be a professional football player, and a 350 pound 6 foot 7 man will never win the Kentucky Derby as a horse jockey. But the 100 pound woman could have a son who is a baseball player, and the 350 pound man a daughter who is a great figure skater. And so on.

The game of American football has many similarities and components to actual warfare. It’s embedded in the language. The quarterback throws “bombs”, and takes “shots” down the field. There’s “booming” kicks and “blown open” holes in lines. Offensive linemen “take out” defensive linemen. The language of violence is weaved throughout football jargon. That’s because war itself is a “game”. A game with higher stakes, bigger impacts, and many, many more participants. The violence is greater, the suffering is greater, but then so are the victories.

If “winning” a game like football, with no consequence to humanity beyond pure entertainment could garner so much attention, money and importance, how much more so does “winning” become obsessive when it becomes a matter of life and death?

Like it or not, Earth is a battlefield, and has been for a very, very long time. We are assuming that if you are reading this, that it is your desire that this change.

The question is “how”, how do “we” change this? Everyone before us has failed to change this. What hope do “we” have of doing this?

In order to have any “faith” that we can indeed change this paradigm, and be instrumental in re-configuring humanity itself, we have to have an appreciation for why this difficult goal has not been achieved before.

It hasn’t been achieved because the vast majority of humanity do not believe themselves to be “winners”. The insatiable drive to win, at anything really, is in fact the pursuit of a foreign belief. The pursuit of a positive view of the self that is contrary to the current view. It is the quest for a new self-appraisal, a new outlook about the self. We want to transform the image we have of ourselves as “losers” into a new image of ourselves as “winners”.

In spite of his impressive life achievements as a successful and wealthy businessman, and owner of an NFL franchise that has won THREE Super Bowls, Jerry Jones still feels like a “loser”. Any addiction, and an addiction to “winning” at sports is an addiction like any other, is simply an attempt to feel “contentment”. To feel a sense of satisfaction about the self. To be content with the self in any and all moments.

The problem is, the assessment of others does not actually produce the assessment of self that is desired. When one does not have a positive assessment of the self, that hole is not easily filled by the positive assessment of others.

The wise individual is one who recognizes that everyone is really after the same thing – confidence and tranquility. It can be said we are all really after “love”, but love is such a broad term these days, with so many interpretations, that we need to be a bit more precise with our terminology. Yes, we want “love”. We want to feel positive connections to people that are reinforcing and uplifting. We want to know that we have value, that we are part of something greater than ourselves. This is a universal longing.

Why is this longing so urgent, and so difficult to satisfy?

Because we have been compromised as a species. Most of us are isolated and alone in our bodies. Our consciousness has lost it’s reach, and can only take in information from the 5 senses with any reliability. Therefore, we look to the fives senses for “evidence” of our self-worth. The problem is, for most people, the evidence of their worth is not very compelling. Our civilization is distorted. We glorify the few, and marginalize the many. Most of has have been “abused” in one way or another, by at least one, but likely many though out our lives. Most of us lack the skills to adequately cope with the emotional consequences of these experiences.

This is the dilemma we all face together. In our desperate search for relief from the effects of our emotional wounds, many will pour their energies into a singular pursuit. Just one thing they can hang their hat on. One thing where they can rise above the crowd and find “importance”, “greatness” because they sure don’t feel it, and so they doggedly pursue difficult goals where “no one” can dispute their exceptionalism. For we have been programmed that unless you’re “exceptional” at something, you have no business thinking of yourself as “important” or “worthy” of the good things life has to offer.

Most of us have unfortunately taken that programming to heart.

This is a form of “slave” mentality. If a society is set up in such a way that the only the few can be exalted, where does that leave the rest of us?

Dejected. There’s nothing wrong with the pursuit of excellence. In our own unique way, we are all attempting to be “exceptional”. But when we are programmed to believe that we need visceral and indisputable evidence of our “exceptionalism,” as well as widespread social recognition of our exceptionalism in order to have societal permission to feel good about ourselves,  then we are staring at a society and system clearly designed to keep the majority “down” – literally emotionally.

The carnage is everywhere. Almost “everyone” is LYING. Most are acting like they’re confident, like they’re tranquil, like they’re happy, and like they’re loved. But inside we are “stress factories”. Ask any empathetic intuitive. These are folks who can literally “feel” the emotions of the people around them. Big crowds are something they go to great lengths to avoid. Why? Because the feelings of pain, fear, loneliness, anger, sadness, grief and more are simply overwhelming.

It’s not easy to be an empathetic intuitive. These people realize very quickly that they are not surrounded by self-confident and healthy people, but rather despondent people desperately needing HELP. It’s not unlike a medic surveying a battlefield full of the grievously wounded, and knowing he was the only one in a position to help anyone. Such a realization is overwhelming and often crippling. Themselves feeling inadequate and in need of help and guidance themselves, how are they supposed to make a difference when the “human disaster” of emotional desperation is so vast, and so deep?

Then are those who have given up all hope of ever being “exceptional” in a positive way. The sibling of an addiction to “winning”, is an addiction to advertising one’s suffering. Both are attempts to find a persistent feeling of self worth via the response of others. While one dreams of a ticker tape parade and trip to the White House, the other dreams of “rescue.” One hopes to acquire love by being the “best”, and the other hopes to acquire love by being the “worst”. They both want the same thing, but are trying to achieve it in different ways. One is trying to impress others with the depth of their skill, and the other with the depth of their suffering. The irony, is that both are somehow seen as “noble” and even “courageous”. And because of this rather universal outlook, both strategies are widely pursued by innumerable individuals.

The problem is, both approaches are extremely competitive. Even if you’re “the best”, odds are there is someone better, and many others working hard to unseat or overtake you. And no matter how severe and heart-wrenching your suffering is, odds are there is someone not far away who is even worse off, who threatens to siphon away from you the sympathy you seek.

This is the dilemma we all face together. Where do we turn for help? Where is God in all of this?

The question “where is God in all of this?” is being answered by more and more folks with “there is no God, because a ‘loving’ God would not allow all of this suffering.”

This is a compelling argument – if we insist only on the evidence of our 5 senses to supply the answer. But is that wise? The existence of God (or “Creator” which we prefer to use) is clearly not “obvious” such that no one can sanely dispute it. Not obvious in the way the sky is blue, and the grass is green. If we are to discover Creator’s existence, we have to really think things through.

If we assume for the moment that Creator actually exists, what conclusions can we already draw? We can conclude that Creator ALLOWS pretty much everything. We can also conclude that if and when Creator intervenes, that such intervention will not be “universally” discernible. Creator will not do anything that will FORCE skeptics and atheists to abandon their outlooks and world views.

So it appears (again, we are “assuming” Creator exists) that Creator has set things up in such a way, that each individual must seek out and find evidence of Creator’s existence on their own. And furthermore, that evidence of Creator’s reality will come in response to active seeking, and not from being passive. This is why “suffering” is not “currency”. You cannot purchase Creator’s intervention with  your suffering, no matter how grievous it is. Your suffering is not a “scent” that will attract Creator and the Divine Realm to your side. This is why the photo at the top of this article is somewhat deceptive and easily subject to misinterpretation. God and the angels are not “attracted” to suffering. At least the “good” angels.

But that doesn’t mean other beings are not attracted. In fact, they are VERY, VERY attracted to it. For described elsewhere on this site, the fallen angels and other corrupted souls acquire necessary life force energy from human suffering. So not only are they attracted to it, but have every reason to encourage it, to aggravate it, to deepen it, to amplify it. In fact, it is these beings that encourage us to think that we need ever greater accomplishments in order to “feel good” about ourselves.

We should feel good about ourselves – regardless!

Why would a “loving” Creator tolerate such a situation as this? This is perhaps the biggest and most urgent question of all. The answer is, that Creator values FREE WILL and SELF DETERMINATION so much, that no amount of suffering and torment will ever be justification to violate these freedoms. That includes the freedom of the fallen angels to whisper to our subconscious, self-serving lies that degrade us mentally and emotionally. In other words, Creator values FREEDOM more than just about any other quality of existence.

So, does this mean that Creator values “freedom” more than “love”?

That is a eminently fair and compelling question to ask. It is not subject to a simple yes or no answer. Creator IS love, and we were created “out” of love. What is “love” anyway? Love is an “energy” expressed through the consciousness and knowing of celebrated and passionate connection. Love in it’s purest form is the most compelling emotion, the most compelling feeling, the most compelling experience there is. However, for the feeling of love to persist for more than a fleeting moment, there must be the absence of negative emotion, and the presence of genuine self confidence. But that self-confidence is a very precise recognition. The recognition that you are as valuable as ANYTHING in the universe, but NOT “more” valuable. Nothing or no one has “more” value than you. But there must be a balancing recognition that at the same time, nothing has “less” value. That is the essence of unconditional love.

How many humans really and truly feel that they are as important as the Archangels? Or as important as the most celebrated humans like Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and even Jesus or Buddha? Not to mention much lesser figures like the celebrated football personalities mentioned above?

We would argue very, VERY few.

And of course, no library on Earth could ever hold all the reasons why we feel we could not ever believe that. The evidence of our faulty ability to show and express unconditional love is quite beyond dispute.

What all this evidence shows, is that true unconditional love is a very difficult to achieve state of being. Remember what we said earlier about difficult to achieve goals being the most satisfying? Do you think this is any less true for Creator? There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of difficult to achieve goals. We need to learn not attach our self-esteem to unlikely success, and likely failure. Creator is pursing a very precise and EXTRAORDINARILY difficult to achieve goal. That goal is for US, Creator’s intelligent creations, to become unconditionally loving just like Creator is. The difference is, Creator doesn’t let our failure get Creator “down”.

Creator either cannot make us unconditionally loving, or for reasons we may never know, refuses to make us this way. We were made in Creator’s image, but we lack Creator’s WISDOM. For some reason, Creator decided a long time ago that the actual inculcation of an unconditionally loving nature and accompanying wisdom was something we needed to achieve on our own, through our own experiences and insights.

In order that we may achieve this most difficult of all goals, Creator gave us ABSOLUTE FREEDOM to find, or not find it, all on our own.

But as discussed elsewhere on this site, freedom has both an upside and a downside. The upside is that freedom enables one to truly learn unconditional love in the most demanding way possible. Wisdom derived from the lessons that absolute freedom teaches, is so deep, profound and sustaining, that it’s potential can approach the level of wisdom that Creator possesses. Perhaps there is no other way this can be achieved. That the only way, the wisdom of the created, can ever acquire the same level as the wisdom of Creator, is through the trials and tribulations of lessons taught by absolute freedom.

But there is downside to absolute freedom. That downside is extreme depravity. This happens when the quest for contentment and tranquility is combined with the faulty belief that only the truly POWERFUL and exalted could ever truly experience this feeling on a consistent basis. Why would that be? Because without the understanding, without the recognition, without the knowing of our CONNECTION to everyone and everything, we tend to believe that there is “me” and everything that is “not me”, and that everything that is “not me” must be controlled or destroyed, or it will eventually control and destroy “me”. The most obvious and persistently pursued way to control others is too limit their freedoms. So the ultimate irony is that the one thing Creator gave us unconditionally, is the one thing most of us are trying to take away from one another – FREEDOM. It’s everybody trying to restrict everybody else’s freedoms that causes all of our problems and creates such a difficult environment in which to live and find any contentment.

So the belief is, only the truly powerful who are in near absolute control of their environment, can believe themselves SAFE enough from harm to actually “relax” and feel “content” in a way impossible for others who are not in tight control of their environments.

This is their belief. It is a pervasive and widely held belief.

Creator knows ALL of this, but is not deterred or dissuaded by any of it. This is why your suffering is not currency. Creator doesn’t want you to suffer, Creator wants you to GET WISE. But Creator understands that wisdom does not develop in placid settings, where there are no challenges, or no shortages of resources, or no competition. Wisdom does not develop in environments of ease.

Those who wish to control you, are working at cross purposes. They want power so they can have the resources and safety to live a life of ease and contentment. What they fail to realize, is that such an existence without true wisdom is a trap. And without wisdom, any such attainment is TEMPORARY. For there is always someone who wants what you have, and who is working and thinking hard about how to get it from you.

You may think the attainment of true wisdom is not worth all this suffering, but Creator sees it differently. The purpose of suffering, if it has a purpose, is to learn to overcome it. Overcoming your suffering is YOUR project to pursue. Other’s can and want to help, but ultimately your suffering will end when YOU end it by learning how to do that most effectively.

Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone copes with suffering. Everyone must find their way out.

The good news, there is HELP. But that help is not OWED to you.

Let us repeat that for emphasis, help is not OWED to you.

So if help is not owed to you, how do you get it? Simply being in need is not enough. Nor is having an urgent, desperate, compelling, overwhelming need enough either. The size of the need by itself is not going to bring divine healing into your life.

Only ONE thing will.

A human being with enough belief in their own ability and worthiness to ask for Creator and the Divine Realm’s assistance for you, is what you need if you lack the belief to do it yourself.

No amount of suffering can bribe Creator and the Divine Realm into action on your behalf.

This again is why your suffering, or anyone’s suffering, is not currency. No amount of it is going to purchase the relief you seek. You can’t spend it like money. You can not save it up and cash it in. It doesn’t work that way.

So what is the best way to get the help you need? 

Not demanding it like it’s owed to you for starters. There is this persistent and pervasive belief and posturing that healers should work for “free”.

Why? Because anyone who charges money for healing services is a fraud?

Says WHO???

Not Creator or any member of the Divine Realm.

What Creator and the Divine Realm do absolutely INSIST ON, is that any human who asks for intervention from the Divine Realm, has sufficient belief in the existence of Creator and the Divine Realm, and sufficient belief in their ability and worthiness to ask for divine assistance, AND GET IT.

Such “faith” is really not “faith” at all, but a KNOWING. There is this widely held misconception throughout the world that “faith is a gift”.

NONSENSE. As the British would say: “Utter Bollocks!”

The ability to heal is EARNED, and acquired through hard work and persistent pursuit throughout many, many lifetimes – many that ended VERY BADLY for the healer. (See the picture at the top of this article.)

It is not a “gift”, it was never a “gift”.

The reason it’s not a “gift” is because Creator doesn’t play favorites. Anybody can call on Creator and the Divine Realm at any time, and if they have sufficient belief in Creator and the Divine Realm, and in their own ability and worthiness to ask for and get divine assistance, they will get it. It’s just as true for the fallen angels and meddling extraterrestrials as it is for humans. The difference is, most humans believe in the existence of God and the Divine Realm. The fallen angels will not ask for help, and the extraterrestrials are atheists and don’t believe in God. But neither of those realities mean that Creator and the Divine Realm have closed any doors. In fact it’s true to say there is no door. The exile of the fallen angels and the extraterrestrials is self imposed. As is ours. We are in our dilemma as a result of our choices throughout our existence. We made our bed. This is yet another reason suffering is not currency. We CHOSE it all, without the WISDOM to know what it was we were actually choosing. Creator allowed this, and this is now our experience as a result. Has anything been learned?

YES – some have indeed LEARNED and acquired valuable WISDOM as a result. A healer like Karl Mollison falls into this category. Having acquired wisdom, he is in active partnership with Creator and the Divine Realm and therefore can successfully ask Creator and the Divine Realm for assistance on many levels, both for himself, but also for others, including YOU.

As such, healers like Karl Mollison are a rare and extremely valuable resource. But do we treat them that way? If it was true that such abilities are “gifts”, then one could argue that such a “gift” must be shared. But everybody just assumes this ability is a gift. If that was actually true, then God would be arbitrary, and we would all be subject to Creator’s random whims that follow no formula or logical process.

Trust us, Creator is anything but “scatter brained”. Creator is consistent and insistent that EVERYONE is subject to the exact same RULES of engagement. NO EXCEPTIONS. Whether it’s a human, fallen angel, or extraterrestrial. ALL have FREE WILL. All are subject to the universal law of “cause and effect” or Karma, and all can choose to partner with Creator, or reject Creator.

Again, this is why suffering has no currency with Creator. You can’t bargain with Creator and use your suffering as a means of exchange.

But that is not to say that your suffering won’t elicit the sympathy of “someone”.

Indeed, OTHER HUMANS who have developed deep empathy and compassion for others, are susceptible to the suffering of others, even and especially those who believe they are owed healing and should even be prioritized – for free. No caring person likes to see someone else in difficulty. And the truly compassionate and wise individuals on the planet are dedicated to doing whatever they can to alleviate as much suffering as possible. Such people want you be healthy, to be relaxed, tranquil and content. They want to help you feel like a “winner” without having to win an actual Super Bowl in order to feel that way.

For this reason, compassionate healers and light-workers are easy to enlist and engage – maybe TOO easy. All too eager to help, most will wave any fee if the person in need merely “asks”.

We’re here to ask you NOT to do that, unless you TRULY can’t afford the services. Humans who work as healers and light-workers have financial obligations and needs like anyone else. You don’t expect to get plumbers for free, or mechanics, or doctors, etc. Yet when it comes to healers,  they’re supposed to work till they drop, and then live off of charity. Nobody else is expected to do that. 

Human healers and light-workers are not “representing” Creator and the Divine Realm. Creator and the Divine Realm have no need for “representatives.” Anyone claiming to be a “representative” should be suspect. Light-workers are preforming the service of utilizing their “belief quotient” on your behalf, something you are not able to do sufficiently on your own. Think of that “belief quotient” like the “know how” a carpenter has to upgrade your kitchen. It’s simply the means by which they can be of service. Their “belief quotient” is NOT a “gift”, in the exact same way that a carpenter’s skills are not a “gift”. The light-worker’s necessary “belief quotient” was hard won through effort and persistence over a LONG period of time. Creator and the Divine Realm did not just hand it to them, and for that reason, healers and light-workers are not indebted to Creator and the Divine Realm anymore than anyone else. If they choose to use their “skill” (not “gift”) on your behalf, for your assistance and your betterment, they are delivering TRUE VALUE to you. Value they are in no way obligated to deliver. Value that often can’t even be measured in dollars and cents.

The LEAST you can do, is compensate them appropriately. Your suffering is not currency. Please don’t try and pay for light-worker services with it. If you truly are in need (and we all are to one extent or another), and really cannot afford the requested contribution for light-worker assistance, you can still request light-worker services. It is our hope that if these services make a real difference in your life, that you will compensate us later in creative ways, such as spreading the word, or learning the Light-worker Healing Protocol and becoming a light-worker yourself. Our collective “salvation” is OUR problem to solve. Creator and the Divine Realm are standing by ready to help ANYONE who asks with sufficient belief, and will also help anyone who is the subject of a request by someone with sufficient belief. There are no shortage of ways to be of service. We hope you will join us in this effort.

To request light-worker services, please see the page “Getting Help“. At the bottom is a form where those with special considerations can share their needs discreetly.