DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol can heal anxiety and doubt, and foster genuine, “divine” self-confidence?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

The greatest source of the fear and anxiety accompanying lack of self-confidence is a consequence of inner corruption, both within the self and on the part of many others one encounters in life, starting with others in the family group who may themselves be corrupted with dark spirit attachments and thereby inclined to be harsh, judgmental, punitive, and uncaring because they themselves are being hounded and bullied from deep within their mind by their spirit attachments. In addition, the karmic history of humans is such there is a large backlog of unhealed trauma of all kinds. The deep subconscious is keenly aware of this and worries incessantly about all the things that may happen again they can see have already taken place and will not distinguish the past involved with many other lifetimes and the current life; it will just seem like chapters in an ongoing saga and is very real and keenly felt. After all, the various lifetimes are running in parallel and the wounds are fresher than one would think, given the illusion of linear time being the average human perspective but an inaccurate one.

So the question is: “What does one do when one has a corrupted legacy of many lifetimes of struggle, suffering, and manipulation with terrible outcomes for many reasons, poor decisions and bad judgment by the self or the inevitable subjugation and suppression at the hands of those with greater power and control, leaving the individual in a state of diminishment and often torment and a shortened life to boot?” With a long history of such depletion and savagery being encountered again and again, it is no wonder people are anxious and fear the worst, and this makes everyone on edge and leery of others. The solution is healing, deep healing, lots of it. It is the most valuable thing one can do with one’s time and money, to go to work on healing their karmic backlog with all the help they can muster. The divine can do much but only in proportion to the level of insight and wisdom of the individual requesting assistance. If all you know is you are unhappy, that gives little in the way of specific instructions to the divine to make things better. The burden is on human to learn about life, to learn about who they are, to learn about the divine realm, the rules of engagement, how to create and sustain and enhance a partnership with the divine to get the most out of the capabilities you have as a physical human with a link to the divine. The more you know about what is possible, the smarter and more capable you will be in requesting your own betterment; the more you know about what is wrong and what can be done by the divine realm and the powers it has to right the wrongs of your personal history and bring in changes for the better, the more you will obtain divine healing, support, inspiration, guidance, and protection. You must ask for those things.

We have taught your channel much about how to empower prayer, how to pray for the right things, and how to do it in the highest and best way you can, to obtain the greatest potential benefits and ways to leverage and empower the prayer requests so they can be greatly magnified in the potential benefits, and obtaining their requested assistance more rapidly as well. The ultimate way to request all you need from the divine is using the Lightworker Healing Protocol because it is a comprehensive compendium of human challenges, sources of negativity, and healing strategies that can be invoked and applied by the divine through specific requests. Those who know how to use the Protocol and what it contains are, for the first time in human history, in the driver’s seat and able to direct their personal betterment, future success, and even survival, like never before. This comes at a crucial time when human corruption is on the increase with designs to disrupt your world and end humanity altogether. This is from the consequences of a grand conspiracy mounted by the corrupting dark spirit meddlers in concert with a group of extraterrestrial races who have been heavily corrupted and are now functionally highly depraved sociopathic beings, solely interested in power and control to the extent they cause suffering in humans as a source of amusement, and like nothing better than to see you fail and flounder and to be in pain.

This is depraved thinking at its worst—you need divine help to deal with this dilemma—it is that simple. The choice is clear in how to go about it. If ever there was a need for powerful tools, it is when you are being brought to the brink of your own demise. You need such power in reaching out to the divine for rescue. No one else can help you. There are many disinformation campaigns promising an automatic ascension of humanity, or that benevolent extraterrestrials will swoop in to rescue humans from evil extraterrestrial opponents, or promising the return of a great spiritual leader who will magically dissolve your sins and raise you up in a final great salvation of humanity. All such sources are misguided. You are destined for greatness in an exalted state of being through an ascension process, but you must heal your world and the entire galaxy of troubled and evil beings before that can happen. That is why you were created, to solve the problem of evil. Finally, now you have the tools you need for the task; it is not the time to quit, it is the time to go to work truly in an effective way because you are now capable of winning the day and an eternity of joy that will follow from your success, but if you want our assistance to bring this to you, you must ask and you must do your part to bring it about through healing those around you and yourselves.