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A viewer asks about a new Facebook group called [name withheld]: “I know that a group of women involved with another Facebook group consider these beings their ‘boyfriends.’ I knew several members of the other group so there are two separate groups. These women are ‘swooning’ and in love. The leader of the group has married in an extraterrestrial culture ceremony with high ranking military witnesses, to a young human girl of Indian descent and strong psychic powers. When I was contacted through Facebook to join the second group or ‘Crew,’ I thought it might be an ET group straight away. When my Facebook friend described them as a ‘friendly’ ET group who produce fantastic artwork and are ‘Our friends,’ I HAD to warn her. Having already been on the ET ‘watch’ list, I feel I really screwed myself here. I am concerned for my safety, but I couldn’t not warn this girl. Am I or my family at risk? I just feel if we got my friend on board with the knowledge that the ETs are not here for our good, and told her about my usage in the SSP (I did NOT say MAP or mention Get Wisdom) that it would get her thinking and warn other friends involved, or at least stop actively recruiting volunteers for abductions and breeding. These ETs tell their human Facebook friends to ‘Sit alone in the desert and use ESP’ to get in touch with them.” Is this a parallel to the group of women in Nevada we asked about who are manipulated to have love feelings and are being used as breeders for the hybrid program? What can we tell her about the true nature of this group, her safety issues, and how best to warn others without undue risk to herself, and how to minimize risk to us and to Get Wisdom?
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