DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Is it of benefit for our client [name withheld] to recall an actual memory of UFO involvement or his time in the Mercenary Army Program?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

He does want this experience and it is partly his curiosity and partly the swirling fears and doubts he struggles with. He needs reassurance this is all worthwhile and not some kind of misdirection. It will not serve him to recall such things because this creates a gateway to the inner secrecy being maintained and can have repercussions in addition to bumping into things that could be quite unpleasant. We understand his concerns here, and it truly is a kind of dilemma wanting some validation that his working hypothesis for the cause of this difficulty is sound and will lead to a productive resolution of difficulties. This he has not fully experienced by any means, and there may be a long road ahead to fully regain his equilibrium. It is understandable that if his working hypothesis about the origin of this difficulty were incorrect that he is potentially wasting time and even having some unnecessary worry and fear because of the high strangeness and dark implications of the purported involvement with the MAP.

We understand this corroboration we have provided is dependent on faith alone in his case. Many experiencers and former recruits of this program do have things in their lives clearly linking them to this kind of phenomena in some way, so it is easier to accept a confirmation from a general source. This may well be the case that an opening up of memory happens over time and that would provide the feedback he is looking for. We would not force things at this point. There is much further stabilization needed and, in the meantime, he is being protected from both unpleasant material and then the further triggering of inner programming to punish him should he go looking for trouble. This is typical of how the secrets are kept. There is not only a fence around the person, but it is made of barbed wire, so to speak, so if they get too close to breaching the secret storehouse, there may be pain or discomfort involved that makes them back away. In the meantime, for him, it is a blessing to be disconnected.