DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs the large number of people with multiple personalities (Dissociative Identity Disorder) with subparts who speak German, and espouse satanic allegiances, and talk of a great awakening of satanic super soldiers who will rule the Earth, all a coincidence? Are they all the product of recruitment through a large number of active covens? Or is there a program of planned propagation of this evil subjugation and corruption of the young through multiple generations by older relatives, often parents and grandparents, who themselves are mind-controlled and taught to inflict this on their own young, so all are trained covertly to create an army of warriors who can be activated en masse to kill and cause chaos throughout society?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Sadly, this is all true—the scenario of having multiple generations of corrupted individuals raising their own young to follow in their footsteps, to become programmed, to become subdivided with discrete personality alters with specific functions to carry out clandestine plans of the Cabal at the behest of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and this is not only sinister, it is depraved and an affront to the sovereignty of the soul and the integrity of the divine human as an extension of our very consciousness and the divine purpose for the universe to begin with.

The reports of seeing such interior malevolence within individuals having multiple identities who can surface and carry on conversations about their presence and their differences of opinion from their host persona, and in particular, their own particular dark agenda, are very common and the reports are not exaggerated. It is the opposite, they are underappreciated and downplayed—the media expresses no interest. The psychiatric community, on the one hand, does everything it can to deny the existence of such phenomena and to minimize its importance by sweeping it under the rug, so to speak, treating such individuals as simply having a psychotic disorder needing medication and all, but ignoring the larger picture and implications of so many individuals having this aberration. But yet, there is no broad curiosity as to its true origins and its implications for the activities of these individuals, particularly when many will share a detailed planful agenda and be quite forthright, and will even begin to enact some of the dark role they have been programmed to carry out.

This is not simply a minor offshoot of ancient dark doings by cults that have simply been handed down through the generations and have not yet died out. There are a large number of covens of satanic worshipers all around the globe. This is fostered by the Extraterrestrial Alliance and aided and abetted by the dark spirits who do much of the work of conditioning the victim and serving, in a sense, as inner watchdogs to guard against the person seeking help and influencing their host to avoid this at all costs, which can include the triggering of an inner program of self-destruction by suicide if there is a danger of them revealing too much about the workings of the organization, or the imminent plans they may have underway to carry out some clandestine attack on a particular target viewed as important in opposing their existence and effectiveness.

The primary function of the Extraterrestrial Alliance is to use humans as their own tools for destruction of humanity. This clever strategy creates a massive Trojan horse operation where the large human population contains within it many, many corrupted individuals who have been subverted and manipulated to serve the darkness, and this is kept hidden by mind control manipulation to have the training take place within a subpart of the mind and then its existence hidden from the rest of the being, but recallable with an appropriate signal of some kind, at which point the subpersonality will surface and come to the fore and take over the person’s body, and be ready and willing, and eager to carry out any orders given.

The most diabolical aspect of this is the high degree of effectiveness with which the trainers can recruit and program human beings to program others in turn. They become trainers as well, and when instructed to do so, will also train their own children to have a sub-personality ready to serve the darkness and to, in turn, train their own progeny when they come of age and find a marital partner. This creates a self-generating warrior class of human individuals, all of whom are given similar marching orders, although they may have discrete roles and serve the Cabal in various ways. But the majority of their efforts are simply to receive training to carry out savagery on command and to do so without compunction, without hesitation, and to do so with relish. This evil imprint is possible because of the ability to compartmentalize thinking, to have unique sets of beliefs within a part of the mind that is separate from the whole, and in this way, a satanic super soldier type corruption can be generated within a person to be unleashed whenever there is a desire to inflict this on society.

This indeed is a part of the human annihilation planning, and is a second tier of minions to do the dark deed at the behest of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, without any risk to them, and is an added element. The most powerful and effective and efficient warriors are still those within the Mercenary Army Program, you know as the Secret Space Program—those are the elite and the leaders, they are the command structure that will be in charge of things. The embedded, altered humans we are speaking of in answer to this question, who have been observed, again and again, are more ordinary citizens who are simply fragmented and corrupted to join ranks with the darkness, and await further instructions to unleash havoc in many varying ways—to obstruct and create chaos within society as a softening up, to sow confusion, to hamper any rescue efforts, and to do targeted killings, even among family members, and ultimately, end their own lives via suicide. The third tier is the army of human clones currently in preparation to do the mop-up. This will be the ultimate fate of any of the other human warriors left standing once the majority of the population has been killed, the clones will do the mop‑up operation to finish off those in hiding.