DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit MeddlersA client’s mother overheard her son speaking out loud while bathing, and having a very dark seeming conversation. What was that about and what are the implications for his healing needs?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is a re-exercising of inner programming done by spirit attachments to create dark themes to preoccupy himself with. This is unhealthy and is a residue of exposure to their depraved way of thinking. It is more having something unpleasant rub off than a reflection of his character and potential. It is much like falling into a friendship with someone who is bad company because of their lower morality or ethics, and then by example causing someone to stray from the straight and narrow path for a time. That does not mean the effects need be permanent. As with all such inner programming, the key is moving forward and finding a path back to a divine partnership. That will be needed here ultimately, because of his inner difficulties and his struggles with his own inner misgivings, doubts, and fears. It is very difficult for him to stand on his own and suddenly be pristine in his thoughts when he has been exposed to so much darkness within his deep subconscious, by a powerful voice that has intimidated and dominated him for a long, long time and has left its mark. This will take time to heal, as well as a concerted effort by the divine realm. He must find his own way to open up spiritually and that is the uncertain part here, to what extent he can blossom.