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The Root Causes of Your Difficulties

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Without any exaggeration, we can say from everything we have learned about the human condition, that nearly all human difficulty can be traced to some form of “trauma”. And trauma can be traced to some form of “tragedy”. And more often than not, the tragedy can be traced to some form of tyranny.

To overcome personal and collective disabilities, it is important to get at and resolve the root cause of the problem. There are many barriers that must be overcome in order to achieve this. The first and most troublesome barrier is the hidden nature of the problem. Most people don’t really have any conscious idea how they ended up with their difficulty. Whether it’s health, or finances, or relationships, the true cause of their problems are not “obvious”. 

Humans are not comfortable with mysteries. It’s a hole we cannot resist filling. So instead we will grasp onto any explanation that sounds reasonable (reasonable being predominantly a factor of indoctrination) and be content with that. Often to the extent of actually being hostile to any other suggestion of causation. Therefore, we “know” that disease is caused by germs, and genetic defects, and environmental pollutants. Yet, we cannot successfully account for the fact that only some get sick and not others when all are exposed to the same pathogen. Or why one child of a diabetic will later develop the disease, and another will not. Or even why one identical twin will die of a heart attack in his fifties, and the other lives to be ninety?

We “know” obesity is caused by overeating. But is overeating really the cause, or is it the symptom? The fact is, most obesity can actually be traced to chronic starvation in past lives. And most of that starvation was the result of overt oppression. Extreme hunger (like any form of extreme pain) can cause extreme trauma. That’s obvious. What’s not obvious, is that this trauma once created can persist for indefinite periods of time (spanning multiple lifetimes in fact) until it is somehow, in some way neutralized.

“Neutralized”. The word neutral implies an unemotional state of being. A stress-free state of being. Clearly this is an experience that is quite foreign to most people. It is in fact, not really a desirable state of being – but it sure looks good in contrast to the incredibly stressful lives most people are experiencing. The optimum goal is a life filled with positive emotion. A life of love, fun, adventure and passion. But such life experiences are extremely difficult to have with any consistency here on Earth, because of how hazardous physical life on Earth actually is.

Why? Why is it so hard? Karl Mollison consulted an “expert” on the hazards of life on Earth; mid-twentieth-century cultural icon Marilyn Monroe:

You came down knowing you were jumping into a cesspool, and would be facing the greatest threat to human survival in its history, and taking that on directly. …

All of us have a huge karmic legacy that needs to be healed, once and for all. Yet when we come down and incarnate we are as apt to add more to that dark legacy, than to do healing. …

When you see the stories in the news unfold, think about what put people into this position, to stray, to risk the esteem of millions in some cases, as well as multi-million dollar annual salaries, to risk that by grabbing a woman’s breast, and making a lewd comment, is nonsensical. These things do not happen because of weakness of character. They are a corruption imposed by outside forces. It is a risk for everyone and it is a function of the need for healing across the board.

Marilyn Monroe appeared to have it all: beauty, fame and wealth. Yet, her personal life was “troubled” to say the least. Her marriages all quickly failed. Driven by an insatiable need to be loved, she eventually had extra-marital affairs with both President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert. Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the ruling cabal of the planet, as they were concerned that she could not be controlled, and would use her fame and connections to powerful people (such as the Kennedy’s)  to reveal damaging truths to the world. Karl Mollison was approached by a client and engaged to look in on Marliyn and see if she made it to the “light” when she passed. Karl found that indeed, she had not, and performed a spirit rescue for her.

Marilyn Monroe’s troubled life demonstrates that beauty, fame and wealth are no protection from self-destructive urges and obsessions, that lead to very self-destructive behaviors (such as sexual affairs with the Kennedy’s), which in turn lead to a self-destructive outcome. Marilyn Monroe suffered in limbo for nearly half a century before being rescued by Karl Mollison. Celebrities share the same risks every human faces.

It’s these incredibly self-destructive urges and obsessions that cause most of our problems. This is where almost all of us need help. As mentioned earlier, most obesity can be traced to starvation trauma in past lives. There are very few conventional treatments that deliver much in the way of long term resolution for this condition. Living one’s life in a constant battle against a persistent internal urge to overeat, or smoke, or drink alcohol, or engage in promiscuous activities, or any number of countless urges and obsessions people are afflicted with, is a primary cause of human difficulty on Earth.

Crime is driven by similar urges. Consider graffiti artists for instance. There is no “biological” need to spray graffiti on buildings, unlike the biological need to eat, or even the arguable need for sexual gratification. Yet, many graffiti artists are quite literally driven to engage in this activity. There have been numerous incidents of wealthy celebrities engaging in shoplifting, often taking things that are not even expensive like underwear.  There is no “rational” need for a celebrity to behave this way. Yet these celebrities report being motivated by an unrelenting URGE to steal, even when their fat debit card is in their bag.

It’s these incredibly difficult urges, obsessions and fears that lead most of us into deeper and deeper trouble. This in turn causes copious amounts of stress, which in turn impacts our health, causing problems in that realm as well. Rare is the individual without some form of dilemma holding them back and sabotaging their health, wealth and relationships.

WHO?? Who benefits from all this chaos?

The dark spirit interlopers, that’s who. As mentioned in the earlier article “The Root Causes of Your Difficulties“, these dark spirits require the life force energy that is released from humans by stress, anxiety, fear, worry, anger and trauma. Basically all emotions we consider “negative” drain us of our vital life force energy and make it available for these parasites.

Let’s step back for just a moment, and consider THEIR dilemma. They are compelled to torment and afflict humans because humans are the source of their very survival. To ask them to stop what they are doing is like asking you not to eat, or even breath. The only way you could possibly get them to abandon you without assistance from more powerful allies, is to deny them the life force energy they seek. To do that, you have to conquer your own stress, overcome all your anxieties, become fearless, self-confident and become slow to anger and incredibly patient. Oh, and did we mention “comfortably celibate?” Sex is invigorating only with a loving partner. Otherwise, it is “draining”.  (It still feels good – until it’s “over.” How you feel when it’s over will inform you as to whether an interloper is using your sexual activity to nourish itself with your life-force energy.) If you can master all those qualities on your own (it’s POSSIBLE, but very difficult), you can quite literally starve these parasites, and compel them to seek out easier prey.

Karl Mollison has learned from Creator, that over 90% of humans have spirit “attachments”. Dark spirits resident in their energy fields who are stealing life-force energy from them. That means that there is a 9 in 10 chance that YOU have this problem as well. If you don’t, most of the people you know and love, do.

Think you’re up to the challenge of starving out these parasites on your own? If you do, that puts you in a very rare and very select group of humans. Even if you are up to that kind of challenge, if you could get POWERFUL assistance to help temper or even remove these urges and obsessions, why wouldn’t you?

The dark spirit interlopers are not necessarily the cause of all your problems, but they certainly aggravate and worsen the problems you already have. Think of them like looters in the aftermath of a natural disaster. They may not have done the damage to your property, but they will take advantage of the situation to help themselves to all your valuables. These parasites will seek out victims already suffering from karmic issues. They can look in the akashic records and see the individual’s history and the propensities for the individual to be tempted and easily manipulated. They can see how a soul was wounded in the past, and will use that knowledge to attempt to re-open, stimulate, aggravate, and worsen the wounding. It’s evil, it’s diabolical, but it’s all too common, and we all suffer as a result. This is one of the big reasons that the recently rescued light-being who was Marilyn Monroe said: “All of us have a huge karmic legacy that needs to be healed, once and for all. Yet when we come down and incarnate we are as apt to add more to that dark legacy, than to do healing.”

Getting rid of the spirit attachments embedded in your energy field, is the perhaps the single most important thing you can do to jump start the healing of any dilemma. Karl Mollison working with Creator and the Divine Realm, has put together a detailed form of prayer “protocol” called “The Lightworker Healing Protocol”. It’s a form of prayer or guided meditation that when used by a practitioner, invokes powerful angelic assistance to remove these spirit hitch-hikers and either send them to the light for their own healing and rehabilitation, or banish them away from the individual being assisted. Which result occurs is up to the free will decision of the attached spirit.

For you see, the Divine Realm follows it’s own rules tenaciously. As explained earlier and elsewhere on this site, the physical universe is a FREE WILL ZONE. The astral planes of existence, while not exactly “physical” are closely associated with the physical universe. This is why ghosts are said to be “Earth-bound”. And in the right conditions these trapped souls stuck in limbo (same as Marilyn Monroe was for nearly fifty years until rescued by Karl Mollison), can be seen by physical humans as apparitions. As such, the same rules apply to these realms. Beings dwelling in these environments, are ON THEIR OWN. Their free will decisions are respected and honored in this environment, the same as it is for fully incarnated intelligent beings in the fully physical environment. Beings trapped in these planes, are unable to save themselves. Their vibration is too low for them to see the light beings who ALWAYS COME upon the death of a human being. Once trapped in this dilemma, the being must be rescued by the free will decision and intervention of other human beings. The Catholic Church used to promote this when they used to beseech the faithful to pray for souls in “purgatory”. Sometime in the last 40 years, the Church stopped telling parishioners to do this, and also stopped educating them on even the existence of purgatory itself. The result is that more people upon death are getting trapped there, and it is taking exponentially longer for them to be rescued.  This is a preventable tragedy that has gotten increasingly severe and critical in the last century especially. According to Creator, fully one third of human beings fail to make it to the light (i.e., “The Divine Realm”) upon their physical death. Depending largely on loved ones left behind on Earth, these souls can remain trapped for a few hours, or even up to a thousand years (but rarely more than that). Dying alone, with no caring about you, or missing you can be one of the worst things to happen to a soul. For no one will even know to pray for you. It took 50 years, but “someone” finally cared enough about Marilyn Monroe to do something that would rescue her from her suffering. If it took that long for someone as well-known and admired as Marilyn Monroe to be rescued, how long might it take for someone truly unknown and forgotten?

We introduce this topic here, because unfortunately, spirit attachments are not “always” dark fallen angels. Children who die suddenly and violently will often attach themselves “unknowingly” to a nearby human as they find the energy field of a physical human less chaotic, less frightening, and more peaceful than the naked astral planes. Such spirits are easy to rescue and eager to rejoin loved ones “in the light”. Unfortunately, not all deceased humans are as innocent and benign. Many trapped in limbo, are not so nice. Just like there are nasty evil people in physical bodies, these same souls do not suddenly transform into “nice beings” upon the deaths of their physical bodies.

Some of these deceased humans are in fact, not much better than the dark fallen angels. Many were bullies while alive, and while also suffering from spirit attachments themselves, may have enjoyed a somewhat different kind of relationship with their spirit manipulators. Dark spirits are always eager to work with humans who will allow themselves to be “agents” of these beings. This is the bully. A bully is a human who is actually in a kind of “alliance” with their spirit attachments, and rather than resisting them, may in fact embrace them and serve them quite directly. For when bullies attack others, and cause fear, trauma, pain and suffering in their victims, they are assisting their own dark spirit attachments by coercing others into releasing their own life-force energy as a consequence of their suffering at the hands of the bully. For this “service” the dark spirit attachments are willing to share some of the “spoils” with the bully themselves. This is why the bully human bullies. They actually feel energized when they do it. It’s “fun”, it’s “exciting”, it’s “exhilarating”, and they often feel better after having bullied someone, than they did before. The bully human themselves are also absorbing some of the victim’s life-force energy, and enjoying the rush they get from it. This is precisely why bullying is addictive for bullies, and a difficult pattern of behavior to break. When these bully humans die, they already have experience in being parasites, and it is relatively easy for them to continue that behavior in “limbo” or the lower astral planes. Some of them in fact, find the behavior so rewarding, that they actually don’t want to be rescued when given the chance, and choose not to return to the light. Karl Mollison and others have witnessed this phenomena repeatedly, and it is quite tragic, for everyone involved.

So, spirit attachments can come in many varieties, and while the innocent child attachments are the most heart-wrenching, the fact is these souls are also a drain on the host’s life-force energy, and are much better served by being assisted to return to the light where they really belong. So there are no “good” attachment scenarios. All need healing and resolution.

Creator and the Divine Realm are adamant in their observance of the free will decisions of intelligent beings. But the good news, is that they also observe the free will requests of other humans to assist those in need who are out of touch with the Divine Realm. This is why praying for others can be extremely effective and healing. Creator and the Divine Realm are responding to the free will outreach of the one doing the praying, not the one who is the target of the prayer. Thus it is possible to pray for an atheist, and these prayers can be answered and healing administered. Spirit attachments can be removed from anyone because the one doing the requesting, is the one being responded to. It is the faith, the “belief quotient” of the one asking the Divine Realm for assistance that carries the greatest weight. Helping those who are unable to help themselves, is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give.

The Get-Wisdom.com project has the goal of helping everyone – all of humanity. The most effective help however, is administered one soul at a time. Whether it is a friend who needs a clearing of attached spirits, or a deceased loved one who needs assistance to reach the light. All can be aided through the outreach of others to Creator and the Divine Realm for assistance.

However, depending on the needs of the one being assisted, a comprehensive application of the Lightworker Healing Protocol can sometimes take up to an hour or more depending on a number of factors. The reasons for this and a detailed breakdown of the Protocol and all that happens in it’s application will be described elsewhere. The fact is, Creator and Divine Realm are firm in their policy of never “assuming” anything. They respond ONLY to direct requests, and only to the precise content of that request; and then only if the requester truly BELIEVES that the divine healing is real and will be applied in response to their request. The requester must believe they are worthy to ask for such assistance, and that such assistance will be forthcoming. If something is left out, it is not dealt with. This is why the Protocol is so detailed and takes time to apply and administer. The requester is making a LOT of detailed requests for healing and intervention so that nothing is left to chance, nothing is overlooked. This all takes time and great concentration and intent on the part of the Protocol practitioner. It is an important and demanding service that cannot be successfully carried out by “just anyone”. Truly effective Protocol practitioners are true “specialists” in every sense of the word, and as such their services are in great demand, and their time is valuable and unfortunately quite limited.

Get-Wisdom.com is making available Protocol practitioners who have been thoroughly trained and vetted by Karl Mollison and the Divine Realm. These individuals have a track record of success doing successful clearings of people, property and even companion animals, as well as spirit rescues of departed souls who failed to reach the light. You can learn about one spirit rescue in particular performed by Brian Kelly:

The requested contribution for one of these services:

  1. Individual Clearing
  2. Pet Clearing
  3. Place Clearing
  4. Spirit Rescue

is $250.00. We call it a “contribution” because we wish to turn no one away who is truly in need of assistance. If you can’t afford the $250.00, tell us what if anything you can afford, and the urgency of your situation. The contribution is one important means by which we can prioritize your request over others, so if you can’t afford the requested amount, we ask that you tell us in detail what your situation is, and why your need should receive expedited attention over those who can afford the investment, or others who have similar pressing issues. We will respond to the most urgent needs first, regardless of finances. But if you can afford the compensation, that is assurance that your request will be handled quickly, with no requirement to explain your situation or needs in detail. The Divine Realm does not do anything without an explicit request, and we are following their lead. Time is a precious and limited commodity, and it has to be apportioned wisely and used for the greatest good. If you can afford to contribute more than $250.00, it would be immensely helpful to this project, and will help us greatly extend our reach to more and more people. Whatever help you can afford and are willing to share with us will be a true blessing, and will be used for the greatest good. The divine healing is free. The angels work for free. But we ask for your financial assistance for the human light workers. They are performing a valuable service that takes time and great concentration, and they have financial needs like any other human being. The more they can earn from this work, means the more time and energy they can devote to this work rather than some unrelated occupation; and the more help they can give to more of humanity. 

If you have questions about these services, or wish to inform us of your urgent need so we can best determine how to help, please use the form below to contact us. We will try our best to respond to you in a timely manner. We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please make use of the Participant Forum to ask and learn more about these services as other community members may be of assistance. Get-Wisdom.com uses encryption, so your inquiry is confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

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