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Overview of Our Protocol

Congratulations on finding your way to our services! We remove attacking spirits, many kinds of negative energies, and the effects of karmic trauma, to facilitate Divine healing remotely, working through the Creator of All That Is and the Divine Realm. Our comprehensive Protocol helps all the types of target clients we service: people, locations, pets, and earthbound human spirits, by addressing the many problems they have in common, along with phenomena and circumstances unique to each. The Divine Life Support plan allows you to include and benefit many varied recipients.

Personal and Group Clearing

Personal and Group Clearing: Spirit attachments can cause people many, many problems. Although most people are unaware they have a spirit possession, it can drain your energy, cause emotional suffering, undermine relationships, and wreck careers. It’s a major cause of developmental delays, school underperformance, and dropout.

Effects of spirit attachment can range from fatigue, anxiety, fear, impulsive behavior or depression, all the way to alcohol and drug abuse, cutting, suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, or physical violence.

The fact that you do not need to be present allows you to avoid a possibly stressful experience. This also makes it possible to gift our services anonymously to benefit your loved ones. You can help a non-believer, or perhaps clear your whole family, including sensitive individuals like children or those with incompatible religious beliefs.

This work is ethically permissible in the same way that praying for people does not require their conscious awareness or permission because it can always be accepted or rejected by the person at a Soul level. Our work is always done in alignment with the client’s highest good, which is guaranteed because Creator always obtains permission from the client’s Higher Self as we proceed. Therefore, anyone can be a sponsor to request our help to work on their spouse or family group, as the sessions are done through an intuitive outreach, safely and gently below their conscious awareness. The recipients never need to know, and possibly resent through ignorance, the good deed you have arranged.

We view our work with the divine realm on behalf of a client as a form of prayer that is independent of religious dogma. It is spiritual, not constrained by a particular religious perspective, nor does it conflict with religious teachings. We are not manipulating the clients through our energy, we are simply requesting the divine realm to address and remove many different sources of negativity and carry out healing, if that is in divine alignment and agreed to.

We have been taught by Creator to not share details of the dark energies present that we have removed, nor details about the extensive parallel life karmic issues influencing the client we work with the divine realm to help repair. It just invites added worry about things already given healing attention. Too much conscious focus on prior problems can even re-create them.

Negative karmic trauma causes 94% of physical illnesses. Anytime deep karmic repair can be done it’s a blessing that may help heal something underway, or even prevent a serious chronic illness from appearing. We have been told by Creator that a session with the Lightworker Healing Protocol will actually extend the lifespan of about one third of our clients by at least a year or more.

Home Clearing

Home Clearing: Dark spirits are everywhere and usually go unnoticed. If they want to take up residence and get your attention, that is when scary things start happening, like unexplained noises, things moving on their own, or sensing a presence of something that doesn’t belong. People may even be attacked and manipulated through touch, hearing voices, waking up in bed unable to move, and so on. In some cases, they can sabotage home appliances or cause accidents to happen. There is also a further risk of spirit possession by such beings if left unopposed. Children, in particular, are energetically vulnerable and easy prey for harmful spirits.

As is true for people themselves, their homes and the land beneath have a karmic history, and many energetic concerns and issues that develop over time. As a part of Gaia, the land has a soul and it can be injured just like with people and animals, so there can be considerable karmic trauma happen over a period of time, often because of the actions of people living in the vicinity. This all needs healing.

There may even be a spirit portal where you are living that serves as a gateway to allow spirits to come and go among dimensions. This puts you directly in the line of fire to have frequent spirit encounters with dark beings. We move all such portals to remove this risk factor from your life. We can work on any location, large or small, to remove the hazards and leave a positive, welcoming, feel. It is very beneficial to clear places of business, schools, and hospitals used by you or your loved ones.

Animal Clearing

Animal Clearing: Even companion animals can benefit from a session with our Protocol. Not only do these loving creatures get spirit attachments, like humans, they may also have serious karmic wounds from other lifetimes giving rise to problem behaviors and physical illness. About 75% of dogs and cats harbor lost soul spirits of humans who have not crossed over. This is a very significant cause of illness in companion animals from their taking on the pain and suffering of these lost souls in an attempt to heal them.

Pets may also take on their owner’s karmic issues to attempt their healing and become sick. These are truly divine beings who are here to serve and will help all humans, both in the physical and in spirit form who pets can see intuitively, and seek to comfort, even at their own expense. Just like people, animals will benefit greatly from divine healing of their energetic issues and karmic history.

Helping Loved Ones Reach Heaven

Keep in mind also that we can find and rescue departed human loved ones who may have remained earth-bound in spirit form. This unfortunate dilemma happens to one out of three people who die but fail to cross over fully. Many people at the end of life are struggling and unhappy, feeling beaten down and depleted. They may die unexpectedly and be unprepared for what comes next. They may be nonbelievers, or fearing divine judgment, or just having a very low emotional time from struggling with chronic illness, or from being in decline because of aging and fearing their inevitable passing.

Their spirit could be lost in the dark, or attached to a loved one or stranger’s energy without knowing where they are. These spirits share many problems in common with the living. They may continue to have spirit attachments of their own, bullying them. They are almost certainly being bullied by dark spirits they will sense, surrounding them and trying to attach.

Earthbound spirits have many energetic problems keeping them from seeing and cooperating with the light callers who come to escort them to the light. All of their accumulated negative karmic trauma is still present and affecting them, and in need of deep healing just like humans in the living who suffer emotional or physical health difficulties. Our Protocol will provide effective solutions to raise their vibration sufficiently to enable a spirit rescue returning them safely to the Light.

Brief Description

Using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, we tune in to the person or other target intuitively, through the Creator of All That Is, and have any spirit entities netted and held safely. We then work with Creator directly, to prepare and send them to the Light once a comprehensive series of healing steps are carried out. Our effectiveness in thoroughly removing all types of spirits, owes to the comprehensive karmic healing they receive from our protocol.

Unlike older indirect methods, energetic techniques, or the fear tactics of exorcism, which simply strengthen the Dark Side, we work from a love basis and witness spirits escorted to the Light by the Divine where they will be rehabilitated, so we know they won’t come back. Other approaches may chase them out, but won’t prevent their return. This is especially true if spirit attachments have a karmic (shared past life) connection to the client. Careful healing work is needed to ensure the connections binding the attaching spirits to the client are severed.

Once spirit entities are detached, we also work with Creator to do extensive karmic repair for the client. We start with a comprehensive energetic recharge, rebalancing, and reconnection to Creator’s plan. Everyone has negative karma undermining them in some way, often from traumas occurring in other lifetimes. These negative life influences give rise to the many phenomena described in this report, and are addressed by removal, adjustment, or repair. We even include direct healing and repair of the negative influences on the client of the akashic records and collective unconscious, which will be described.

We can end patterns of negativity for the client which otherwise would continue during your present life as well as future lifetimes. The karmic influences we repair are significant to your life now and are addressed because they are rumbling. Many emotional problems and 94% of physical illnesses are karmic in origin. We request broad healing of the client for any major issues you tell us about, in addition to our working through a comprehensive list of potential sources of negativity, and ask Creator to provide any healing needed. Permission from the client’s Higher Self is obtained for each step.

We also work to add layers of protection for people and locations, to help them stay safe going forward. As an added bonus, we ask for the Protocol be repeated at the time of passing for all clients to ensure they will transition safely. It’s a guaranteed return to heaven.

The more people understand what is needed and what the divine realm can do, the more specific and powerful a request for help becomes, and the greater and more effective the divine help. By engaging our services, you benefit directly from our extensive knowledge of all that can go wrong, which forms the basis of our comprehensive requests to Creator incorporated in the Lightworker Healing Protocol. These requests bring to bear the advanced techniques taught to us by Creator explaining how divine healing is carried out.

In addition, you are no longer alone. You gain a powerful advocate working on your behalf who has both a high belief quotient in the Divine, and belief in the self, the two critical requirements for receiving divine help, and which are often impaired in people. When our belief is added to yours, it is certain that the necessary 100% belief quotient will be available and put to work effectively. A number of the many individual steps of our comprehensive Protocol are described in a general way in the overview below.

Removal of Attached Entities

Spirit Meddlers

Spirit Meddlers: (described as demons in the Bible) are the commonest spirit attachment problem, infesting almost 90% of people. These spirits are fallen angels who have never had a physical body and are dedicated to causing harm to their human host in any way they can. It is these spirits who gave rise to the notion of Satan and demons, which the archangels assure us do not exist. The meddlers may masquerade as demons but have lost most of their power and mostly exploit our vulnerabilities, the things we let happen.

Spirit meddlers can see your past life karma and push your karmic buttons to cause fear. They live off of fear energy and other negative emotions and must get that energy to survive. They are true parasites. They attack babies and children, to claim them and carry out ongoing bullying. They also work to block your connection to your higher self, which diminishes your spiritual life-line. The resulting disconnection from the seat of conscience and flow of love will dull compassion and lead, in the extreme, to personality and conduct disorders. This is how sociopaths are made.

By undermining you at all levels, they can cause mistakes, encourage selfish acts to get you in trouble, send impulsive thoughts to tempt you with immoral acts. Some people will be induced to commit violence or even become criminals.

Spirit meddlers can cause severe mental imbalances in vulnerable people. They are the cause of most severe mental illness, including schizophrenia, psychoses, 85% of bipolar disorder and more than half of clinical depression. In people with spirit meddler attachments, there is an average of seven spirits present, as they gang up on a person.

The darkest spirits were removed from you first, the spirit meddlers. The Divine realm uses a variety of strategies to prepare spirit attachments for going to the light, but even the toughest ones will agree to go with appeals to their desire for power by showing them that they will have the power of the light. We work with Creator of All That Is to convey them to the light for cleansing and rehabilitation, and witness their ascension. Contrary to some religious fundamentalists, such spirits can be saved by the light. Permanent removal of their negative influence from the planet is a blessing.

Lost Soul Spirits

Lost Soul Spirits: unwanted spirit attachments can be human lost souls who died and never made it to the light because they were unprepared spiritually, emotionally troubled, or died from sudden illness, accident, murder, or suicide. Their emotional despair and cravings persist and can similarly influence their new living host. These spirits are present in about 10% of clients.

Lost soul attachments are sometimes departed friends or relatives seeking comfort or to offer protection. This is always a misguided notion and will not serve either party. The lost soul spirits need to return to the light to continue their soul journey. Their presence in a living person will confuse the body energy of the host and lead to problems. The karmic tie to their living host also makes them difficult to remove without doing healing first. If a departed loved one is attached to you, finding and sending them to the light is a great blessing for them, so you can rest assured any such lost ones have been rescued.

Our strategy for helping people’s loved ones cross over to return to the light successfully, relies on our application of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. Using this comprehensive healing tool is just what is needed to raise the low vibration of earthbound spirits and enable them to finally see and cooperate with the light callers from the Divine Realm.

Hybrid Spirits

Hybrid Spirits: this is a term describing a group of spirits consisting of at least one human lost soul spirit who has been persuaded to join forces with meddling spirits and work together. This is a particularly hazardous situation because such a gang of spirits can be very damaging to the host. These hybrid groups are present in about a third of clients.

The commonest reason for lost souls becoming hybrids is a dark history during their previous life in the physical, such as being a criminal. Often, there is a karmic tie to the client from the hybrid having been in a past life together, perhaps as a bullying relative. It might also be someone from the client’s current life who passed bearing a grudge against them, and found their way to the client seeking revenge.

The bullying spirit meddlers are removed first. Often, the hybrid lost souls are left behind when the meddlers leave. These attachments require additional healing for their removal, and this is a common reason other spirit removal practitioners fail to get the job done.

The hybrids and any lost soul spirit attachments in you were dealt with by carrying them through the entire healing Protocol in parallel, to raise their vibration, to heal any karmic ties to their human host, and repair any issues contributing to their earthbound status, including the release of any vows, oaths, contracts, agreements, allegiances, or promises made to other dark spirits they were involved with. The divine realm then brings someone from the light who the spirits will recognize to greet them and give them encouragement, and help their ascension to the light for cleansing and rehabilitation.

Outside Intermittent Spirit Attackers

Outside Intermittent Spirit Attackers: The divine realm also searches for and finds any spirits who may not be attached to a person but who nonetheless pester them in some way, for example, visiting them repeatedly to get their attention. This type of spirit may recognize the client from their energy and is trying to signal them. This may be a spirit who has a karmic connection to the client from knowing the client either in this life or from a past life together, and can result in a fortuitous spirit rescue of a loved one who’s passed. There can also be spirits holding a grudge because of a previous encounter with the client or just someone who resembles them and become a major pest.

The commonest form of intermittent spirit attackers is another type of dark spirits who command the spirit meddlers to direct and focus their evil intentions. They are the spirits of extraterrestrials, who are here in earth plane manipulating us. These spirits are a major scourge, and unfortunately are almost unavoidable as they scout constantly, looking for unattached victims. Almost everyone has been visited by them to be assessed and then targeted with attempts by spirit meddlers to attach. Fortunately, we know how to have Creator round up and send these dark ones to the light. We find active links to these spirits in 96% of our clients.

Any and all of the above types of spirits you may have had present in your energy were removed from you.

Removal of Alien Involvement

Although to many people this is even more unbelievable than having spirit attachments or past-life issues, we can assure you that there is an extraterrestrial involvement with many people alive today. We have detected their influences at work among our clients, and enlist the help of Creator to remove anything negative we find. Alien implants can be for passive programs of data gathering and monitoring to learn about us, but can also be more disruptive, and are usually implanted during abductions.

We find alien implants in 4-5% of our clients, that’s one out of every twenty people. It is rare that people have any conscious awareness of alien entanglements, which is a blessing, as even knowing they have been abducted does not keep it from happening. As our client, you can rest easy. It is another tremendous blessing of the Lightworker Healing Protocol that further alien involvement with our clients can be prevented as we work with the divine realm to keep them under watch.

There are also occasional extragalactic intrusions that are uncovered and removed, and there may be inter-dimensional implants needing removal as well. This is from a foreign consciousness usually present out of curiosity. They are information gatherers as well, but are not normal energies and can disrupt the bioenergy field of the client, causing physical symptoms.

These outsiders are trying to take a short cut. Instead of going through the process of incarnation here, they are trying to experience our realm by attaching and observing through a living person. They do not have the right to do this, especially as it can affect the host, so we work with Creator to remove them. You can be confident that you are now free of all such influences.


Removal of Psychic Attacks, Spirit Imprints, and Pledges

In addition to all types of attachments that might be present, we also remove other forms of negativity. Psychic attacks are just that—the negative energy of consciousness directed at you with an unpleasant emotional intention.

Ordinary Psychic Attacks

Ordinary Psychic Attacks: are the consequence of dark thoughts with feelings of anger, resentment, rejection, shame, or guilt having an impact on body energy. Most are unintentional and happen because our thoughts and words have more power than we’re aware of. Any negative interaction with another person can cause an exchange of negative energies in the form of a psychic attack. These ordinary negative energetic attacks occur through routine interactions with people you encounter, including family members, who are unhappy or angry with you and simply have negative thoughts, leaving some of those energies behind with you. This includes arguments as well as any negative thoughts about you not expressed verbally.

Almost everyone accumulates these energies, and most are self-directed attacks as a result of self-criticism and self-judgment. Your own negative self-talk can be very destructive. You, yourself have the greatest power to harm your own well-being. These energies persist indefinitely, until they are healed.

High-level Psychic Attacks

High-level Psychic Attacks: are consciousness directed intentionally to cause major harm. These include curses, spells, hexes, black magic, voodoo, etc. Even in our modern world, we find these in about 30% of our clients. It’s more common with certain ethnic and cultural origins and widely practiced in many parts of the world. There are Satanic rituals in common use in all cultures.

While many dismiss these as superstition, we can assure you they have real power to undermine almost any aspect of a person’s life, such as health, relationships, and career. This is because not only does consciousness have power (mind over matter) but such attacking energies are used by dark spirits to penetrate a victim’s defenses.

Ancestral Curses

Ancestral Curses: can follow you into a new incarnation as a karmic consequence and still be operating on you. We have seen curses causing infertility, illnesses, family infighting, marital breakups, career failures, etc.

We work with Creator to remove all high-level psychic attacks launched against you, and to recall and cancel any you may have launched against others in past lifetimes that are causing you a karmic backlash, as all harmful acts inevitably require repayment. We have seen clients improve just from cancelling these prior misdeeds.

We request removal of all psychic attack energies from all levels of your being, send them to divine light to be transformed, and replace them with healing light to repair any damage done.

High-level attacks are often accomplished by linking them to the energy of a target, so attackers will remove a personal item or plant a gift in your home to channel attacking energy. To provide safety going forward, we also request removal of your energetic signature from any of your belongings in the possession of an outside attacker and to remove the energy of any outside attacker from any belongings in your possession.

As an added divine gift, we send comprehensive healing to any and all attackers influencing the client. If their Higher Selves accept, the benefits will flow back to the client as well. We have been taught that healing the perpetrator is the best way to heal the victim. 

Spirit Imprints

Spirit Imprints: are phenomena that explain why some healers find hundreds, even thousands, of seeming spirits in layer upon layer within a person. These are really an imprint of a spirit encounter.

The spirit imprints are the consequences or residues of the interaction of spirits with a person by acting from within their energy to impinge on their body, their mind, or indeed their soul, through causing discord and causing alteration of the internal instructions and the links to the Higher Self to bring about the soul’s expression.

It is very analogous to having multiple woundings, each of which will leave a sore in place until it is healed, and is very much like a wound in which the flesh is cut open and raw nerves are exposed, and there is a potential for that to fester and to be further widened through being attacked again and injured again, and to have additional discord connect and reinforce the negative vibration associated with the wound itself, and make it bigger and more unpleasant.

These many woundings from the effects of spirit encounters will build over time and continue forward. Being recorded as part of the akashic record of the person, they will be present and an influence on the very soul level as well as within the genetic level. The consequences will be apparent in expression of the ancestral genetics and in the genetics coming from the akashic records of a person when starting a new incarnation, and all the information comes forward to impinge on the new complement of biological DNA for the embryo.

So, the presence of these imprints carries forward until they are healed in some way and will be a continued presence until then, and have the potential to distort and undermine a person at any level of functioning, with thoughts, feelings, or actions.

We work with Creator to remove these and replace them with healing light as part of the protocol.

Spirit-related Pledges

Spirit-related Pledges: are voluntary acts of cooperation with spirits, as they are adept at engaging a person with a kind of handshake that binds the person to the spirit. This typically occurs solely on a subconscious level. Any vows, oaths, contracts, agreements, allegiances, and promises are considered by the divine realm as free will choices by the person which must be honored. The Higher Self will usually agree to having them removed to allow healing when we make a direct request on a client’s behalf.

For good measure, we request removal of such negative entanglements with spirits as well as all other conceivable sources in a single global request by specifying any spirit attachment, dark spirit, alien, extragalactic, or interdimensional intruders and other attacking entities, alternate realities, and dimensions the client has encountered.

Parallel-Life Contracts

Almost all people have had previous lifetimes, as we are living in a reincarnation paradigm, returning again and again to experience more, and to grow spiritually by learning and overcoming challenges. People often speak of “past lives,” but this concept under-explains the reality of existence. Because linear time is a kind of illusion, all these lifetimes are running in parallel. There are also future lifetimes underway. We therefore refer to all these incarnations as parallel lifetimes.

As a further complexity, they all have future extensions as an ongoing projection of energetic potential. Through a continual time looping of energies, your current life will be influenced by what is happening to you elsewhere in time. You needn’t worry about the details as our Lightworker Healing Protocol takes all this into account and will be applied to all time domains effectively.

Because thoughts have power, vows, oaths, promises and agreements are contracts that carry forward energetically until they are satisfied or removed by karmic rebalancing.

Any traumatic experience may have karmic consequences needing healing or rebalancing in some way. This can be considered a type of contract as well. Bear in mind that huge cultural differences and tolerance of many behaviors currently unacceptable in our society have existed in the past and still do in other places. You may have lived anywhere on the planet in parallel lives. We find one or more parallel life contracts representing negative karma in 97% of clients.

Negative karma is the origin of 94% of physical illness, coming from the sum total of all that’s happening among the parallel lifetimes and their future extensions, so this is extraordinarily important to restoring and maintaining well-being. We work with Creator to dissolve all parallel life contracts and cleanse the karmic energies arising from them. This is not a guarantee of health restoration, but can set healing in motion that will build over time.

We are told by the light that many times, the Lightworker Healing Protocol will head off major illnesses and even prevent early death from happening. In fact, we are told about a third of our clients receiving just a single session will have a year or more added to their longevity. You will have many benefits from this healing you will not notice, because there is no separate ongoing control to see how your life would have gone without it.

Extra and Missing Soul Fragments

When we are in a situation involving extreme emotion, such as a grievous loss, our soul can fragment, surrendering part of our soul to another person. This missing soul fragment remains with the other person as an extra fragment through subsequent lifetimes. By the same token, we can accumulate extra soul fragments from others we have spent lifetimes with. We find soul fragments missing in 79% of clients and 67% have extra soul fragments.

The presence of missing and extra soul fragments serves as a mechanism for karmic consequences to unfold. By exchanging soul fragments with a perpetrator, these act like magnets to bring you back together, even in future incarnations. This is done to allow both victim and perpetrator a chance to heal by not repeating the prior drama. However, commonly, this does not happen, and there is a repeat offense that adds more karmic burden.

By making a direct request to Creator, soul retrieval can be done to forgive the karmic debt and allow healing and restoration.

We work to return missing and extra soul fragments, repairing their damage to the soul for all parties involved, not just the client, with the permission of their higher selves. This further lessens karmic debt to others. We also do additional advanced soul repair using a special kind of Quantum Healing for Soul Reawakening that can be very powerful to promote healing on a deep level.

Cords, Thought Forms, and Free-floating Memories

Our consciousness forms connections to people, places, and things important to us. Many of these are positive and foster a sense of belonging and kinship. These are the “ties that bind” we have with friends and loved ones. This is also seen in “putting down roots” we feel about our home and workplace. We don’t worry about the positive links.

Cords, Thought Forms, and Free-floating Memories

Our consciousness forms connections to people, places, and things important to us. Many of these are positive and foster a sense of belonging and kinship. These are the “ties that bind” we have with friends and loved ones. This is also seen in “putting down roots” we feel about our home and workplace. We don’t worry about the positive links.

Negative Cords

Negative Cords: are an energetic connection between you and people, places, and things you have encountered in your life of a negative nature. Hence the phrase “it’s time to cut the cord” to distance oneself from unpleasant circumstances. Cords are formed by everyone and we work with the divine realm to find and remove those of a negative nature.

These cords can arise from confrontations with family members that leave an energetic residue, emotional ties to an ex-spouse or unrequited love, bad blood with an old enemy, the location of a painful experience or tragedy you witnessed, and so on.

Cords can also extend across lifetimes, so cords are an additional mechanism for the wheel of karma, to stir up old business until it is healed, and bring together the parties involved, hopefully, so they can work things out, although sometimes things happen to compound the injury.

Cords are typically cut by energy healers, but we have been taught it accomplishes more thorough healing to dissolve them and heal their points of attachment at both ends. Accordingly, we work with Creator to request and witness removal and repair of all negative energetic cords.

Free-floating Memories

Free-floating Memories: these are negative energies from the environment or ingested with food or medication. These include all subliminal potential threats from people around you as perceived by your subconscious, which is always scanning, looking for trouble.

There are many types of consciousness that attach to physical matter and cause problems for the body. A common example is food intolerances. Eggs from unhappy chickens and meat from unhappy livestock pass on that negativity.

Many medicines attract and hold the negative energies of what they are designed to treat. For example, psychiatric meds have much fear, despair, hopelessness, etc., which complicates treatment. These remain in the patient unless healing is done for them, and when unmasked by drug discontinuation may be interpreted as a continuing need for the medication that may no longer be necessary.

We removed all such negative energies and asked for you to get downloads of replacement insight and wisdom for those negative energies and assistance in healing mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically from them. In the future, whenever you take medication, you can simply ask Creator to bless it to remove anything negative and keep only what is highest and best.

Health Requests

We always request assistance from Creator to provide any healing needed by the client. Permission from the client’s Higher Self is always obtained first. Nothing is changed without an agreement from the client at a Soul level. This extra work can be extremely beneficial by eliminating significant blocks to wellbeing.

That being said, healing cannot be guaranteed for a variety of reasons. Healing may be rejected by the client’s Higher Self because the issue is fulfilling a soul purpose. It may be in the client’s life plan to have an illness attended to by the healthcare system, or a life struggle to serve as an example, a challenge to others, or for personal spiritual growth.

Also, healing may occur, but the illness or other problem returns because of subconscious conflicts. Your inner beliefs, positive or negative, even the self-limiting ones, are always honored. The client’s free will is always dominant, even when it seems misguided to us.

We have been shown that illness usually has a karmic origin, arising from past traumas of some kind, often occurring in past lives. This does not mean that physical illness is not real, as medical treatment may well be needed once it manifests physically in the body.

We believe the information we provide is Divinely guided, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of intuitive impressions. It is not medical advice and is not intended as a substitute for any medical help you may be getting. Do not change any medical treatment without consulting your physician. Our work is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. We are not licensed healthcare providers and it would be illegal for us to do so.

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing: We asked that you be given help with grounding and connection to the universe, that your chakras be opened, energized, and that you be given an alignment to bring you into ideal energetic balance. This refers to a strengthening and rebalancing of the body’s life force energy that is still little-understood by science, but its presence is necessary to keep the body alive. We also asked that Creator strengthen and open your connection to your higher self to allow an unrestricted flow of love and light with a connection to Creator’s plan (also called a “light body activation”). While defined simply, this is a powerful re-awakening of your full potential.

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing: We asked Creator to send love to you as a baby in the womb for all of your lives. This is a kind of Quantum Healing applying a healing force across all time domains. We also did a series of Quantum Healing steps to bring in new instructions for all levels of your being from a time of perfect health and inner balance, again, to be applied across all lifetimes. This has particular advantages for restoration and rejuvenation. As further leveraging of the healing benefits, we asked that the divine realm revisit all healing sessions throughout the current life, and all parallel past, present, and future lives, and each future extension, to add the benefits of this session.

Soul Matrix Healing

Soul Matrix Healing: We asked Creator for a comprehensive Soul Matrix Healing of the causes and effects of all issues raised during the session, including the life issues you told us about. This addresses all negative influences caused by all types of influencers from all past, present, and future lifetimes. It is the way the divine realm heals. They do not cut open the body and remove things, they heal the current and parallel life discord that manifests physical problems. No other healing modality can address the totality of karmic problems arising from being bombarded by negative events of past, current, and future lifetimes, as well as their future extensions projecting the negative energies across time.

Included in the Soul Matrix Healing, in addition to all the above sources of negativity, were requests for healing every other type of outside interference we know of. These include any external or self-created weakening of the aura field defenses; subconscious programming from all attackers; other types of soul damage; the client life issues; alien energetic attacks, microchips, nanochips and genetic distortion; any negative effects of medical procedures like surgery and anesthesia, cell and organ transplants and transfusions; radiation, electromagnetic fields, and other harmful energies, as well as all toxins in your cells and body; restoration and rebalancing of effects from nutritional inadequacy as well as excesses; removal of negative cellular memories of prior trauma, cancellation of any high-level psychic attacks you have launched against others, and a request to reclaim and reintegrate any parts of you which remained earthbound following your transition from prior lifetimes.  

Surprisingly, companion animals can exhibit most of the same karmic issues and energetic misalignments as people have, with the exception they will not accumulate negative thought forms. This is not because they do not think, it is that they live well in the moment and are excellent at healing much of the negativity they themselves generate. But animals are sensitive to harmful things in the environment and are quite vulnerable to negative consequences of karmic parallel life contracts, most of which are traumatic experiences caused by the humans they encounter. Both Quantum and Soul Matrix Healing techniques are of great help to our animal friends.

We have also added a powerful further innovation to the Soul Matrix Healing in asking that Creator-Guided Trauma Resolution be carried out for any client issues of concern, and to support the client’s inner self again and again into the future. In this process, we ask Creator to help the deep subconscious in recalling the most significant prior woundings that need healing, and to ensure healing is applied to all levels of the being, including the energetic signature of past trauma in the akashic records, which satisfies the Law of Karma that effects of the trauma have been rebalanced.

As before, multiple steps are involved to obtain the client’s mind’s permission and cooperation to identify and help heal what is needed to happen to bring the client to a state of healthy balance. This removes stored negative emotions and triggers that would continue to generate more suffering.

Along the way, the mind’s negative, self-limiting beliefs connected to the issues being worked on, are identified and belief replacements offered by Creator. Belief replacements are then done with the permission of the client’s mind, which will cooperate once needed healing is in place for the underlying trauma. Such negative beliefs act as a kind of programming, trapping the person into habits and patterns of thinking and actions that are destructive and limit happiness. In addition, negative, self-limiting beliefs, even though harmful, would otherwise persist and have to be allowed by the divine as a free-will choice of the person to suffer. This is a major reason prayer requests and other healing measures may not get divine support.

We have also added a request to probe for missing or weakened soul attributes, and ask Creator to restore what it feels like, and how, to express them. These are things like trust in others, confidence, having safety, being strong, accepting the self, being happy, etc. Such weakened abilities are a major cause of vulnerability to the inevitable stressful experiences of life that leads to chronic suffering.

All the procedures used in the Soul Matrix Healing and Creator-Guided Trauma Resolution are applied to work on the client’s important issues by addressing key traumatic events with their influencers, including their family members, soul collective members, perpetrators, and the archetypes of ancestral beliefs, cultural beliefs, akashic records of humans, animals, and extraterrestrials, and the collective unconscious of humans and extraterrestrials. Relevant trauma events are identified and worked on across all of time: throughout the current life and each of their lives, past, present, future, and each future extension, to receive healing.

Check-in with Guides and Higher Self

Every person coming into life is assigned two or more Spirit Guides. The primary guides remain with them at all times, monitoring what they think, what they feel, what they say, and what they do. Their job is to help support and guide the person indirectly to follow the life plan agreed to prior to birth.

They are allowed to give you nudges and downloads of information, to arrange moments of synchronicity so you meet other people important to your life plan, and impulse you with thoughts so you notice things you are brought into contact with by the guides such as a book, a road sign, a channel on TV showing a key program you need to see, etc.

Your Higher Self is your bridge between the part of you in the physical plane and the much larger soul remaining on the other side of the veil. The Higher Self is the seat of conscience speaking to you when you do something wrong, and is the gateway to reaching the spiritual part of you for your growth and enlightenment. It governs your healing and acts as a channel for the very flow of life force into you.

We worked with Creator to open and strengthen your connection to your Higher Self, and any healing needed to be brought in.

We asked that Creator work to empower your Guides and Guardians to work to question your Higher Self about your progress with your life plan and ask Creator for karmic repair of any obstacles.

We worked with Creator to repair your connection to your deep subconscious to allow better communication for resolving inner conflicts.

We requested that Creator work with your deep subconscious directly, giving reminders as needed, to engage with the parts of the mind struggling with your most pressing issues and guide it to call on both the Higher Self and Creator directly, by name, for healing assistance within the Akashic Records of karmic issues and obligations.

In addition, we requested active use of dream state repair of deep subconscious karmic issues by Creator as another advanced healing process to benefit you on an ongoing basis.

We also requested that Creator work with your deep subconscious to call on its Guides, Guardians, and Higher Self directly, for protection from energetic attacks, subconscious programming not aligned with the highest good, and attacking entities.

We requested that Creator repair your thought plane, and all negative interactions with the Akashic Records of animals, humans, and extraterrestrials, as well as the collective unconscious of humans and extraterrestrials. Your mind interacts frequently with these repositories of consciousness, and any negativity you add will have karmic consequences, so now these have been worked on to be resolved and cleansed.

Installation of Personal Protection

Spirits, including meddlers, are drawn to your energy. The more spiritual you are, the greater your inner light, and the more attractive you are to meddlers. Your energy may also attract wandering Lost Souls looking for a home.

Ironically, religious people, healers, helpers, medical personnel, and those who meditate to connect to Higher Realms or otherwise open themselves to receive intuitive guidance, like psychic mediums or just kids using a Ouija Board unknowingly send out a beacon that attracts spirits.

Attachments are also more likely to occur when you are vulnerable. Karmic traumas can be re-awakened at any stage of life to cause new problems. Hospitalization, substance abuse including alcohol, cannabis, and opiates, and being upset emotionally can all create opportunities. Wandering spirits are everywhere.

We arranged with Creator to provide you with powerful personal protection to prevent future spirit attachments and help keep you safe going forward. Each person is assigned one or more Guardian Angels, but they have limited authority to act without human requests, except to preserve your life under certain circumstances.

We made direct proactive requests on your behalf to your Guardians, Spirit Guides and Higher Self to stay on top of issues troubling the subconscious, to ward off outside intrusions, and to step in to remove any that get through your defenses.

In addition, we requested Quantum Protection, to apply protective energy to you across all time, and to keep a reservoir of protective energy available to be re-applied in any window of opportunity.

We asked Creator to inspire you each and every day, to strengthen your partnership, and bestow the benefits of Creator’s recommended prayers.

We requested the following on your behalf: that you be wrapped in a cloak of invisibility to prevent future attachments by meddling spirits; that if any spirits attempt to attach that your Guides and angels immediately step in to resolve the issue; and that you be infused with Divine unconditional love into every part of your being, asking Creator to watch over, guide, heal, and protect you for best and highest good.


Interpreting the Results

The perceived effects of a Lightworker Healing Protocol session are highly variable. They can be profound, subtle, or not perceptible at the present time, although there will be benefits during times of stress in the future. Changes that are present after the healing may not always be felt until the gears are turning, and life operations and circumstances unfold further.

Some of the karmic influences we repaired may not have manifested yet as a problem in your life. That’s a good thing, as they may have been prevented. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There are almost always past life karmic issues rumbling that receive help from our Protocol.

Many of the past life events we help to heal in our sessions are harsh and brutal. That’s why they can persist in their influence, even over many lifetimes. Similar circumstances in the current life can cause a re-echo of pain from a past life event that resonates. The death of a loved one, for example, may re-awaken emotions from a painful loss in a past life and add greatly to the stress.

Another greatly under-appreciated factor is that we reincarnate in soul groups. The express purpose is to heal what may have been left undone in past lives. We have all been victims, and we have all been perpetrators. One or more current members of your family may have harmed you grievously in a past life and vice versa. If they are back with you again, it is to allow healing. We are intuitively guided to see those things that most need healing at the present time. If you heal your part in this karmic ballet, it will heal the others you danced with.

Please be observant to notice any changes now that your session has been done. Be aware that people develop deeply rooted habits. Once you establish a behavior, including things instilled by outside influences such as an entity, the behavior may remain in place even after entity attachments have been removed.

But you can expect a gradual fade in the intensity of things that aren’t rewarding and which are no longer being reinforced by presence of entities or negative karmic influences. You can hasten the readjustment by not focusing on remaining symptoms.

This is why we have been guided to not share with our clients individual unpleasant details of their past lives. Even though we bring healing for them, it is hard for humans to erase horrible images from their minds. For example, many people are incarnated and living again, successfully, with family members who abused or even killed them in past lives together. Those times will rumble subconsciously, but need not determine your fate, especially if we bring a final healing resolution. The mind is powerful, and sometimes will re-create problems by worrying needlessly.


Follow-up for Continued Problems

There are two common reasons for feeling that nothing has been changed following a session with the Lightworker Healing Protocol. First, not enough time may have elapsed for ongoing healing to produce a discernible benefit. It may take a couple of weeks for things to ease and settle in. Second, for people who are especially vulnerable, it may take time to restore and build up inner defenses, and they may have quickly reacquired spirit meddler attachments and need a repeat clearing. Notify us if there is a sudden setback so we can see if a recheck session is needed.

Most commonly, when emotional or physical healing we request for human clients fails to happen, it is being blocked by the client’s inner beliefs held within the subconscious mind. When incarnated as a physical human, we are in charge and our free will and free agency are honored by the divine realm, even if that means we may be keeping ourselves sick.

Examples of beliefs that get in the way of healing are “I’m not worthy,” “I can’t be fixed,” “God wants me to suffer,” etc. These are held in the subconscious and have the final word on whether we let God in. What we think we want to happen consciously is not enough, our subconscious must be in agreement. This represents the most common roadblock to getting the full potential benefits of an effective divine intervention.

Now that spirit issues have been addressed, and ongoing healing is underway, for urgent needs and to speed healing, we recommend one-on-one healing sessions to undo problems at the root cause of such inner blocks. Our practitioners use a powerful combination of approaches to resolve emotional consequences of damaging past events, replacement of resulting negative, self-limiting, beliefs, and the restoration and strengthening of key soul attributes. This process is done in conjunction with channeling of the deep subconscious mind, where most inner conflicts reside, especially fears and inner blocks from other lifetimes. Click below to talk to a practitioner about how it can help your situation:

Staying Safe in the Future

The divine realm tells us that protection from spirits is an ongoing issue, just as with other potential life hazards. They recommend that you ask for protection on a daily basis. It is very helpful to write things down. You can choose to write down or print out the following and ask your Guides and angels to implement the list whenever you say a chosen code word like “protect.” While we use the term “Source Creator” to represent the highest holy being, you can use whatever equivalent name you are comfortable with in reaching a Holy representative (God, Allah, Mohammed, Jesus, Krishna, for example).

  1. Source Creator, keep me grounded.
  2. Place Ultimate Protection around me to prevent intruders and spirit attachments.
  3. If ever an entity does attach, immediately clear it.
  4. Place an invisibility cloak around me to keep me invisible to negative entities and any outside negative manipulation.
  5. Place a mirrored sphere around me to reflect away all negative energies, sending them to God’s light for cleansing.
  6. Keep these protections in place for me, all my family, and loved ones, and our home, to keep us safe.
  7. Source Creator, partner with me in my life each day, to keep me focused on love, both giving and receiving, for myself and all those around me.
  8. Thank you for your help!

We recommend you make the request and state your code word you intend to use out loud to give it emphasis. From then on, you can just say the code word and you’ll be set. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of requesting protection during your daily routines, like when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. Also be sure to ask for protection again before doing any intuitive work or meditation.

Creator acknowledges that there are no absolute guarantees. An unguarded moment or an emotional low point can still result in a new attachment or negative influence. Just keep in mind spirits exploit your fear. They need this energy to live on, but have limited power and influence beyond this bullying. Your spiritual growth potential extends far beyond them, and knowing about this menace allows you to put in place simple safeguards. 

Please be aware that children are particularly vulnerable to spirit attacks. People are usually quite surprised by this, especially religious parents who assume their child’s innocence and “lack of sin” will guarantee that heaven is watching out for them. Unfortunately, although heaven is watching, they must let free agency and free will reign, even for those too young to understand they are at risk.

Therefore, as with other hazards, like keeping your youngsters from wandering into traffic and avoiding contact with adult strangers, it is the parent’s responsibility to safeguard their children from outside forces like spirits that will inevitably target them. Over half of babies crying for no reason are being tormented by dark spirits. This is the true reason children see “monsters” in their room at night. Attachments children pick up can inhabit and undermine them as a lifelong problem that often worsens over time.

Our work doing family groups shows us repeatedly that infants and children already harbor dark spirits and energetic issues, and typically have karmic past life issues already rumbling. Many spirits within adults have been there since childhood. In addition to including children in your prayers of protection, it is a good idea to teach them how to do prayers for themselves as well. Here are a couple examples:

Children’s Prayer of Protection:

  • Now I lay me down to sleep,
  • I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
  • Heaven watches me through the night,
  • And wakes me with the morning light.

The above is a simple prayer of protection suitable for families comfortable with a religious terminology. It also has a very positive tone. Many of you will recognize this from your own childhood, probably never realizing the original intent was protection from spirit attacks.

Children’s Non-Religious Prayer of Protection:

  • Highest power of the universe,
  • Guide me safely through the night,
  • And wake me with the morning light.

The above is a simple prayer of protection you can teach very young children who have not had much religious instruction. Be careful to not scare the young about things like spirits they can’t understand. Just present the exercise as a fun thing to do and do it with them. Practiced regularly as a ritual, it will become second nature.

Spirit entanglements are one of the road hazards of life. We recommend that our clients contact us for an annual Lightworker Healing Protocol session to keep everything in good shape. That way you can be sure to not only remain attachment-free, but get repair for important newly-emerging karmic influences that may have been stirred up as you live your life. An additional blessing is that everyone getting a session with this Protocol will have one or more sessions done automatically at the time of their passing to ensure safe return to the Light.

A further way you can improve your life is to use Creator’s recommended prayers daily. These are designed to cover the main areas of concern, and only take a few minutes. They are included below for your convenience. Get the free download from our website: “Creator Teaches How to Empower Prayer” at: