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Mother comforting child awakened by a nightmare

Many people search for answers to the question—What is a nightmare? Parents are very aware of the helplessness that comes with a child’s recurring bad dreams. In some cases, no amount of soothing can calm an upset child who’s had a scary nightmare. Many parents awakened by crying infants have wondered, Do babies have nightmares? The answer, most definitely, is yes. When severe, chronic nightmares can produce what is known as night terrors in children. What causes night terrors has been mysterious until now. And so, loving parents, not knowing how to prevent nightmares, seek answers and are often disappointed. Their searches continue but so do the night terrors.

Adults too, need to know how to stop nightmares. Many people are wondering—Why do I keep having nightmares?—especially when they find themselves having nightmares every night or have a nasty recurring nightmare and look frantically for solutions. They blame themselves for their bad dreams because of lifestyle habits they suspect may add to their problem. Normally, adults will try anything that may help, from avoiding specific foods, to adding pleasing smells to the room. People with sleep problems like insomnia may be unaware that sleep is being avoided because of inner fear of having dreams and nightmares. In addition, adults must consider the effects of sleeplessness on their daily work performance. Who can do their best after frantic nights of terrifying dreams?

Have you tried many things without success?

  • Changing bedtime habits
  • Avoiding certain food and drinks
  • Altering sleep environment
  • Providing that extra-protective teddy bear
  • Creating a bottle of “monster repellant spray”
  •  Leaving the child to “cry it out”

What if there is another answer to: What is a Nightmare?

Sadly, nightmares frighten our children, invade our sleep, and make us feel helpless. No parent wants to feel powerless and unable to protect their child. Each night, bad dreams and nightmares affect people of all ages, from tiny infants to the elderly. The true reasons for nightmares are not WELL known. But, the reasons for many nightmares ARE known. Find out more about nightmares and their unexpected causes. Discover the shocking true causes of nightmares and night terrors. Learn about the surprising, safe, and highly successful solution to nightmares. Join the GetWisdom Founders Karl Mollison, Denny Hunt, and Brian Kelly for the wisdom you need to deal with nightmares. Watch the replay of our FREE Webinar. 

Learn to change: What is a Nightmare? into What Nightmare??

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