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A practitioner writes: “Last night a friend of mine sent me a text message saying that her son K. was detained earlier that day by the police in the most violent state in Mexico, and that he miraculously avoided being sent to jail. As the story goes, her son gave a ride to a fellow who carried with him a big suitcase and when he approached a police checkpoint, he was signaled to pull his car off the road for a revision. The hitchhiker’s suitcase apparently was filled with drugs and they were both arrested and taken to the police station. At the police station, K. was told by the police that unless he paid them 30,000 pesos in cash, which he didn’t have, they would send him to jail. K’s only option was to call his older brother who at that time was in a very important business meeting and was not supposed to answer any incoming phone calls, but through divine intervention he picked up the call and sent K. the money since he knew that once K. would go to jail it would be much harder and much more expensive to get him out of jail. When K. was about to pay the police the 30,000 pesos bribe, the police decided to reduce the amount by 8,000 pesos, which is something they never do. His mother felt that it was a divine intervention and that this money allowed him to drive back home. During the entire ordeal, K. was amazed at how everything worked out in his favor without him lifting a finger. When he finally took off from the police station and began driving back home, my friend heard a strong voice in her head telling her to contact me and to ask me to do an LHP session on K. The next day, I did a session on K. and on the police that detained him. Later on that day, it dawned on me that this was a divine orchestration from first to last. Creator, through the looping of time, saved K. from a dire situation by having his mother contacting me to do an LHP session on him in the future, and through the retrocausal phenomenon, Creator was able to spare K. from a long prison sentence.” What can Creator share with us?
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