DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA practitioner asks: “My client’s son is out of work and will stop eating to punish himself as per a Bible reference about work. What has come to mind for me is the past lesson about a woman who was able to offer part of her own nutrition for a weak undernourished baby. That could be considered healing by proxy. I wonder if there is potential for people closely connected to someone whose healing seems intractable to ask for healing of the issue for oneself that will be shared with the client? This would be a sort of workaround.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
It is not the same thing, to give what one can of the self in a positive way, to replicate it, and extend its reach to cover someone else in some way in contrast to taking on a burden and the suffering of someone, to bear it on one's own and hope to overcome it and somehow fix it in their stead, to take on their karmic challenge and work on it oneself to spare them the burden and the penalty. The latter can be done but is not recommended, so be careful what you ask for here because people's karma can be quite a force to reckon with and may even be fatal when piled onto your own. Most people have all they can handle of their own backlog of need to deal with. It is best to request assistance for another using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, for example, than to attempt to deal with things on an energetic level, through a transference onto one's own being, simply out of a desire to help and not knowing a better way to do so. The divine has unlimited power. The art of living is developing the skills to navigate in such a way as to get the divine assistance you need with efficiency, ease, and grace, so that is a useful standard to keep in mind in gauging whether an approach is suitable or perhaps inferior in helping others.