DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerA viewer asks: “What can Creator share about saying the approved Empowered Daily Prayers and the Lightworker Healing Protocol in ways to strengthen the intent? How do we estimate the strength of our intent when we say our prayers?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This is not something you can understand in quantitative terms, like a voltage or a decibel level of a sound, because it is dealing with concepts for which there are not precise measurements possible. You are in the realm now of feelings as being the best and most reliable indicators of what is transpiring and their potential impact and consequences. People must cultivate within themselves a sense of commitment, sacred duty, and passion for carrying out spiritual business. This should not be hard when applying prayers for personal benefit; after all, it is a divine blessing you seek, and a miracle by any reckoning, in the receipt of any beneficial consequences.

This is no small thing, it is serious business, and it is truly special, but only you can gauge your feelings, no one else can do this for you. We can assess everything you do on an energetic basis, but we cannot lead so we are unable to give you precise instructions and coach you through a process of raising your vibration, for example. You can request help with this but it is not so straightforward to bring this about. If you set it as a long-term goal, and renew your requests at regular intervals, this will help you to lean in that direction, look for opportunities to do more and do it better, and that creates a human desire and momentum as well, we can use as fuel to answer in kind with assistance to bring about what you are seeking. But this you must have a sense about, to have a feel of where you are, when there is more needed, because only you can do something about it.

You can ask for help with this, but we cannot simply override your state of being to turn you on to shine more brightly, like a light bulb, in turning up the electrical power. The energy of intention must come from within you, that is the only way it will have your personal stamp on it and be connected to you energetically, and a part of your life experience officially, as a consequence. So we suggest you practice doing this by first quieting your mind, ask for safety, and then request your entire spirit team—your guides, your guardians, your higher self as well as Creator—to assist you to do whatever is needed to be adjusted internally so you have a clear perception of your inner feelings and intentions at all times when engaged in serious business, and to be shown and, if need be, signaled via your higher self, to have an accurate assessment of how you are doing and to be inspired to think of ways to help encourage stronger intention to be mounted.

The best general rule of thumb is to seek loving thoughts, an intention of loving kindness in some way to be connected with the matter at hand, the work to be done, the goal to be pursued; whatever the agenda, bring in some way the intention for love to be brought to bear as an answer and a vehicle for change. While some may need to cultivate this more than others, an appeal to loving feelings is something natural to feel for most people, and you will be able to tell from what happens how you are doing, if the progress is meager, or if indeed you are feeling something opening up within to help you have a lighter, more uplifted feeling, which is often what accompanies the flow of love because it creates a path of less resistance by dissolving barriers and transcending them. Practice makes perfect and nothing is a more worthy activity than to sharpen your senses in the application of loving kindness.