DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerHe asks: “Is feeling we are in total agreement with the stated request, and a sense of certainty that things must change, helpful when we say our prayers?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago
This is very helpful because you are defining a state of being that is in alignment with a desired goal to come about rather than focused on the problems, the roadblocks, any kind of inner resistance or concern about the complexities and the possible pitfalls and potential downsides of reaching boldly for divine involvement. In your description, there is nothing standing in the way. That is a good description of standing strong, and that is the best state of being for a successful divine partnership. That does not mean you must be perfect and impervious to any harm or negativity. What it means is having enough inner wherewithal you can still function and move forward, despite having some difficulty and uncertainty and wanting things to be better because something is currently wrong or undesirable needing change. This is akin to anyone in a position of great responsibility and uncertain of their ability to surmount the challenges they face but moving forward regardless, going forth boldly and taking the risk of failure in stride, and doing their best with all they have to make something happen for the better. That is the essence of divinity, as expressed by a human being, to deal with adversity. We are not talking about recklessness or disregard for safety, but simply being bold when one can, when the risks are not life-threatening but perhaps only to the ego should things not work out. You are bigger than you know, and you can be stronger than you might believe, and that can be worked on and divine help summoned for the purpose.