DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerHe asks: “Is intentional power in the knowing of how much we want the request to take place and feeling an urgency when we say our prayers?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Here you are getting at the inner motivation for mounting a divine request, and indeed the greater the need, the more profoundly it is felt, and the stronger the inner conviction to do something, the more powerful the intention that will result, all other things being equal. Having a strong intention, if coupled with mixed emotions or negative emotions, can derail the inner impulse by heading in the wrong direction towards energetic discord and an incompatible energetic state of being that is so negative the divine can do little to interact. Humans must approach the divine, and to do so must be more on God’s wavelength, which is a loving high vibration; that is why a positive state of being to the extent it can be summoned and maintained, at least for launching a request for divine partnership, can make all the difference. If you stand strong, you will be more effective in getting divine help. It is that simple, but for many, a challenge. It is one of the first things to ask help for, getting stronger in one’s interactions with the divine to develop a higher belief quotient, not only in the divine but in the self and worthiness to receive divine assistance. Being able to stand strong is a skill, it is very akin to exercising to develop physical muscles, you can do the same to grow and build a strong belief and faith in God and in yourself as well—the two go together and both must be in place to have a more effective interaction and response from the divine realm.