GetWisdom Website Forum

We have removed the Forum on the GetWisdom website. This is part of the streamlining and refocusing of our website to better showcase our Divine Life Support plan. I understand that there may be concern and disappointment with that decision. But having the Forum has been a mixed blessing from the outset. Given that we do not have the staff to hire a moderator, like other website forums, it becomes a free-for-all where anyone can say anything. That is not what Get Wisdom is all about. We cannot provide a community bulletin board and serve our members in the highest and best way at the same time. People will vary in their personal knowledge, depth of understanding, and accuracy of insight in responding to what might be posted and why. In the process of exchanging views, there is room for error and misguided notions, even with the best of intentions. Not to mention those who come along and plug other channelers and healers, or their own practice. Many well-meaning sources are corrupt. Allowing this unmonitored exposure supports potential harm to others.

The purpose of GetWisdom is to provide Divine Wisdom from Creator, in response to carefully considered and informed questions, not what anyone else thinks might be useful or of interest. That is why I, myself, do not write a blog or hold free-form webinars giving my opinions and recounting of things I’ve learned. In my webinars, I stick closely to what Creator has said, verbatim.

Anyone wanting to know what Creator thinks, can still submit a Question to Creator on the GetWisdom website. You can also register complaints and concerns about GetWisdom by email through our Contact page. We will continue to have an LHP Practitioner Forum, moderated by Denny Hunt, which is open only to trained LHP practitioners, so they can support one another and arrange collaborations to do group healings, etc. We do not want to constrain anyone’s free speech, but only ask that you use your own platform. Thanks for your understanding.

Karl Mollison, 2-19-23