If you have not yet read    “Love’s Last Stand?”:

Love’s Last Stand?


or    “The Root Causes of Your Difficulties”:

we recommend reading the above two articles first. Our job here is not to teach you anything new, but rather to remind you of something very very old. But no matter how old the paradigm, if you are unaware of it, it might as well be “new”.

There’s nothing “new” about Source Creator and the Divine Realm wanting an active and genuine “partnership” with humanity. This has been Creator’s goal from the very beginning. If it sounds like a “new” idea to you, that’s because you’ve been taught something to the contrary.

Why? Isn’t it the case that Creator and the Divine Realm are most powerful beings in the universe? Why would they allow anyone else to teach something different and contrary? (And “who” is this “anyone else”?)

The universe is teeming with intelligent life. All this life has it’s beginning and even ongoing support from Creator. There is nothing that is not of Creator and from Creator.

If you’ve read the recommended articles above, you now know that humanity has many adversaries, both in the spirit and physical universe. All these “adversaries” of humanity are all Creator’s creations as well. So what happened? Didn’t Creator want to “partner” with them? Why is humanity special and they are not?

This answer is “yes”, Creator desired divine partnership with them too. The problem is, divine partnership is not, and never has been Creator’s choice to make. You can’t force a “partnership”. You can’t coerce a partnership. You can’t compel a partnership. If you did, you wouldn’t have a partnership would you?

One of the defining principles of a partnership, is it’s voluntary nature. Both sides are free to enter or withdraw from the agreement at any time. That’s not to say there aren’t consequences when partnerships are dissolved. Ask any divorced couple.

Unfortunately, the universe is full of a lot of divorcees – beings, and entire species of intelligent life, that have turned their back on Creator, and rejected Creator’s “offer”, Creator’s “plan”.

Why? If Creator’s “plan” was so great, why have so many beings rejected it?

The answer can be summed up in one word – TEMPTATION. The one thing that is incompatible with any notion of “partnership”, is COERCION. Where there is coercion, there can be no partnership. Creator is not a “coercer”, never has been, and never will be. But the same is emphatically not true of the intelligent life that Creator has populated the universe with. The great temptation is the idea that in order to enhance, in order to improve one’s existence, one’s experience, one’s “pleasure”, that coercion and dominance of other intelligent life is necessary.

This is the “philosophy” that has been embraced – unfortunately – by most of the intelligent life in the universe. It’s the idea of “survival of the fittest”. This idea is fundamentally incompatible with any notion of “morality”. Especially when the extreme definition of “fittest” is one who succeeds in dominating others – by whatever means necessary.

The more one is tempted to embrace this philosophy, and reject the notion of anyone possessing any responsibility to respect the freedom of others, the more likely they are to reject Creator’s “always on the table” offer of divine partnership.

WISDOM is the recognition that the path of temptation ALWAYS ENDS BADLY. But to be emphatically realistic about this absolute truth, you must accept the fact that such an “ending” can be delayed for unfathomable and incomprehensible lengths off time. The Anunnaki are a case in point. Having mastered genetics, they unlocked the secrets of longevity, and some of their members are more than a million years old. The current ruler “Anu”, is said to have occupied the Anunnaki thrown for nearly 500,000 years. That’s more than TWICE as long as humanity has even existed!

So while karma is a universal law, and one that must always be satisfied “eventually”, one has to recognize that justice often takes time. Even on Earth, it’s not uncommon for some legal issues to take even up to a decade or more for final resolution. Creator’s timetable is quite a bit longer than ours, to put it mildly!

However, a “long time” does not mean “forever”. That’s what separates the wise from the selfish. The wise know that anything built on the suffering of others, is destined to fail – eventually. It’s only a matter of “time”. However, we have to start thinking of “time” as Creator thinks of time, not as humanity thinks of time.

So Creator’s offer of divine partnership, is still open even for the Anunnaki. Even for the fallen angels. But that said, Creator has told us that these beings are so seriously corrupted, that there is no chance of them choosing reconciliation on their own. They can no longer save themselves. The only hope they have is *US*. The only hope they have is that *WE* wake up, that we humans embrace divine partnership while there is still time. If we do so, Creator has told us that our future is one of unbelievable majesty and power. And from that future, we can in turn help the Anunnaki and other fallen races and spirits turn around and make an eventual recovery from their dilemma. Again, you need to think in Creator’s timeline, not ours. Saving the Anunnaki from themselves may be 5 million years in the future, which is tomorrow for Creator (and not even that long from Anunnaki standards of experiencing time).

How is it that we can save the Anunnaki and Creator won’t? Because Creator has left everyone down here in the physical universe in charge. Creator has a strict policy of allowing intelligent creations to be in charge of their own affairs. Creator will not even attempt to “persuade” us to act differently, or think differently. *ALL* of the communication from Creator through Karl are answers to actual and precise questions. Nothing comes from Creator without first a question being asked. This means we are in control, to a very real degree, of what comes through Creator in the way of information. Creator is not reaching out to humanity – let us be clear about that. Rather, Karl Mollison reached out to Creator. And because Karl had the right balance of attributes and qualities, Creator was able to respond. It was Karl who ASKED Creator about humanity’s current state of affairs, and when he did, it allowed Creator to exploit a loophole in Creator’s strict rule of non-interference. Creator’s rationale, is that Creator is responding to the free will expression of Karl Mollison. Now to be sure, it’s not “all” Karl, for as we learned in the John Mack Channeling, a single person’s life mission can be the result and answer to the accumulative prayers of many. But from Creator’s viewpoint, Creator is responding to the one question only, and in response to a single person’s inquiry. It is then up to that person whether or not the message is spread further.

Karl’s ability to channel Creator is a but a glimpse of the capabilities available to all of humanity.  Creator would like to talk to everyone the way Creator talks to Karl. It’s not up to Creator. It’s up to each individual human to overcome the very personal obstacles preventing such communication from taking place. The first obstacle is BELIEF. You must first believe that such communication is even possible, and that YOU are capable of participating in such a conversation. That may not even be the biggest obstacle. The biggest obstacle most people will have, is overcoming the feeling and belief in their unworthiness to talk directly to Creator and the Divine Realm. If you believe you are unworthy to have an actual dialogue with Creator, Creator is not going to argue with you. If Karl is remarkable, it’s solely because he truly believes talking with Creator is possible, and that he is “worthy” of engaging in such a dialogue. Karl managed to achieve this “faith” in spite of the massive mind control we are all subject  to. He is an example of what we all can achieve, if we truly desire it, and endeavor to acquire the necessary wisdom to make it possible.

This is the object lesson. The lesson is that Creator and the Divine Realm can and will assist individual and collective humanity with any dilemma and desire if there is a genuine and sincere REQUEST for such assistance and intervention. Simply having the desire is not enough. Even having a strong belief in the existence of Creator and the Divine Realm is not enough. It is necessary to make an actual request via prayer. More on this is available in the FREE eBook “Why Prayer Works & Why It Doesn’t” that you can download here:

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More valuable information on the importance of prayer is in this discussion video featuring Karl Mollison and Denny Hunt:

Again, the “Do It Yourself” nature of the physical universe for intelligent beings along with the rather extreme regard for the protection of free will expression on the part of all intelligent beings by Creator and the Divine Realm, means ANY intervention that results in the free will expression of any intelligent being, being opposed or stymied or vectored or interfered with by angels of the Divine Realm, will happen only in response to a very complex “calculus” of sorts. There are numerous factors that can mitigate just how much “intervention” can be allowed to happen.

Here is probably the most important obstacle for the individual to overcome in their efforts to change things by asking for divine intervention. It is wise to temper one’s expectations about how or even if a discernible answer to their prayer manifests. Not having an appreciation for the constraints the Divine Realm operates under, can result in unrealistic expectations about “how” prayer will be answered, “when” it will be answered, and to the extent it will be answered. When these unrealistic expectations are inevitably not met (because they were “unrealistic”) the resulting disappointment can become a real barrier to faith, which of course in turn further reduces the potential efficacy of further prayer efforts. This is a slippery slope that has led many otherwise sincere people to lose their “faith” in even the existence of the divine. It’s a cardinal rule that if you lose faith in even the Divine Realm’s existence, the Divine Realm must respect that outlook and will not do anything to forcibly counter it. This is how most atheists end up being atheists in the first place.

So the wise learn to temper their expectations when is comes to *HOW* the Divine Realm will answer their prayers, and the extent to which such “answers” are discernible. In other words, lets say you lost your dog in the woods, and you began praying in earnest that Creator and the Divine Realm help you find and reunite you with your dog. One way it could happen is someone is driving a remote and lonely road at night and has to pull over because nature is “calling”. Walking a few yards into the woods, the person hears a faint “yelp” that doesn’t sound like a wild animal, and decides to investigate further. Another 50 yards deeper into the woods, the person finds your dog captured in an old abandoned claw trap meant for foxes. This would be a rather dramatic example of divine intervention while not convincing everybody, would give most people pause. However, it’s more likely the dog simply emerges on a busier road with the odds of a nice person stopping to investigate much greater. In this case it’s harder to see how the dog being found is the result of prayer and prayer being answered, as the outcome seems more “inevitable” given the circumstances. But the fact is, the latter is the much more likely outcome of prayer efforts than the former. Plausible deniability is part of that “calculus” described earlier. In fact it may be the case that the more direct intervention occurred with the less dramatic outcome as the dog was guided by the Divine Realm to avoid getting caught in the trap in the first place.

Of course one can also pray that Creator shows them that Creator exists and is listening. Whatever answer they get is most likely only going to be witnessed by them, and not “provable” to others.

The wisest approach to prayer is one where the requester asks with no expectations about particulars, no expectation about “how”, “when” and in some cases “if” a prayer is answered. Prayer is always heard, and always “weighed” and always “calculated” by the Divine Realm. If a prayer appears to go unanswered, know that there is a ALWAYS a good, and non-arbitrary reason this is so. Sometimes it is a dilemma of the one praying; not enough faith or “belief quotient” for instance. Other times it is other factors. Suppose you pray that your 90 year old grandmother be spared from death. But your grandmother is ready and it’s her time. These other factors will often be more compelling than your prayer. So it is helpful to adopt an attitude towards prayer that the Divine Realm is always doing what’s best for all involved – because it is. Which is emphatically *NOT* the case when prayer is never attempted. For then they are “hands off”, and the outcome will result from other “unmitigated” factors such as karma or the selfish and dangerous motives of other beings – both seen and unseen. So the only “bad” prayer is the one that is never offered.

Those who do pray, and who are wise in their outlook and expectations, KNOW that the Divine Realm is an active PARTNER in their lives, because they see and experience the results of this relationship. Miracles can and do become daily phenomena for the truly “confident”, the truly “faithful”. And as faith grows and grows as it inevitably will when results begin manifesting more frequently and more profoundly, the “obviousness” and visibility of the partnership grows and grows as well.

Just ask Karl Mollison.

The reality we face is that we have a hostile population of energy-stealing spirits surrounding us everywhere, and an Extraterrestrial Alliance that is debating depriving us “permanently” of OUR Earth, which they consider “theirs” and who regard humanity as a parasite and plague. An annoyance they no longer wish to be bothered with. There are two ways this can go. One is, they decide that Earth is too much hassle, and they simply lose interest and leave. Essentially abandoning Earth and leaving it to us. It may be they decide they have bigger fish to fry elsewhere, and will non-prioritize Earth and humanity as a problem they will “get back to later.”


There is precedence for this, and they have in fact done this before, both here and with other civilizations within their reach.

The other way it can go is, they exterminate us. No muss, no fuss. They have done that before as well.

So the Divine Realm stands in the middle as an arbiter between both sides. Both sides have diametrically opposed free will desires for a particular outcome that are utterly incompatible.

Who wins?

The simple answer is “whoever wants their outcome MORE.” This is that calculus discussed earlier in this article. In order for the “math” to work in our favor, we have to get as MANY people praying for the “betterment” of humanity as possible, to offset the free will desire of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. For “annihilation” is incompatible with humanities “betterment”. (This is a where a child would say “DUH!”) We don’t even have to believe in the alien threat if we sincerely pray for humanities betterment; and humanity’s betterment ALWAYS starts with oneself, first and foremost. We have an advantage here because only humanity will be praying to the Divine Realm for assistance. The aliens are all “atheists” and don’t even believe the Divine Realm exists at all. Creator has told us that prayer won World War II for the Allies and prevented absolute catastrophe at that time, even against the longest of odds. Prayer can do it again, but not if it is never offered, or offered in sufficient strength of numbers and intention. That is where YOU come in. The simple prayer Creator has given us for this purpose is this:

Source Creator, be my  PARTNER in life each and every day, to keep me focused on love, receiving and giving, both to myself and to all those around me.


All other details can be left up to the Divine Realm.

This simple prayer should said at least daily, with as much intent and sincerity as possible. To help with that, and to give you an opportunity to help us financially to spread this message and build the numbers necessary to insure our collective safety and advancement, we have a number of “daily prayer reminder” products that we hope you will take advantage of. They also make great gifts to give to others as you try to encourage them to join us in this endeavor.


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