DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmCan you give us a tutorial to help us understand the importance of who is asking a question of the divine realm and their individual motivations, in determining how the divine realm answers?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

Indeed, we can do this for you. As you know already, and have communicated to your colleagues, everything flows from intention. When you ask a question, it is your intention we answer, not the words per se, it is the deeper sense of things, the deeper meaning and the deeper interpretation. So, when you ask a question, we will answer the true inner need to know and the true inspiration and motivation behind the question. When someone submits a question through you, we are answering them. There may be times when we serve you as well in adding some additional perspective or insight we know you will appreciate as an observer on the scene. This is true when the discourse is public as well in a group setting, for example, where there are others present who might learn from the example being described through the question and answer. There are many who combine their yearnings and the expression becomes a singular operation.

Each person is functioning not only to serve themselves but to serve the collective indirectly without realizing that they are interconnected and a part of everyone else. Their notions have been shaped by the collective unconscious and the obvious interactions of society as well as everything they have learned from friends and family, and observed via the media, and so on. There are always many requestors behind any particular question to us and so we do address those components in proportion. If someone outside your circle submits questions to you or your colleague, their intention will be factored into the answer. If it is a misguided intention there may be some truncation of the answer in proportion, as it does not serve to reward lack of diligence or insincerity or great fear. There are constraints imposed by the questioner themselves. If they are acting from a place of fear for which the revelation would only reinforce things and drag them down further, we may well shield them from the awareness. This is something that is decided on a case-by-case basis. There is always a complex equation at work, always going beyond the single person and spreading out from there to all of the influencers who came to bear with their thoughts and yearnings, wanting to have answers and an improvement in their situation or in the world at large.