DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsWas the suppression of the connection to the deep subconscious engineered by the Anunnaki through DNA manipulation done at the same time they impaired our connection to our higher selves, or was this done later by other extraterrestrials?
Karen Gore Staff asked 4 years ago

This was the work of the Anunnaki and accompanied the changes to the dimming of the higher self connection. And the purpose of course, as you know, was to restrict the capability of human, to render them less powerful and make them more easy to subjugate and to use as their slaves. This was the purpose and has been quite effective in keeping people deprived of the full measure of control over their own being, and also many side effects of discord and suffering, which serve as a major limitation and distraction, as many fall by the wayside from their own difficulties with inner turmoil and are rendered ineffectual.