DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsWe recently checked on Jackie Kennedy and were shocked to find that she had not reached the light following her passing. Can you share with us some of the reasons why someone of her stature, and being so beloved, ended up having such a terrible experience?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

As you know, money and fame are not currencies within the divine realm. All have standing, all have equal capability inherent in their makeup and their energies. All points of differentiation are owing to the further learning, training, dedication, and experience of individual souls in reaching beyond themselves to experience and express facets of their being. The diligence and desire to excel at something will carry the being forward and help them grow and expand. It is through such individual effort that greatness ensues and that high levels of skill and accomplishment are achieved.

All expressions of genius are the result of the individual passion and dedication to the creation of something wondrous and new. This is within the reach of every being. Some have more inner interest in certain areas of life than others, and this sets people apart as individuals, but it is truly a comparison of apples and oranges for which there is no true yardstick to assign a ranking or a classification or a grade level. Differences are simply differences. To one who values musicianship quite highly, the expert musician in reaching the highest levels of accomplishment and artistry will have the greatest esteem from your perspective. But if your interests are in other areas, they might receive no more than a passing grade from your vantage point and you might highly prize a different type of skill exhibited by another being whose activities and accomplishments resonate more greatly with your inner yearnings and desires. So, it is a big wide world and universe of possibilities, and such a broad spectrum no one need to feel left out.

In Jackie Kennedy’s case, the life she lived, although one of tremendous fame and accomplishment on one level, this was from her point of view a fleeting time of glory, as much for her proximity to her husband and his family than to her individual achievements and self worth. She always felt somewhat lacking and was not in their league, so to speak, so her fame quickly turned to be more a notoriety as she became the world icon of grieving widow and victim of shocking tragedy. And this was reinforced again with the death of her brother-in-law, Bobby, and her fears for others among the Kennedys, including her own children and herself as being potential targets were she to speak out about her doubts and fears over all that happened. Her life was quite a tortured one, once the tragedies began to unfold for her.

You have seen more details in her akashic records that contributed to her suffering. And this was the reason for her illness, that her life was quite suppressed by the constraints from fame and the tragedies that accompanied it. With her unhappiness, especially towards the end of her life as she began to struggle with the physical maladies that overtook her, she spiraled downward into a severe depression and this was unreachable by the use of medication or the support she was given by her priest in not finding any answers or relief. And as she spiraled downward emotionally this was a perfect setup to fall short in making the transition, as she was unreachable by the light callers who sought to help her reach the light. And the many who wished to reconnect with her, although they reached out to embrace her, were not able to be of assistance, because even in the transition following physical death, the human being must be allowed to have their experience and their autonomy. If there is a difficulty with perception of the divine realm still, this must be honored and a newly emerging spirit must be allowed to flounder if that is the state of affairs that unfolds with the physical death.

This remained a human problem needing a solution from the human side. And this is the beauty in your work, for you can act as a divine instrument to weigh in and cast a deciding vote in their favor to ensure divine assistance is brought to bear when so often the victim who finds themselves in limbo is unable to reach out on their own effectively, whether through disbelief, disorientation, being disconnected and disadvantaged by virtue of their torment and incapacitation from the emotional difficulties they are experiencing, or their doubt and disbelief and often confusion as well, about where they are and why, even, as some do not even know they are dead, as the ability to have thoughts can become, in part, impaired for individuals in between planes of existence like this.

If you think about the fact that the individual has lost their means of experiencing thought, which is a product of the brain reception, interpretation, and conveyance into the ordinary consciousness, it is no wonder that spirits can be confused and become trapped in routine repetitive cycles mimicking prior human activities, such as pacing back and forth in a hallway when there is no productive benefit to them, but they are stuck in a loop of thought. And this is because the normal apparatus for experiencing consciousness is no longer with them. Until they can regain their light being functioning and regain a higher level of sensory awareness, there can be huge gaps in capability as the physical implementation they are used to is no longer possible.

In Jackie Kennedy’s case, all of these factors were conspiring to hold her back. She was unable to see and recognize the light callers or cooperate with them in any way. As a result, she had to be left to flounder on her own, and this remained a human dilemma and a human problem, and like all human problems and dilemmas, people are on their own to come up with an answer or to find a path for their healing. They can facilitate this by reaching out consciously to the divine realm for assistance, but many have lost their ability to even frame such a notion within their thought and implement it through the desire of their intention for it to be. So once the faculties are dimmed and the ability to think becomes fragmentary and non-linear, it is much more difficult to launch a conscious thought leading to a sort of planful undertaking. So, spirits can become quite helpless in the state of being in limbo, once they lose their physical body.

This is no fault of hers. This is much more owing to the way the world treated her, and the events conspired to impair her ability to have the usual strength and resilience she had shown many, many, times in coping with all sorts of challenges. Her own self failed her in the end, in a sense, by running out of steam. This was a complement to the emotional despair that overtook her towards the end of her life. When her body finally faded and gave out, she was at quite a low ebb and simply remained there until you performed the rescue on her behalf. As you concluded, we were working behind the scenes to encourage you to do this outreach. And so, each time you thought of her, we impulsed the notion to do a check, and this was done, at first, to stimulate your curiosity which is fully in alignment with who you are, as your curiosity is quite strong and becomes insatiable when you began to ponder a problem. So this was not subverting you or commandeering you to direct you away from your normal activities, but was very much encouraging you to do what you always do, to seek the truth, to find the highest and best information to help in understanding a situation, even one of great complexity, and then to attend to the human side, to find the greatest need and to bring in a loving answer in some way to address the needs at hand. It was a simple matter to begin to tickle your curiosity about her status and then knowing you would be quite concerned and wanting to be sure she was safe and had found a berth in the light, knowing that if you checked and found her to be struggling, you would leap into the breach to correct this, and you did.

The lesson for others in this is to give thought to the eventuality of your life coming to an end and do the preparation needed to be ready to take this in stride without fear, and knowing there is a place for you in the light, where you will be welcomed and embraced by many loving family and friends you have made down through the ages, traveling together and experiencing many exciting and rewarding experiences, and knowing there will be much to share and great fun in reconnecting once again. There is never anything to fear in returning to the light. It is the opposite in terms of how people think. It is not a loss, it is a gain, and it is the return to bliss all yearn for, and which is denied them in the physical earth plane experience.

This is what you are all working towards and desiring to have for the physical human but is not possible yet. One day it will be, and that will all be owing to the contributions you and others have made down through the ages in giving of your selves to surmount the negativity of earth plane and to bring light fully to bear on every dark corner, to right the wrongs, and correct the misalignments, and to force out the interlopers who would interfere and drag you down.

Humans will win and will win big, through the contributions each person makes, and your work here in helping Jackie Kennedy is a shining example of how even the most desperate of circumstances has a possible solution and can be resolved with compassion and a loving outreach to set things right. This each person can do in many ways, and the desire to be of service and to help are all that are needed, for the divine realm will guide a person to find a role and a way to advance the cause of love and light to benefit all.