DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsCan you comment why Barbara Bartholic became earthbound? Was she not aware she needed to ask for help, or too impaired and unable to form such a thought?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

Hers was a problem of disorientation. And so as we have explained, in the absence of the working brain, one must think in a different way. And she was not living within the intuitive mind and this was new for her, so she did not have all her wits about her and was not prepared for the passing as well, on a spiritual basis. And so, much was weighing on her in having been harassed and threatened and having fear grow towards the end of her life. This was a further liability when she did pass, and then was immediately set upon by attackers. This is not surprising. It is difficult for a human to imagine taking the brunt of savagery that can happen. If there is awareness without focus, there will be quite great susceptibility to being harmed, but without a way to escape, and this is the worst of circumstances. It would be better to be so deprived and so numb as to be in limbo; in a kind of cocoon. That is not pleasurable, but better than being tortured. So she had her hands full and this was the dilemma she faced, until her rescue.