DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersOne thing in Walter Russell’s work that confused me was his reference many times to divine energy being a low vibration and high vibration being a source of imbalance. Can you clarify if he was in error?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The contrast between his describing the state of perfection as a low vibration, and a high vibration as one of discord and disarray and instability, has truth in a physical sense, but not in a metaphysical sense. That is the paradox here and the reason for the seeming error. It is not an error, it is only a relative difference in the perspective of the framer of the question. In a physical sense, the state of quiescence is a state of orderliness and perfection in the sense of not having instability or a greater potential for disruption, or loss of form or function, or needing to change in order to satisfy the energies. In a metaphysical sense, the highest of vibrations are those in alignment with the Creator energy, and that is the reason for the misinterpretation here. The high vibration of Creator is the high vibration of consciousness, not an ordinary physical property like magnetism or electricity. It is that the Creator energy has the fullest potential of possibilities that it must be of high vibration, because the energies are tremendous, and there, waiting to be unleashed. Something does not truly come from nothing. Something comes from consciousness and there must be a tremendous energy behind the impulse to bring something into physical reality, for example. So in a metaphysical sense, the highest vibration has the highest potential.

The low vibrational energies as exemplified by humans in a state of despondency, despair, inner turmoil, anguish, grief, being guilt-ridden, and so forth, are examples of individuals with emotional discord. This is not an exact representation of consciousness, it is yet another frame of reference. It is not consciousness, per se, that we speak of, in terms of high and low vibration representing “in alignment” or “out of alignment.” Emotional discord is a manifestation of a state of consciousness within the person, and this is a kind of disorder in the use of energy, rather than whether the energy is high or low. A state of joy can have much greater energy than a state of delusional terror, but the two are quite different in the expression. We are simply pointing out here that when people talk about vibration, they often are switching from apples to oranges depending on the context of the discussion. So there needs to be some awareness of the context to understand what one is truly saying in using the term vibration to represent a quality or property.