DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA client reported a bad feeling asking Barbara Marciniak a question at an appearance. Was that due to some inner corruption within Marciniak and is she still an authentic channeler of benevolent Pleiadians?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

What was happening there was an inner recognition by Marciniak of the Reptilian history of the questioner, and this put her on guard and she had some difficulty maintaining her focus. And this is always a danger, because the interlopers are always poised and ready to come in when there is any change in energy permitting them to do so. There must be freedom from fear at all times. Whenever a channeler becomes fearful, this creates a gap in the divine connection and an imposter can step in at that point and take up the dialogue. And if this is not perceived by the channeler, the divine realm must let them continue on their way, as they in effect have chosen a new partner to converse with. So this can happen to the best of channelers, and was taking place during the exchange your friend described. So this does not mean that Barbara Marciniak is unreliable, it only means she is indeed human and must be forgiven for an occasional lapse.

For the most part, she is standing strong as we have told you, and her books are valid, and her intuitive impressions are valid. She is receiving advice from the Pleiadians to help humanity and the messages are true, even those of dire import are true. They are projections. They are not ironclad guarantees that specific events will transpire. The purpose is for awakening, to sound an alarm because it takes a tangible threat to arouse human to action, especially with the continual overlay of subconscious programming designed to make people complacent. So some messages will be heavy-handed to some observers, but are necessary to motivate enough people to pay attention. So this you may see from time to time. The messages we have given you include such content, but it is content that is quite real and quite accurate in assessing the potentials. The possibilities are open-ended and range from catastrophe to the ultimate breakthrough for a rapid enlightenment and healing of all negativity through all of time. That is the spectrum of extremes possible here. So depending on how the flux of energies is unfolding, messages will vary along the spectrum accordingly.