DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsAre the beings channeled by [name withheld] members of an ascended benevolent extraterrestrial race as he claims?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

They are purely a fictional creation of the Anunnaki disinformation apparatus. So he is not reliable and his information is not only inaccurate, but being offered in service to the darkness. As with all such channelers, it sounds good and has many uplifting attributes. If this were not the case, the spiritual people would be suspicious and would reject him. So the information must be helpful in some way, and benign, and give the audience some of what it seeks. This is not difficult, for the spiritual people want to believe. The very idea of communicating with high-level beings is exciting and in some ways its own reward, so almost anything could be offered and people would be in awe and hang on every word and except the messages as having great meaning and portent.

Future predictions are commonplace and easy to make. They are often open-ended. They are rarely time-specific, and even when they come with a timetable, that is easy to revise and excuses given and people will not question it. When people become true believers, they put away their skepticism and the other aspect is that all followers of such channelers themselves are targeted directly to subvert their thinking and to program them for complacency and obedience to the cause of the darkness in little ways that will grow into bigger ways. So the followers of channelers are identifying themselves as a danger and in need of supervision and subjugation, and this the darkness will readily provide.